My Alex Becker Review – Scam Or Legit?

If your looking for a way to get started as an online entrepreneur you probably have come across Alex Becker.

He is a successful marketer that has made a fortune online in various ways including selling courses, SEO software and writing books.

I spend a lot of time on YouTube and that is where I first discovered him myself.

His videos are unique and he tries to get you to sign up for his webinars.

He seems to have a hit or miss reputation online when it come legitimacy.

Should you trust him and can he really show you how to make money with his courses?

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Who Is Alex Becker – History

Not knowing much about him I decided to see what he was about and what he had to offer.

His unorthodox style of making YouTube videos had me curious as to whether this guy was really successful or not.

Check out the video below as an example of what I’m talking about.

I love the atmosphere don’t you?

Simple setting sitting in his large garage with an exotic sports car in the background.

If you watch Alex Beckers YouTube videos you’ll notice he is a crusader against all the gurus out there pumping their courses in order to make money off of us.

But yet he is flaunting his net worth while trying to persuade us not to fall for these same scammy tactics of the gurus.

So what qualifies him as someone that you should put your trust in to teach you how to make money online?


One of the first things that I discovered while reading an interview was that he had been in the Air Force.

This gives him some credibility because you learn structure and discipline when your in the armed services.

In his 20’s he had to come up with a way to support himself and having the entrepreneur mindset he came up with an ideas and products.

These are based around helping internet marketers make more money in various niches.


Products & Companies

Most of the Alex Beckers products consist of courses and services centered around internet markting and e-commerce.

Here are just a few.

Book – The 10 Pillars Of Life

He wrote this book with the goal of showing the average “joe” how to build wealth as an entrepreneur.

10 Pillars Of Wealth By Alex Becker

It broken down into 10 different chapter or “pillars” as he calls them.

  1. Rejecting Getting Rich Slow
  2. Separating Time From Money
  3. Accepting That You Must Be Better Than Everyone Else
  4. Knowing Every Little Thing Is 100% Your Fault
  5. Adopting An Abundance Mindset
  6. Forgetting “What If” And Focusing On “What Is”
  7. Mapping Out Actions That Achieve Goals
  8. Focusing Solely On What Gets You Paid
  9. People Give Money To People That Get People
  10. Find Competitive Friends And Suitable Mentors

This is his action plan advice for helping you become financial free and wealthy.


Market Hero – Email Marketing Platform

Market Hero By Alex Becker

This is one of Alex Beckers products that has generated him a lot of money.

Were talking millions per year.

It is an email service designed to help marketers increase their “return on investment” and make more money with their email marketing.

Market Hero is a SAAS product which means it generates Alex Becker a residual income from his customers.


Source University – SEO Training

Source Wave SEO Training

Another business that Alex Becker started with his partner was Source University.

It revolves around teaching SEO techniques and using PBN’s ( private blog networks).

It is more geared towards internet marketers that have some experience creating content and basic SEO skills.

But at the time of this post it appears that the course is no longer active as the website has a bunch of dead links and you can’t sign up.


The Alex Becker Shopify Course – E-commerce Training

Shopify has become one of the biggest e-commerce shopping cart platforms on the web.

They offer a generous affiliate commission for anyone that promotes the company.

Taking advantage of this opportunity Alex created a Shopify course that shows how to use the dropshipping business model.

He also shows how to incorporate social media as well as email marketing.

Naturally he makes money on his course plus he makes money when his students sign up for a Shopify account.


Alex Becker Free Webinars

Alex Becker Webinar

One thing is for sure.

If you come across any of his videos you can’t help but get sucked into watching him.

So it only makes sense that he takes advantage of his skills to do webinars.

This is how he promotes his products and gets people signed up.

If you have ever sat through a webinar you know they can be very good marketing tools.

By the end your ready to pull out your wallet to take advantage of the discounts and bonuses they give at the end.

The Alex Becker webinars are no different and I’m sure he gets tons of new customers using this marketing method.


Is Alex Becker A Scam

Its interesting to see all the different opinions about him from customers that have purchased his courses and products to people that are fed up of seeing his YouTube videos.

You can’t call him a scam because has created legitimate tools for internet marketers.

I think the problem lies with the costs of some of his training which can be priced over $2000.

So for those people that buy into and don’t see the value they are going to call him a scam.

Believe me I know the feeling.

There are quite a few internet marketing products out there I have tried that were a waste of time.

But realistically Alex Becker promotes courses that people are looking for and he charges what the market will pay for them.

You can’t fault him for that!


Final Thoughts

After looking over all the different courses and products that Alex Becker has created I can say without a doubt that the guy works hard.

I personally do not believe that he is a scam.

One thing you can learn from him without forking over any money is how to do marketing.

He is a marketer!

He creates products for internet marketers because he knows that is where the money is.

He also has a unique style that has helped him get noticed whether you like him or not.

With that being said there are other alternatives to buying Alex Beckers courses which can help you get started as an online entrepreneur.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing then you can get started without breaking the bank and get all the tools you need here.

Whats your thoughts on Alex Becker? Leave a comment below!

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