What Is My Daily Choice Products & Opportunity? [Review]

What is My Daily Choice Opportunity and can you really make money selling sprays that keep people healthy while earning an income?

Some are calling this program a pyramid scheme or scam. So to be fair its important to do an unbiased review to get the facts out in the open for you guys to decide. If your thinking about joining this MLM read until the end to make sure you get all the details.

Lets get started….


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My Daily Choice MLM Review

Product: My Daily Choice

Cost: $59 to $599

Owners: Josh & Jenna Zwagil

Rating: 4/10

My Daily Choice Review | The Company

If your looking to make money and be in the health niche then you may have come across this company and its business opportunity.

Founded by Josh and Jenna Zwagil the company promotes some unique products by way of the MLM business model.

The focus is to improve your health and do it with sprays! Why sprays?

Apparently there is a segment of the population that can’t swallow pills.  So this opens up the opportunity to sell sprays that can provide the vitamins and nutrients that a person needs for their health.

My Daily Choice Products

The products that the company has in their line up include the cans of spray which cover different needs including more energy, better sleep and weight management.

My Daily Choice Sprays

The Peak spray uses an ingredient called “deer antler velvet”.

I had never heard of it so I had to look it up just to see if it was legit or not? Apparently it is legit, but there is still the question of whether the sprays are actually effective or not?

I guess we will never know unless the company does some scientific studies.

They also have a line of children’s vitamins called Brain Bears as well as Brain Fuel Plus for adults. Personally I am skeptical with these types of products because there really is no way to prove that they actually work.

Believe or not they also have combined their nutrition products with the opportunity to sell a discount and rewards program.

My Daily Choice Discount And Rewards Program

Who would have thought that you could be selling vitamin laced sprays one minute then discount packages for vacations, car rentals and other entertainment the next minute. Then again I did run across 5Linx a while ago that had a weird mix of products.

How Much Does It Cost To Join My Daily Choice

To become a affiliate or consultant there will be a startup cost of $69 to $599 depending on the package that you purchase. For example:

  • Spray Builder Pack $69
  • Spray Director Pack $149
  • Spray Executive Pack $299
  • Brain Bears Builder Pack $59
  • Brain Bears Director Pack $129
  • Brain Bears Executive Pack $199
  • Travel Builder Membership $69
  • Travel Director Membership $199
  • Travel Executive Membership $599

Depending on which of the packages that you buy into there will also be a monthly volume requirement that you need to maintain. This is fairly standard with most MLM companies. This is one reason that I prefer affiliate marketing over MLM.

Another expense will be the $20 one time fee for the use of a website and back office.

My Daily Choice Compensation

Now we get to the part of how much money you can make if you become a My Daily Choice consultant.

As with many of the different MLM companies the compensation plan is more complicated than it needs to be. So I will just give a quick over view.

Any products that you sell retail will earn a possible 25% commission. As an affiliate your buying at the companies “wholesale price” which is 25% off the listed retail price.

The reason that I say you can earn a “possible” 25% commission is because you will find sellers on Ebay and Amazon dumping products. They can’t sell it fast enough or they are getting out of the business so these are good places to sell it cheap.

So really this isn’t that great of a profit when you consider that you have to find people that would be interested in the products and will to pay the higher prices for the convenience.


Now in order to make any money with this opportunity an affiliate would need to recruit and build a downline. Basically building 2 teams  called a left leg and right leg.

Each team needs to do a certain amount of volume for you to get paid from their sales.

This is usually where things get tough for most people that get into MLM. They need to step outside their comfort zone and start hard selling the opportunity and signing people up.

The chart shown below has the different ranks that can be achieved outlined in red.

My Daily Choice Ranks

You can go from active all the way up to super which means an increase in income, but it also means added expenses as well because you will need to buy more product monthly.

There are also bonuses that can be achieved at the different levels.

Potential Of The My Daily Choice Opportunity

Although the idea of nutrients being delivered by spray is good for people that have a hard time swallowing pills, in my opinion I don’t see how this can be one of those opportunities with a large income potential for consultants.

Personally I am not familiar with any of my own friends or family that would be in need of these types of sprays. How do you even find people that would need this type of product?

Even the the opportunity to make money selling rewards and discounts is going to be a tough gig with the amount of competitors out there.

My Daily Choice Complaints

Its always a good idea to see what types of problems people are having with the company whether it be low quality products or problems getting paid.

So when I started looking I ran across a past affiliate that ran into some health problems after using the products. Apparently she had to see doctors for skin problems.

She put up a webpage here that goes into detail about it.

I would hate to be the affiliate that was her sponsor.

My Daily Choice Pros And Cons

I’m getting to the end of this review so its time to recap the good and bad about this program so that anyone interested can make a smart decision whether to join or find a better opportunity.

Pros ( the good stuff)

  • Compensation plan that has a lot of ways to get paid
  • Low entry cost $69 + $20 fee

Cons ( the not so good stuff)

  • Complicated compensation plan
  • Monthly requirement to buy product
  • Questionable if products do what there supposed to

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of MLM companies such as My Daily Choice that market these types of nutritional products. Its not that hard to find labs and supplement companies that will private label for a business to resell.

This makes it easy for MLM’s to make these unrealistic claims of better brain functions and more energy just by pumping some spray in your mouth.

Personally I would not feel comfortable selling sprays that promise some nutritional value when in fact there really isn’t any proof that they work. That is why when it comes to MLM vs affiliate marketing I would prefer to be an affiliate, so that I can choose from the 100’s of different merchants that offer legitimate products.

If your like me and your ready to move on from the recruiting and mandatory monthly purchases then check out how I make money working from home.

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