Make Money With Clickbank As A Affiliate Marketer

If your a new affiliate marketer and wondering how your going to make money from your website, you may want to check out Clickbank.Clickbank Marketplace

Here you will have access to ebooks, software and even membership sites that your able to promote. You can even make money with Clickbank by selling your own products.


What Is Clickbank

It is a network or an easier way to think of it is a marketplace. The Clickbank marketplace is where affiliate marketers find products to promote from vendors to earn a commission. It is also where vendors can list their products and have Clickbank handle all the customer service and payment processing.

There are 1000’s of products to choose from on Clickbank and commissions typically range between 5% to 75% depending on the category and product.

If you as an affiliate marketer have a product to promote, you can also sell as a vendor on the Clickbank network. So as you can see it is possible to make money with Clickbank two different ways by selling other peoples products or your own.

As an affiliate it won’t cost you anything to sign up and there are no quotas you need to meet.


Setting Up An Account

First your going to want to set up your account by going to the Clickbank homepage. At the top will be a “Create Account” link where you can get started.

Clickbank Create Account


From there you will go through a series of screens and enter your:

  • Personal Information
  • Banking Information
  • Account information

Once your account information is entered you will receive a confirmation email from Clickbank to verify your the person that set up the account.


Now you will be able to login. Once logged in you will be looking at your dashboard, which is well laid out showing your

  • Weekly sales
  • Daily sales
  • Transaction quality

There will also be some vendor advertisements running.

Clickbank Dashboard


Along the header at the top there are other links so you can access basic account settings, reports, support tickets for any problems you might have.

Clickbank has a large amount of categories to choose from including business, computers, cooking, marketing and so on.

Clickbank Products Category List

Looking under the Health and Fitness category there is a range of products to choose from including:

  • Diabetes
  • Yoga
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Erectile Dysfunction

You name it and you can find it!


Now that we have chosen our category of Health & Fitness, were brought to the product pages. For this category there are 159 pages of product offerings.

Here is an explanation of what everything means on the product information box seen below on a product I randomly chose.

Clickbank Product Listing

  • Title – clicking on the title will bring you to the actual product page
  • Initial $/ Sale – this is the average amount you as an affiliate can make. It will fluctuate some for returns or if there are upsells
  • Grav – Gravity is a score that lets you know how many affiliates have sold the product in the last twelve weeks. With a Gravity score of 223.18 you can see this product is a good seller. Typically a gravity score of 20 or more is good.


Best Clickbank Products To Sell

This depends on your niche of course, but when looking for the best products on Clickbank to sell, there are certain criteria that will make it worth your time to promote.

It is no mystery how to know if a product is a good product on Clickbank. Here are a few of the important things to look for when deciding and choosing.



Gravity  is an important factor when considering a product. For example, you can see in the product image above it has a gravity score over 200, so you know this product is a good seller.

Plus with a product price of over $35.00, you would do well to market this product if your niche diabetes related.

One thing to mention is that price and high gravity score aren’t the only criteria that should be used when choosing a product to promote. Keep reading !



Wouldn’t it be great to market a product once, get a sale and then get paid a monthly residual for as long as the customer uses the product? Who knows, maybe they will use the product for years and you will be earning passive income for a long time.


Just because a product you might want to promote is in the lower price range, doesn’t mean that it won’t earn you enough on the sale to make it worth it to market.

Many of the vendors offer products with up sells after the customer makes the initial purchase. Take a product that may have had a initial lower price and 2 or 3 up sells and now your talking a much larger commission for yourself.


How To Find What Your Looking ForClickbank Products Filter

With so many products in each category, going through them one by one is not an option. Fortunately you can use the filters to narrow down your search.

Clickbank provides 8 filters to find the perfect product including , gravity score, avg/sale, initial/sale and more. Have a look at the image to the right.

 There is also another area of filters called “attributes” that allows you to even drill down farther.

If your looking for a certain language, recurring billing, vendor support options, the attributes filter can be used .


Making Money With Clickbank


This in my opinion is one of the best ways to promote products. If done correctly, your blog will generate organic traffic and you will build an audience.

Many successful bloggers make a great living promoting products on their sites. One way they do this is by having product reviews. People looking for product reviews are in the buying stage and they are looking for information to help them make their decision.

If you have a blog and your readers trust you, then you will have a good chance converting them to a customer.


Email Lists

Running a blog or niche site allows you to capture leads from visitors. These are people that are interested in what you have to offer, so they signed up.

If you have a quality product to offer that gives value to your subscriber, they will be more apt to make a purchase when you send out an offer to your list.

One word of caution, you won’t want to continually bombard your subscriber lists with different product offerings. This will only slowly erode their trust in you and eventually your list will not produce the results you expected.


Social Media

There are many different social networks that offer people a way to engage with others that have similar interests.

Facebook, Google + and Twitter are just a few of the many popular social networks that offer a way to get your offers in front of thousands of targeted leads.

Compared to pay per click advertising, running an ad on a social network is fairly reasonable and offers a way to target specific groups of people.



There are many affiliates on the web that claim Clickbank is impossible to make money with. That their products are junk. With the thousands of products listed on their marketplace I am sure there will be quite a few that are not up to quality standards.

Don’t be discouraged when reading these kinds of things. Remember, if you follow proven marketing methods and you choose a product based on our advice above, your chances of making money with Clickbank as a affiliate will greatly increase!

Clickbank is the largest affiliate network for digital products and their product offerings are in the the 1000’s. They offer products in a diversified range of categories that an affiliate can use to grow their business.

Hopefully you already have an idea of how your going to promote the product or products. If not, I can help you get started and provide the training needed for you to get up to speed fairly quickly


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