Motor Club Of America – Legit Biz Opportunity?

Motor Club Of America Homepage

Motor Club Of America is a company that offers unlimited roadside assistance. What makes them unique is that they also offer a multi level marketing business opportunity for those looking to make money working from home.

Now there is a lot of talk online about Motor Club Of America being a scam and not legitimate. So I decided to check them out and see if this was true or not?


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What Is Motor Club Of America

If your familiar with AAA, then you will find that Motor Club Of America offers some of the same services through memberships. It is a roadside assistance company. The company itself is over 86 years old and services both the United States and Canada.

Whether you drive a car, RV, motorcycle they can provide roadside assistance to its members.

Here are some of its member benefits:

  • Unlimited Roadside Assistance
  • Travel Assistance Reimbursement
  • Planning & Travel Reservations
  • Arrest Bonds
  • Bail Bonds
  • Stolen Vehicle Reward
  • Credit Card Protection
  • and more!

There are 2 plans available with the least expensive one starting at $9.95 and the more expensive plan coming in at $19.95.

The more expensive gives the member more towing miles, insurance coverage etc., but the one thing that stands out is an opportunity to earn an $80 referral fee. I will talk about this further down.

Motor Club Of America Business Opportunity

While looking for information about the business opportunity available from Motor Club Of America, I discovered that they are actually owned by a company called TVC Marketing.

To start marketing this opportunity as an associate, first you will have to set up an account.

You will have to pay $19.95 per month.

You will have to sign up as an associate and you get the following:

  • Free marketing web site
  • Associate back office
  • Weekly commission payments
  • Free online training
  • Marketing landing pages
  • Social marketing tools
  • Associate support hotline
  • Tools to build your own sales team

Earn $80 to $90 commission for each referral.


Now there is a lot of information going back and forth about this opportunity. Some people are saying it is a scam while others are saying it is legitimate.

A lot of the people that are calling it a scam are not actually providing any solid information. To actually determine if it is,  one would have to become a member and actually work it to be able to make the claim.

After looking over the Motor Club Of America website and going over associates feedback of the company, in my opinion it does not look like a scam at all. I also did not see any exagerrated income claims.

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