My Streetbees Review – Can You Make Money With This App?

Streetbees offers a way to make money using your cell phone and their app.

Apps are becoming one of the more popular ways to make money online because everyone has a cell phone and some extra time to kill.

So if this sounds like something that you might be interested in then my review will shed some light on the opportunity and its income potential.

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What Is Streetbees About

I first discovered this company while searching for different ways to make money online.

At first they just appeared to be another one of the many online survey companies I come across while looking for some interesting opportunities.

But they are a little different.

They utilize artificial intelligence in order to streamline the offers for people looking to become “bees”.

As a bee you will do surveys as well as tasks and give companies feedback for their products.

This also helps the companies as well because they get the results faster.


Style Of Surveys

What has made this company popular is the way the surveys and tasks are administered.

Instead of having the typical boring interface that we have become used to with most survey sites they instead have theirs formatted like texts.

Streetbees Surveys & Tasks App

These are called “stories”.

Having the surveys (stories) formatted like texts makes them easier to get through and less boring.

Another aspect that is unique will be the opportunity to add pictures to your answers.

Some of the survey questions will need you to take a picture or video and attach to your “story:.

This can increase the amount of money that your paid.


How Much Money Can I Make With The Streetbees App

One thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to doing any type of online survey the income potential is going to be relatively small.

And using this app is no different.

Surveys are going to net you about $1 to $5 when completed.

If you have any extra work to do such as adding a video or pic then you will get paid a little more but not much.

Seems simple enough right?

You might be thinking that it is easy money and you will just do a bunch of online surveys everyday to make yourself some income.

But the problem is the limited supply of available tasks and surveys.

Unfortunately its not possible to just sit there doing them and racking up the money because there may not be any or very few to complete.

So you won’t have enough consistency to actually make a stable income from this app.

How To Get Paid

The good news is that the money that you do make is deposited into your Streetbees account and they have a couple different methods for transferring it to you.

  • PayPal
  • Mobile Top Up

How To Get Started

In order to take advantage of this opportunity you will need to visit the Apple App Store or Android Store and download the Streetbees App.

From there you just fill out your profile and start doing the tasks and surveys.

One of the nice things about this particular company and its opportunity is the fact that its available worldwide.

A total of 87 countries at the time of this post.


Become A Streetbees Ambassador

For those that have a large social media following or user base there is the opportunity to become an ambassador.

There are some additional perks such as additional training and networking opportunities.

You also get paid for referrals.


Pros and Cons 

If you have been considering doing surveys and tasks for money then you probably are aware of the good and bad that comes with these opportunities.

But for newbies I will list them here:

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Free to sign up
  • Money deposited directly into your account
  • Available worldwide

Cons ( the not so good stuff)

  • Limited amount of tasks & surveys
  • Income potential low
  • Unable to scale up 

Streetbees Complaints To Consider

I did some quick research to see what others were saying about the opportunity and the problems that they encountered.

On one of the forums I checked out the biggest complaint seemed to be the limited amount of activities that were available.

If there is no tasks to complete there is no money to be made.

That is why I usually suggest joining multiple survey sites such as FusionCash and InboxDollars.

That way you have access to more opportunities to make money.

I also saw that there were some people complaining about not getting paid as well as others saying that they asked for too much personal information.


Final Thoughts

Streetbees is unique in the way that it offers a streamlined approach to doing surveys and tasks for money.

The problems and income potential though are the same that you will encounter with other similar opportunities survey companies.

There is not enough work and the work that is available just doesn’t pay enough.

So its even hard to call this a side hustle.

In order to truly make some decent money online you need to start your own business.

That way you can shape your future.

I learned this after discovering some great affiliate marketing training.

There is some great opportunity to sell all kinds of different products while working from home just using your computer.

So why not take advantage of it?

I am even willing to help you out and show you how I did it with my simple free 5 step course.


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