Affiliate Program (Monster Profits!) is a job search site where employers post their companies available jobs or people that are looking for employment can post a resume. As an affiliate marketer, there is an opportunity to earn an income with the affiliate program. When it comes to job search affiliate programs the name Monster is well known in this niche for its ability to provide affiliates a way to make money helping job seekers.

Check out my review on the Monster affiliate program, its products and what their affiliate program offers. Affiliate program reviews offer a great way to find out the specifics of particular companies and what they are about.


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What Is

You can think of them as a job search engine. They are based in Massachussetts and have been around for over 20 years. They have expanded their service from just helping job seekers find work to career advice, career services, and more.

They also have a worldwide audience, making them one of the largest job search sites around.


  • Find jobs – if your a person that is in need of a job, then you have the ability to search for certain criteria in a company that interests you. Below are some of the search features:
    • Job Title
    • Location
    • Company Name
    • Full Time or Part Time
    • Date Of Posting
  • For Employers –¬†if an employer has an opening in their company, then they can post it on Monster and have it available to job seekers.

This is beneficial for companies because of the amount of job seekers using the site. They will have many people to choose from when it comes time to hiring for the open position.


Become An Affiliate

Now that you know a little about the company, its time to learn about becoming an monster affiliate and earning income referring people to the job search site.

First step is to set up up an account with CJ Affiliate by Conversant.

Once you have an account set up, then do a search for the affiliate program as shown in the image below:


CJ Affiliate Dashboard

Click on the “Careers” category and it will expand. Then check off “Employment” and hit the green search button at the top.

Now there will be a list of different affiliate programs to choose from. Look for the Monster affiliate program and click on it. It will expand giving a full view and details explaining the commissions.

The only thing left to do now is join as an affiliate. See image below:


Join Affiliate Program


That is all there is to signing up as an monster affiliate.



As an affiliate you can earn commissions by refering job seekers and employers. How much commission is earned depends on the products that get purchased.

Here is a breakdown of the commissions:

  • Purchases a Job Ad on Monster, earn 17%
  • Purchases Power Resume Search, earn 17%
  • Posts a new Monster Resume earn $1.00
  • Registers for a Monster Account, earn $.50
  • Purchases our Resume Writing product, earn 12%

Its also important to read the terms the company has listed. By not following their terms, you as an affiliate risk the possibility of not receiving commissions.


Conclusion – Affiliate Program

There are so many different affiliate programs out there. The Monster affiliate program is solid.

What makes this a great opportunity, is that there will always be people looking for jobs.You can make money ¬†with job search affiliate programs. This is a niche that isn’t going to disappear and the demand is sure to grow as time goes on.


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6 thoughts on “ Affiliate Program (Monster Profits!)”

  1. Thanks for sharing this, as I was looking for something like this before.

    I am also a member of your No.1 recommended program and it is also my top recommendation. But sometimes, I feel like the readers of my blog are sometimes finding my posts monotonous as I only promote one, so I need an additional one like Monster dot com. Thank you very much for writing a review of this website.

    I have a question: I have long been inactive with CJ. Can I come back to them again and reactivate? Or, do I need to sign up a new account?

    • Thanks for stopping Gomer.

      There are just so many affiliate programs that it can be overwhelming trying to decide which ones to promote.

      The thing that I like about the affiliate program is it will always be in demand. People need jobs, so there will always be an opportunity to earn by referring as an affiliate.

      As for reactivating your account with CJ. I am not sure. I would give it a try and see if it works. If not, make contact with them and ask that it be reactivated.

  2. Loved the information on the different ways to make money online. I didn’t realize Monster had an affiliate program. I will use your link to check it out.

    Can you really make money doing surveys? I was always curious about that but it seems like it’s a lot of time…your thoughts?

    Thanks for the good info

    • Hi Ed,

      Yes the affiliate program does exist and is a great way to earn as an affiliate marketer. I thought it be a good idea to do a quick review. There are probably a lot of affiliate marketers out there that didn’t realize this opportunity existed.

      When it comes to the online survey sites, in my opinion there are better alternatives to earning income online. Surveys take a lot of time and only produce a small amount of income.

      You can check out my #1 recommendation and see what you think. It will pay better than doing surveys.

  3. Hi,

    Do I also get paid if people click on a job? Or do they have to register?

    • Hi Robbin,

      They would need to register in order for you to get paid as a affiliate.


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