My Review On T Harv Eker – Should You Trust Him?

There are plenty of motivational speakers out there just like T Harv Eker that make their money with courses, books and seminars.

Most of them have a net worth in the millions of dollars.

So people tend to trust them and join their coaching programs to build a better lifestyle as well as learn to make a lot of money using their principles.

Learning from these guys doesn’t come cheap though and there are some things you need to consider before buying any of his products.

My review will shed some light on this guy.

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Who Is T Harv Eker

T Harv Eker Instagram Page

While I was doing some research on the different successful people in the industry of business I came across Mr. Eker doing an interview.

I liked his demeanor and how he presented himself so I wanted to know more about him.

Ultimately I came across his website where it talks about his history.

His claim to fame is going from zero to a millionaire in 2 1/2 years time.

It was the typical rags to riches story where the parents immigrated to Canada from Europe where he was born.

Once he got older he spent time in the US and struggled to get any successful business ventures started.

Until he opened a retail fitness store which then grew into multiple stores which were sold off making him millions of dollars.

The sad thing is that he lost his fortune because he didn’t know how to manage it.

What I find interesting is that I can’t find any other successes that he has had other than selling his motivational products.

Which he must have been good at because T Harv Ekers net worth is estimated to be over 3 million dollars.

Judging by his Instagram page he is enjoying the fruits of his labor!


Products – Courses, Books and Seminars – T Harv Eker Academy

T Harv Ekers is not just a motivational speaker but also a marketer.

He has taken what he has learned over the years and written books as well as created courses to teach people how to become financially successful.

Currently he has the following courses available for purchase:

  • Secrets Of The Multi Millionaire Trainer ( cost $5000.00 one time payment)
  • Secrets Of Inner Power ( cost $1495.00 one time payment)
  • FreedomFirst Wealth Coaching ( cost $? need to get on waiting list)
  • Get Rich Doing What You Love (cost $797.00 one time payment)
  • The Wealthy Marketer ( cost $997.00 one time payment)
  • Million Dollar Business Secrets (cost $997.00 one time payment)
  • Life Makeover Coaching ( cost $597.00 every 4 months)

As you can see his courses are expensive and they cover the different mindsets as well as different aspects of business that you will need to be prepared for.

For example the “Secrets Of The Multi Millionaire Trainer” course will show you how to take the skills that you already have and turn them into a business teaching others.

While the “Life Makeover Coaching” is an ongoing course that keeps you on track to accomplish your goals through accountability and support.

They were all designed to fit together and compliment each other.

With prices like these you might be wondering how he can sell them?


Seminars, Webinars and Live Events

A lot of us have gone to some type of seminar whether it had to do with making money, real estate or even time shares.

You sit there through a day or two of listening to speakers tell you all the benefits of buying into whatever they are selling.

Then at the end your encouraged to go to the back of the room and make the purchase.

This is exactly one of the methods that was used to sell his courses.

Not all of the T Harv Eker seminars got high praises though.

Some of the attendees felt like they were in a high pressure sales situation and that the people running the seminars were actually salesman.

But now that Mr. Eker has slowed down a bit he mainly does his marketing through free webinars.

Thanks to the digital age you can sit back in your favorite chair and watch a T Harv Ekel free webinar online.

Once again the speaker will go over all the positives of the courses and how they will benefit you.

Then at the end of the webinar you will be given the cost of the course with some bonuses and a limited amount of time to purchase at the special price.

Millionaire Mind Intensive

One of the live events called the Millionaire Mind Intensive is a 3 day training session put on at various places around the world in different countries.

It teaches how to reach your goals both personally and financially.

Learn how to grow and manage your money.

During the event different presenters will go over different topics regarding mindset and achieving goals.

In between these trainings there will be downtime which offers the guests the opportunity to purchase T Harv Ekers books and sign up for other more expensive training courses.


Should You Invest

The question comes down to whether or not it makes sense to buy into all the courses and training?

After all your looking at $1000’s of dollars when you start adding them all up.

One thing is for sure and that is the mind is a powerful tool.

If you can afford to invest into any of the courses or live events then I am sure that you will come away with some extra knowledge and motivation.

Sometimes you need a kick in the pants to get back on track or even started.

That is what these motivational speakers offer.

One thing is for sure and that is T Harv Eker is a straight forward in your face speaker which like.

Probably the reason I sat through some of his videos.


Final Thoughts

Motivation is important and when you add that to a set of goals then success is sure to follow.

But is easier said than done.

That is why a lot of us like to follow certain motivational speaker such as T Harv Eker.

To stay productive and reach the success that we want to have in our lives.

I find a lot of motivation as well in one of the communities that I am involved with.

A simple training program where were all are working towards our goal of being successful with our online businesses.

So if you think that you need to spend $1000’s to learn how to start your own online business then your wrong.

Overall I think Mr. Eker is legit and his main strengths are speaking and teaching as well as marketing. That is the real reason that he is a millionaire.

In order to be successful its really up to you!

That is the defining factor.


Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on T Harv Eker and his courses!

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