What Is The Ndulge Ambassador Opportunity?

What is the Ndulge ambassador opportunity and can you make money selling women’s active wear and leggings with this company? There is no doubt women love their leggings,  do to the comfort and and different designs available. This business opportunity might seem like a no brainer to get involved with, but can an ambassador earn a real income doing hosted parties. I will do a quick review and go over the pros and cons to get the details.

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What Is Ndulge | The Company

Ndulge Company

The company was started in 2016 by 3 sisters with the goal of helping women to start a business working from home.

The company is focused on selling women’s leggings using the MLM (multi level marketing) business model. Women can join and become an ambassador with a small start up fee.

Similar to LuLaRoe, but smaller and dedicated to the active wear niche.


With the fitness craze still gaining momentum and the need to stay comfortable all day, leggings have become an essential part of the daily wardrobe.

Ndulge leggings and active wear come in a variety of styles that are suitable for kids, teens and curvy women.

Pricing starts at $10 for kids wear all the way to $60 for women’s sizes.

For example below is an example of kids leggings starting at $10

Nudge Leggings For Kids

They also cater to curvy women looking for leggings that offer more styling not found in typical big box stores. Leggings for curvy women can be expensive and not have much style.

The company has a good selection of leggings for curvy women that won’t break the bank.

How To Become A Ndulge Ambassador

To get started as an ambassador, just sign up on the company website or through another ambassador. At this point you will need to purchase a starter kit.

Starter Kit

The cost of the starter kit will be $98 and the ambassador would have to pay for the shipping.

The starter kit includes clothing samples and a website to share with potential customers.

Typically there isn’t enough samples with starter kits, so plan on purchasing more inventory to really have a chance at getting sales with a bigger selection to show. Luckily there is a fairly decent discount of 70% if you purchase more inventory within your first 30 days of joining.

Ways To Sell

Being a direct sales company an ambassador would get paid through personal direct sales as well as commissions from other ambassadors that you referred into the program.

1. Personal sales

These types of sales are when you are one on one with your customer. You as an ambassador personally handled the sale from the beginning to end.

Selling directly can take some time to develop, as a new ambassador you will need to build up a client base to call on regularly.

2. Hosted parties

Having parties can bring together a group of people resulting in sales. Also the opportunity to market yourself and gather leads of potential people that you can recruit.

An ambassador can have their own parties, or your friends and relatives could host a party as well.

3. Website

Promote your website so potential customers can see what is available and get pricing information. You will have to figure out a way to drive customers to it either through an email list or blog.

4. Recruiting

If you find someone that might be interested in the Ndulge business opportunity, then you can have them sign up as your team member.

You will then be able to earn from their sales. The more people that you can recruit, the more income you have the possibility of making.

Unfortunately although this sounds easy, very few are successful at building a team.

How Much Money Can I Make Selling Ndulge Leggings

Depending on the particular legging that is being sold, an ambassador will make between $7 to $24 per pair.  The higher the retail price the more you can make.

Selling Ndulge Leggings And Commissions

So having a good marketing plan and setting some sales goals could net you a good profit on retail sales of leggings.

Make Money Building A Team

The problem with just doing hosted parties is that your limited by time and potential customers.

So recruiting others as ambassadors adds to the possibility of making commissions on the sales of your down line. As an ambassador the potential to earn an additional 5% to 7% can be achieved depending on what level your on or your title.

Ndulge Commissions and Compensation

In order to receive commissions, an ambassador would need to meet the personal volume requirements shown above. The minimum would be 100 volume monthly.

Once you reach the Pathfinder title the minimum personal volume would go to 300 and your team would need at least 500 in volume for you to be active and receive commissions.

Should I Join Ndulge

If your looking for a way to start your own business with Ndulge selling leggings to make some extra money, then it is important to look at the potential.

Another factor will be what is your income goal? Are you doing this just for some extra cash or will you try and make a full time income?

The Ndulge leggings do have a good profit, but you would have to sell quite a few to make any kind of real income. If you only planned on doing hosted parties, then as an ambassador you would need to do at least 2 to 3 hosted parties monthly just to generate some side income.

Eventually you would run out of people to host parties for.

How Many Can You Sell

The problem will be how often will you get repeat sales? Leggings are not a consumable product like health supplements or energy.

Once a customer buys a pair of leggings, they will not need another pair for months. So as an ambassador, you will be constantly looking for new customers and competing with your down line for these same customers.

Ndulge Pros and Cons

Lets go back over the good and bad of this business opportunity to highlight why someone may or may not want to join as an ambassador.

Pros (the good stuff)

  • Good profit on leggings
  • Low start up cost
  • Popular product line

Cons (the not so good stuff)

  • Limited to just selling leggings
  • Minimum 100 monthly volume required
  • Start up company

Final Thoughts

It will be interesting to see how this company progresses and if they will be adding new products to diversify. The Ndulge ambassador opportunity looks legit and the company offers their reps a good profit on the sale of leggings.

However you can only sell so many leggings and eventually competition form other ambassadors and companies will make this a hard way to make any money.

Personally, I prefer staying home and working in my pajamas with my #1 pick!

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2 thoughts on “What Is The Ndulge Ambassador Opportunity?”

  1. I personally “worked” for this company and it was a joke! Such terrible management and business plan. I wasted so much time and money building up my downline, only to lose every last one of them when they
    “changed systems” for the 3rd time.
    Not only that, but I had “points” that i earned that I used to buy product (leggings) and later was told “oooops, that was a mistake in the system, you weren’t supposed to be able to do that”, and they charged my credit card! For THEIR mistake.

    • Sorry to hear that Carla.

      That is why I prefer affiliate marketing over mlm.

      No recruiting or building downlines to worry about. Plus its easy to promote different companies and earn commissions.

      Check out my favorite affiliate marketing community here if your interested in learning https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/?a_aid=6ea2c2c8


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