Is Nerium International A Scam – See My Review

Skin care is big business and major dollars get spent every year on products. My Nerium International review will shed some light on this MLM company, the opportunity and its products.

What to expect as a brand partner and if selling Nerium skin care products is something that you should be considering.


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What Is Nerium International

The company got its start back in 2011 in the great state of Texas selling just one product, a night cream to prevent aging. Who is the guy behind Nerium? Joel Olson, who was part of PrePaid Legal (now LegalShield).

Since its start, there has been tremendous growth, now with over 400 employees and hundreds of millions dollars in sales per year.  Doesn’t look like they will be slowing down anytime soon with a new opening in South Korea.

The company sells its products through brand partners using the MLM business model.

So, with this kind of growth wouldn’t this represent a great opportunity to make money on a product that so many people are using?

Keep reading.

Nerium Products

The company doesn’t have a huge line of products, but the ones they do have help with the face, body and mind.

Here are there core products:

  • Age Defying Night Cream
  • Age Defying Night & Day Cream Pack
  • Age Defying Eye Serum
  • Firming Body Conture Cream
  • EHT Supplement

Now what makes the products special is their exclusive ingredients. Do they have ingredients that defy aging? Some say its just the placebo effect, where people want to believe it is working even though its not. Is this the case?

Hang in there, we will get some customer feedback further down.

Become A Nerium International Brand Partner

So, your exited about the products and would like to take advantage of the opportunity. How do you get started selling Nerium as a brand partner?

You have an option of 2 kits to purchase.

  • Basic Kit $49.95
  • Starter Pack $499.95

Once a that you have purchased 1 of the options, your now able to start earning commissions if your personal volume is being met.

Nerium Commission Plan

With the cost of the products being on the higher end of the price scale, earning commissions can be lucrative.  As a brand partner there are a few different ways to earn:

  • Retail Sales 10% to 25% depending on volume
  • Team Commissions 5% 6 levels deep then 1% to 3% next two levels depending on rank
  • Bonuses
    • Pack Bonuses up to 30%
    • Customer Aquisition Bonuses up to 40%
Nerium International Commission Chart

Keep in mind that once you become a brand partner with Nerium, you will also need to purchase inventory and have samples.

With the cost of the products, the start up can get close to $1000 or more depending on which option you choose when joining Nerium International.

Nerium Reviews – Complaints

There is a lot of complaints online which could mean the products don’t perform as expected or the company is selling a lot of products. Maybe both?

Here are just some of the complaints I found online:

It’s expensive and ships to me a lot faster than I can use it. They only let you skip one month and the next box ships regardless of your need for it on the automatic delivery system. I’m forcing myself to get through the rest of the products that I have left and it’s quite a bit.

I bought nerium from a friend who had started selling it well she looked amazing! so I bought it and it did NOT ONE THING FOR ME BUT BURN MY FACE UP! I asked that it be stopped and 3 months later and 2 packages later I am still trying to stop the auto deduct from my account!

After using nerium night cream one night i woke up and wadhed my face! As i wiped my face with a wash cloth my eyebrow came off!!!

I’ve been trying to get my salesperson to help me stop the shipments and get out of this expensive loop.I really need not to spend the $57/month (which he said was at a discount) and my friend (who pursuaded me to sign up) has not helped me get out of this, when I’ve told him multipule times that this is too expensive for me.

I am frustrated and continue to have shipments sent and money taken from my account. I don’t know whether the product is helping.

Now just to be fair, I do want to say that there were good testimonials as well. The overall theme of the complaints though were that the products caused some kind of reaction on the customers skin. As well as the customers having trouble getting out of or correcting the automatic billing.

I’m sure with a company such as Nerium International doing hundreds of millions of dollars in sales per year, there are going to be some complaints about the products and billing errors.

Final Thoughts

Skin care is big business and lots of money gets spent trying to stay looking young. Seems like people will always be looking for the fountain of youth in a squeeze bottle.

It doesn’t appear that Nerium International is a scam, but as far as the actual products go, I guess we will never no exactly how well they do work without some kind of clinical trial.

Looking at the companies earning disclosure, most of the brand partners don’t make money which is true for just about all MLM’s. Typically only 2% or less of independent consultants make money.

Hopefully my Nerium International review opened your eyes to the company and its anti-aging products. Maybe now you can make an informed decision about becoming a brand partner or not.

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