Make Money With A Camping Blog

A camping blog is a great way to earn an income while also helping people that are interested in this recreational sport.

I know when I got the camping bug I wanted to learn as much as I could and I read every camping related blog that I could find.

There were a lot of good ones to choose from and these bloggers were getting to make money while taking advantage of their favorite past time.

Being a blogger myself I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you how to take advantage of this opportunity.

Let’s see what the potential is!

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How To Make Money From Camping Blog Ideas

Often times you run across websites that are promoting the idea of starting a blog.

The first thing that they do is start encouraging you to sign up for web hosting.

But you don’t want to just jump in without some kind of plan.

First you need to decide on some specifics of what your camping blog is going to be about.

There are many different sub categories that you can promote such as:

  • Camping Cooking
  • Camping Equipment
  • Camping With Pets
  • Camping Photography
  • Camping Tips
  • Camping & Hiking

You get the picture.

These are all sub categories that you can write content around to get traffic to your blog.


The Affiliate Business Model

Now just writing content isn’t going to help you earn any income.

You will need a way to monetize your camping blog and the best way to do it is with the affiliate marketing business model.

With affiliate marketing your basically selling other people’s products in order to earn commissions.

Let me give you an example of how it works.

Let’s say that on your blog you have category dedicated to the best gas stoves to use.

You would do reviews on these stoves and give your opinion on which ones would be the best for certain situations.

Basically giving the pros and cons of each.

Then you would place affiliate links in your review to these specific products on a merchants website.

When your visitors click on the links and make a purchase on the merchants website you would earn your commission.


Let’s Dig A Little Deeper

I found a good camping blog at that shows how it is broken up into different categories and how affiliate links are used.

Below is the homepage that gives you specific categories to choose from in the navigation.

Bearfoot Theory Camping Blog
  • Destinations 
  • Gear
  • Activities
  • Van Life
  • Travel

I clicked on the “gear” category to see how it was set up and if they were using affiliate marketing as her monetization method.

There was a blog post titled “How to choose the backpacking stove”.

They talked about the different stoves and and their different features such as weight, efficiency and functionality.

Within the post were affiliate links to different stoves that would be ideal for certain situations as shown below.

Examples Of Affiliate Links On Camping Blog

Any visitors to their website that click on these links will be directed to the sporting goods retailer REI.

REI has an affiliate program that camping bloggers can sign for in order to earn commissions from their referrals.


Where To Find Products To Promote & Earn Income From

If you want to sell and promote camping gear as well as other related products on your blog first you need to find merchants with affiliate programs.

Search Engines Are Your Friend

By using the search engines you can find a bunch of merchants catering to the camping niche.

Just type in the search bar “camping + affiliate” to get a list of merchants .

Here are just a couple of the Camping affiliate programs that I discovered with this technique.

1. CampingMaxx

Campingmaxx Affiliate Program For Bloggers

They keep their affiliate program in house instead of using an affiliate network.

They have a wide selection of products and a well organized website.

Commission Payout: 10% 


2. CycloCamping

CycloCamping Affiliate Program For Bloggers

If your into bicycling and camping then this would be a great affiliate program to add to your camping blog.

Some unique products that are designed for carrying on a bike.

Commission rate: 8% 


Affiliate Networks

Another option is to sign up with an affiliate network.

An affiliate network has a list of merchants in the camping niche as well as many other niches.

So this can be a time saver because once you sign up with an affiliate network you have access to these merchants and you can apply to them to be an affiliate.

Some of the popular affiliate networks are:

Al lot of the bigger outdoors retailers usually are listed through affiliate networks such as:

  • Eastern Mountain Sports
  • REI
  • (Summit Sports LLC)
  • Trek Light Gear

Amazon Affiliate Network

Another possibility is signing up as an Amazon affiliate.

Amazon Affiliate Program For Camping Bloggers

This is a favorite among bloggers in all different niches because Amazon is good at converting their visitors into buyers.

Which means that when you send a visitor to their site using an affiliate link from your blog there is a good chance you will earn a commission.

Another big advantage of being an Amazon affiliate is their product selection.

You might send a visitor to Amazon from your blog that purchases a sleeping bag for $50 but then also purchases a big screen TV for $1000.

You would get a commission on the total order.

So you can see how you can earn some good commissions signing up for the Amazon affiliate program.


How To Start A Camping Blog

Before you can start applying to the different affiliate programs your going to need a website.

Your also going to need to add some content to it in order for the merchants to accept you into their affiliate programs.

Fortunately the process of setting up your blog has been streamlined by many web hosts.

Here is how quickly you can set up a blog with the right web hosting company shown in the video below:

Its just a matter of clicking a few buttons.

The software of choice used by most bloggers is called WordPress.

Its a free open source software that has 1000’s of free themes available as well as 100’s of plugins for different functionality.


Adding Content To Your Blog

Once your blog is set up its time to start writing content to attract visitors and this is done using keywords.

Keywords for content marketing is important because keywords are what people are searching for in the search engines.

For example a keyword would be “best 2 man tent to buy”.

This is a keyword that someone would type into the search engine when they are in the buying phase.

Having a camping blog its possible that you would want to target that keyword.

This is where a keyword tool comes in handy.

The keyword tool will let you know if the keywords your choosing to rank your blog posts are too competitive or not.

Below is an example of a keyword tool that I use called Jaaxy.

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool

I can tell quickly which keywords will be the best to use in my blog posts and which ones I should avoid.

You can also see what the estimated traffic will be if you get ranked on the first page of the search engines.

Very handy tool.


Where to Get Started

There is more to having a successful camping blog than just a website.

Every blogger no matter what niche they are in needs to get solid training from the beginning as well as stay up to date with the latest trends when building their online business.

Remember its not just a blog its an actual business.

So you have to treat it as such.

There are a lot of different courses available that offer to teach affiliate marketing but not all are legit and some are incredibly expensive.

But I stumbled across an affiliate marketing training course that was actually reasonably priced and they also offered a free membership to get your feet wet.

In other words you can sign up for free and test out some of the training as well as the blogging tools.

This is the same training that I used and I am still a member years later.

So if your looking to create a camping blog of your own to introduce the world to a fun recreational sport a great place to start is here with my free 5 step course.

A guide to get you started step by step.

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14 thoughts on “Make Money With A Camping Blog”

  1. I think the camping niche is a good niche to get into.  I mean if you are passionate about it I’m sure it would be fun.  But, you could really take some breathtaking photography.  That is one of my favorite parts to creating websites.  This would be a nice touch to a camping niche website.

    I do like the Amazon Affiliate Network.  However, the pay is kind of low.  Correct me if I am wrong but wouldn’t the payout be 4% and it’s on a 24 hour cookie, too.  I would much rather have a 10-20% on a 90 day cookie, though.  However, I would wonder if there are any monthly referral affiliate programs.  

    In the past years I have found monthly referral programs work the best.  The money adds up quickly.  Then you can start other niches with that money 🙂

    • Its true that the Amazon commissions aren’t that great but many times when you send a visitor to Amazon they end up buying multiple things.

      This can quickly add up especially when they have millions of products on their site.

      You might refer someone to Amazon for a $100 tent and they might buy a $1000 TV which you would earn a commission on.

      And yes they have a 24 hour cookie.

      The good thing about starting a camping blog is that there are many different merchants offering affiliate programs that you can sign up with.

  2. I would absolutely love to start a Camping Photography blog one day. It’s kind of a small dream of mine. To travel and camp around the world, take priceless pictures while also being able to truly take care of myself financially. I hope to make it reality one day.

    The practicality of your approach I totally adored tough. I mean, I could actually feel the dream, not just being a dream, but in reality a tangible end-goal that can be achieved by fulfilling and carrying out certain actions. It actually seemed as though it’s only a matter of work and learning before I can actually get it done.

    And in that I loved your insights on monetizing and the other practical ideas. In my opinion just purely priceless was your concise analysis on the camping blog.

    I can’t thank you enough.Cheers and Have a Great One! I truly appreciate you!Matiss

    • I like the idea of a camping photography blog Matiss.

      There are a lot of people that would be interested in seeing different areas that they have never been to. I am sure you would get a ton of traffic that you could monetize into an income.

      If you do decide to start a camping blog stay in touch because I would like check it out.

  3. I love camping  and also want to create a blog to share my experiences

    I did not know that the camping blog can be  agood source of income.Thank you very much for sharing this info. I would love to start a camping blog with right now.

    But I have a question from where, can I get more information about starting the camping blog?

    • Hey Sanjay  I can see your motivated and have a lot of enthusiasm for the sport.

      If your looking to get some step by step help in setting up your blog then check out my favorite training platform and blog hosting.

      That is where I got my start and I am still a member years later.

      If you need any help then you can also touch base with me inside the members area and I will connect with you.

  4. A camping blog is perfect for anyone who has a passion for the outdoors and wants to make money. I also feel like it would be an awesome way to show different locations to camp at around the world. There are places that I have camped at within California but I have never been camping outside of California. At least not that I am aware of.

    • I hear you Jessie I wish I had the time to start a camping blog because I enjoy it and would love to earn an income showing others how to enjoy the sport as well.

      There is a ton of potential to earn an income with this niche especially for those that are passionate about it.

  5. I found your blog very informative.  I have not been camping since I was much younger.

    But I can see how it would make a great way to earn income as a blogger.

    I would never have thought about all the different sub categories that you mentioned.  Anyone interested in camping should definiely know about all the equipment and how to cook while out camping.  I think those two would be the most important things to start with.

    It is great that you can even make money by helping others find what they need for camping.

    • If your into the outdoors and want to help others then starting a camping blog may be an option.

      There are a lot of beginners that have questions and want to know about the right camping equipment to buy.

      Of course its not going to be instant income but there are plenty of people that have grown their hobby into a full time online business with a blog.

  6. Wow awesome guide Chris!

    I love camping and I camp out with my friends  every month to get away from the city. At one point I wanted to try blogging about the camping sites I’ve been through but didn’t really know how or whether the blog can sustain itself but after reading through, I feel like starting one now. 

    I have an idea of collaborating with corporate companies like energy drinks and camping equipment companies by providing them an ad space on my site in exchange for some marketing payment, do you think that would be a viable idea or should I just stick to writing content?

    • I like your idea and I think it is possible to collaborate with companies in the niche.

      I think though your better off writing content and promoting products that you actually use to get the best engagement from your audience.

      Personally I would keep my website personal and keep advertisements to a minimum at least until you start getting some serious traffic.

  7. My husband and I do love camping and we will go on a trip at least once a year.

    We also do plan our trips months ahead like where we going, the route we take to make this an adventure right from the get go.

    I also look for inspiration and ideas for our camping trip by going on the internet to specific websites about camping etc.

    Until today, finding your website, I never really have paid much thought on how these people really doing it, creating their sites and all the information coming with it.

    In the past I said to my husband if it wouldn’t be great, if we too, can do this and create a website about our different camping experiences and such. We always thought this is nothing for us since we don’t have much “techy” skills.

    I also was so impressed how you mentioned the opportunity to make money with it.

    Well, you got me going and I will follow your advice and your site.

    Thank you for all the great information and for sharing. 🙂

    • There are a lot of people that are interested in camping and the first thing they do when they get the itch is to start researching.

      That is what I did.

      So the demand and opportunity is there if you ever do consider starting up a camping blog of your own.


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