Is Niche Profit Full Control Worth It? ( $1497 Ouch! )

Is Niche Profit Full Control worth it and can Adam Short teach you how to make money with his affiliate marketing training course?  There are a lot of marketers pumping this program so I thought I would see if this course was better than my #1 pick.

Its always a struggle to find a legit course at the right price. Some cost an arm and a leg and its possible that the training may not be worth the price.

So I set out to do a review to see what its about and see what the complaints were if any. I will also go over the pros and cons and if there are any better alternatives.

Will Niche Profit Full Control make my list of best affiliate marketing training courses?

Keep reading….

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What Is Niche Profit Full Control About

Adam Short is a successful affiliate marketer that created NPFC to help beginners as well as intermediate marketers learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is great because it can be started on a shoe string budget and there is no need to stock inventory or deal with customers.

This is why everyday 1000’s of people go online looking for training on how to start a affiliate marketing business.

Being the smart marketer that he is, Adam put together the Niche Profit Full Control training program as a way to capitalize on this demand.

It even includes pre-made websites in profitable niches, similar to the Deadbeat Super Affiliate course I just reviewed.

How Does It Work

The goal of the Niche Profit Full Control training system is to teach affiliates how to go from $0 to $10,000 per month and then scale up from there.

8 modules that break down the process.

  1. Niche Selection
  2. ASM Setup and Deployment
  3. Products and Funnels
  4. Conversion Maximization
  5. Traffic Ramp Up
  6. Profit Maximization
  7. Content Mastery
  8. Fine Tune and Solidify

This is an 8 week training so starting with niche selection on week one and ending with tune and solidify on week 8.

The Process

When starting out with affiliate marketing most people get hung up on choosing a niche.

Should I choose a niche based on my hobbies or should I choose a niche based on a popular market segment?

The training will help narrow down evergreen niches that you will be able to build a business around instead of fly by night fads.

Then build lead magnets and drive traffic to your website where they enter your sales funnel and the profits roll in.

Create Your Own Products

Although it is great being able to use affiliate marketing to sell other peoples products, there is a boat load more money in selling your own products.

The 2nd phase of the training in Niche Profit Full Control puts the emphasis on creating your own products and then monetizing to make the most money.

For example maybe as an affiliate your promoting a e-book for $20 and when it sells you get a 50% commission that equals $10. Not bad right?

Well if you had created an e-book and sold it, your profit would be the $20 ( 100%).

Coaching, Tools and Software

So what can you expect if you buy the Niche Profits Full Control course? How exactly are you going to get to $10,000 per month and beyond?

This is the part of the course that many of the members really liked.

The structure and organization that comes with the training. Worksheets and checklists make sure that you follow the steps needed to to get the next level.


Get coaching from Adam with any questions you might have while going through the first phase of the course. He will hold you accountable for following the steps through phone calls and video chat.

Tools and Software

I personally don’t use ClickBank but if I did the Niche Profit Full Control Market Feeder software would definitely come in handy.

Niche Profit Full Control Software

The advantages are that the most popular products can be found by sorting the data. The most important factors such as gravity score, sale price and if the product is in demand or on its way out.

Other software tools included with the training course are:

  • Social Leads Builder  this software offers a way for members to entice their followers on social media to promote your business. A an example Adam uses a contest as a way to motivate your social media contacts to post links on their timelines. The links go back to your opt in page. When the person doing the referring gets 10 leads to your offer they get a cash prize.
  • Market Analyzer – once you have chosen a niche using the Niche Profit Full Control training, then its time to make sure that the potential is there. Using the market analyzer will give you a score based on factors such as social engagement, reviews of the product online and how much traffic there is for the product.
  • Competition Profiler – learn what your competition is doing and and what the possible income is that they  are generating from their website. Who wouldn’t want to know how well their competition is doing right?
  • Niche Profit Press – build landing pages using templates that are provided. The software allows to make changes to the templates such as colors and text as well as how it looks by adjusting the layout.

Adam Shorts $1 Million Dollar Swipe File

Did you ever wonder about what goes on behind the scenes of a successful affiliate marketing business and how these super affiliates run their business?

Well Adam includes his swipe file which includes his successful websites and what his campaigns were to make them profitable.

You could call it a “short cut” to setting up a business.

All the things including ads, getting traffic, funnels and email sequences for use in an autoresponder.

How Much Does It Cost

The course looks pretty solid with a structure to help newbies get started with a lot of tools and software to make the business successful.

But there is a price to pay and it starts at $1497.00.

Adam even offers a way to make payments by breaking it so that a person can become a member for $597 plus another 2 payments of $597 bringing the cost to a whopping $1791.00!

Niche Profit Full Control Complaints

So far this training course looks like the one that could solve all your problems and finally give you all the tools needed to figure out what it takes to make thousands with affiliate marketing.

Things aren’t always as simple as they are made out to be though.

When I started doing a search for complaints regarding the course I came upon this one from Ripoff Report.

I also found this video which is fairly enlightening and well made. Take a minute to watch it and see what you think.

Pros and Cons

With any training course or program there are going to be things that people like and dislike about it. So lets take a look at the good and bad with Niche Profit Full Control pros and cons.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Reputable owner Adam Short
  • Good structure
  • Software

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • Expensive ($1497 to start)
  • Complaints
  • Need additional money to make it work

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the Niche Profit Full Control training took Adam Short a good amount of time to put together and the quality of the videos is good.

I am just wondering why he spent the time to put this course together and didn’t actually focus more on building affiliate sites that make him money?

The other problem is the member complaints about not being able to get their sites profitable or generating any traffic to them using the techniques that Adam teaches.

As anyone knows the life blood of your website is traffic. Without it your dead in the water!

I would hate to spend $1497 plus all the extra costs for traffic, hosting and autoresponders only to find out that it isn’t working.

When I learned affiliate marketing and how to build websites the training that I used had all the tools. Plus it only cost a fraction of the Niche Profit Full Control price.

As a matter of fact, I am still a member years later and consider this affiliate marketing training my #1 pick.

I Look Forward To Your Comments Below!

6 thoughts on “Is Niche Profit Full Control Worth It? ( $1497 Ouch! )”

  1. I believe that Niche Profit Full Control may be a good value for someone who already has a profitable online business and wants to take it the next level. Personally, I am not going to pay $1,497 to see how it works.

    For people with no knowledge or experience with internet marketing, the entry fee is way too high. Let’s face it, it will work well for some and not for others. There is no one size fits all solution to learn internet marketing.

    If someone wants to get started in this field, I’m recommending your #1 pick all day because I know from personal experience that it works at a fraction of the cost!

    • Hey Steve.

      The thing is that Niche Profit Full Control is only going to work for a small amount of people and the rest are going to wind up spending thousands.

      People never realize until its too late that they will also need to spend a lot of money in advertising to get the traffic.

      Anytime one of these programs mentions driving traffic to a funnel you will need to pay to play.

  2. That is a lot of money…..
    i’am quite new to this world of “making money online” and the amount of free resources out there are brilliant, (if you are prepared to learn)
    I’am sure some people with money to burn may invest in this and get something out of it but i just cant imagine forking out that sort of coinage. wowsers.
    Great post and like the layout of your site.

    • It is an expensive course no doubt and I am not against high ticket priced affiliate marketing training as long as it can deliver on what it promises.

      Adam did a good job pricing it because there are a lot of affiliates that like getting paid the big commission to promote it but there are better and less expensive alternatives.

      Glad you enjoyed the post about Niche Profits Full Control and if you need help with making money online jump on my list and get step by step help.


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