Nine University Course – Legit Amazon FBA Training?

There are a lot of different Amazon FBA courses to choose from and Nine University is one of them.

After checking out some reviews to see if it was legit I wanted to know more.

The two creators of this course Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott set out to shortcut the time it takes to learn the ropes and get up and running with an Amazon FBA business.

So is it really worth the cost?

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Who Are Taylor Hiott and Kale Abrahamson (KT Nine)

Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott of KT Nine

I remember coming across their videos while looking for different ways to make money online selling on Amazon.

At first they just seemed like all the other marketers that I had come across pumping their courses.

But I did get sucked in and wondered if these guys were legit or not.

After doing a little research I discovered that they did make some good money selling on Amazon with the FBA business model.

The actual amount though I could never find.

Are they millionaires and if so how may millions of dollars did they make?

I also discovered that Kale Abrahamson was a successful basketball player in college.

You can checkout some of his skills in this video.

He attended Northwestern and Drake University which tells me that he is a smart kid as well.

Being an athlete tells me that Kale had discipline and had to be a goal setter to reach this level.

Basically he conditioned himself to be successful in life.


What Is Nine University About

Getting back to the course itself the goal is to teach newbies how to start and be successful running an Amazon FBA business.

If your not familiar with the FBA business model I will give you a quick breakdown here.

  • Source products to sell in bulk
  • Send inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers
  • Sell your products through Amazon or any other channel
  • Amazon packs and ships the order for you to your customer

This sounds like the perfect business model doesn’t?

Well although it seems simple there are a lot of moving parts that need to be learned before jumping in and wasting $1000’s of dollars.

This is where Nine University Amazon FBA training comes in.

The course is broken down into different segments with a total of about 200 videos.

Your basically learning how to source products to sell on Amazon and other small details such as:

  • Creating listings
  • Different shipping box options
  • Using PPC ( pay per click for traffic)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Using an autoresponder
  • Using 3rd party services to launch and promote your products

Amazon FBA has been around for a number of years and there have been others such as Kevin David, Alex Becker and the guys behind Amazing Selling Machine promoting their courses to teach you how to take advantage of this business model.

Comparing Nine University to the other guys it appears their course offers similar training and pricing.


How Much Does Nine University Cost

Like I said before there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to running an Amazon FBA business.

Most of the courses that I have reviewed start at about $1000 and go up from there with many topping out at $2000 to $3000.

The Nine University price comes in at $1997.

Now some might say this price is too high while others see it as worth it.

In order for it to be worth it you need to make sure that you actually take action and use what they teach.

If your just going to buy the training course and hope that there is a magic formula showing you how to make money then your going to be disappointed of course.

Don’t laugh I have seen this many times.

They also offer Nine University VIP which comes in at a cost close to $6,000.


Is KT Nine University Legit

Overall I would say that the course is legit and the guys behind the course have had some success selling on Amazon.

But you have to remember that this business is a grind.

Your not just going to sit there take a course and reap the financial rewards without learning stuff on your own as well.


Is There Any Bad Reviews

Of course there is going to bad some bad reviews.

Some people buy into these training courses thinking there is a magic formula hidden inside.

When they find out there is work that needs to be done and additional money that needs to be spent they call it a scam.

Your going to find people that have success with it and those that have not.

Looking at the different reviews about this course are going to give you what they call “paralysis of analysis”.

Here is an easy way to decide whether or not this is for you.

  • Ask yourself if you have the $1997 available to pay for the cost of the course?
  • If yes your next question will be do you have another couple thousand dollars to buy inventory?
  • If yes then the next question will be do you have another couple thousand dollars to run advertising?

If you answer no to any of these questions then your going to have a hard time making the FBA business model work.

Your going to need a chunk of change to make it work as you can see.


Final Thoughts

The Amazon FBA business is a legitimate way to make money online but it is no longer as easy as it once was.

That is the reason that you see a lot of these guys creating and selling courses.

Kale and Taylor are smart guys and I am sure that they will continue to sell on Amazon and add more content to the Nine University Course as time goes on.

But if you plan to be an online entrepreneur your going to have to adjust with the times and not follow the herd so to speak.

In other words don’t get into selling the same cheap Chinese goods as everyone else hoping to make money on Amazon.

The people making money on Amazon using FBA are those that have unique products or products that others sellers will have a hard time getting.

Plus make sure that you have at least $5000 to $6000 minimum of money that you can use to get started.

Personally that is why I have been using the affililiate marketing business model to make money online.

The training is inexpensive and you can even get started for free.


Do you have any experience with Nine University? Please comment below!

19 thoughts on “Nine University Course – Legit Amazon FBA Training?”

  1. This is a bullpucky review. Either nine university wrote it or they hired the review to be written.

    • Thanks for the feedback but I can assure you that Kale and Taylor from KT Nine had nothing to do with this review.

      It does appear that you are not fond of the course so I would be interested in hearing your experience good or bad.

  2. Hi I seen that Program nine University and I agree it’s high I’m a police officer and I can’t afford to blow 6,000 dollars. Plus I’m almost ready to launch I just purchased a Marketing Tool called AMZ Scout and Jungle Scout to help me find the right Products I know about advertising on Facebook . If you Can tell me if I’m going the right way

    • I don’t have any experience with either of these softwares Eddie so I can’t say which is the better one.

      Check out the different reviews to see what others are saying and choose the best one for you.

      KT Nine University does get expensive if you buy into the upsells but they are optional.

  3. Article/review was very helpful and clear. At this point it helped me decide that I am not ready to make this commitment but I will keep it as a future possibility.

  4. I paid almost 9800 for the course and their support… did I get ripped off? I started watching the videos but then the upsell started with software packages and legal advisors.. etc. and I’m iffy about it now. Any advice.. suggestions? They initially were charging 15k but if you signed up right away it cost $9800… again any input or advice from you would be greatly appreciated.

    • I have to admit that $9800 is a lot of money for a course to learn Amazon FBA.

      You won’t really know if you got ripped off until you put the training into action and even then there is no guarantee you will be successful.

      Check out the return policy if you really need to get your money back.

    • Jorge you probably bought the KT VIP elite package. That’ s why it was so expensive. The reviewer refers to the 9 university 2.0 package. I am interested in attending the KT VIP package which is something between those two, so I would like your opinion about it. Did you go on with your business? Did you find the course helpful?

    • Did you get money back or got ripped off?

  5. Hi,

    I’m getting ready to do the call Tomorrow morning, where they will try and sell me the course and break down the $$. That said, Kevin David is also selling the FBA course. I SAT THROUGH A 2 hour webinar “free training” but all I got out of it was how successful he is (no FREE training at all). That said in Kevin David’s case, It seems you get ALL the resources for $1997. (Awfully coincidental that Kaylan Taylor‘s program is also $1997 according to your review?

    who’s the better course?


    • Most of these course creators follow each other so that is why you see their courses all priced about the same.

      When one of them sets a cost (typically higher) the others will follow and do the same.

      They don’t want to leave any money on the table.

  6. I paid 1997 for their course. If you ask me it is wayyyyyyyy over priced. They are trying to grow their company fast without paying anyone to help them. They have like 4 employees when I started the course and I feel like that might be a stretch. The point is they are trying to do way to much instead of caring for the customers they have they just want more more more money with no return on our investment. This company will be out of business in 2-5 years. But the software will live on forever. So congrats to them.

    • Thanks for the info Joe.

      I did run across quite a few Nine University video ads so I figured they were trying to ramp up their sales.

  7. This is definitely something I want to get into and no be a slave to a 9-5 but everyone’s prices are high in some way or another and no guarantees. From $47-$3000, and that’s just initial sign up fees. This doesn’t include marketing, ads, or ecomm monthly fees.

    • Unfortunately your correct.

      Most of the Amazon FBA courses are $1000 or more just to get started.

      If your going to consider FBA as a business model you will need quite a bit of money set aside to get started not only for the training but for advertising and inventory.

  8. Jorge, Keep us posted on your decision tomorrow. Good luck!

  9. I had an interview with Kevin and these posts as well as what I found on Reddit and other sources seem to confirm my conclusion. Ideally, in order to have a ‘proper’ head start with an FBA business you should have at least $25-30k set aside for the business and anywhere between $2-10k for the course, for a total of $45-50k. This does not factor in the money you’d need for your own personal living expenses (bills, groceries, insurance etc…). Put simply, you should already have a job.

    From what I was able to gather, the Nine University pricing strategy is something that is consistent among all online marketing gurus. That is, going from charging less than $100 to several thousands after the user is fed video after video on how “X program” is so much better than others.

    BOTTOM LINE: You cannot be an average Joe with little to savings and hope to have a good shot at creating – let alone managing – a successful FBA business. The initial costs/fees will overwhelm you. Can you start with a few thousands of dollars? Sure, but then it’s a question of risk. If you feel comfortable parting with half your net worth in one single venture, by all means do it, it’s your money. Otherwise, there are plenty of other things you could be doing instead.

    These are my two cents. I am interested in hearing what you guys have to say regarding Nine University. I think I will pass. There is too much hassle and financial risk involved.


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