How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate Exposed?

In order to make money with Wealthy Affiliate you need to understand how the membership works from the beginning and the guide that I put together here will explain it in full.

The best part about this program is that you are able to learn skills that you can use forever as a marketer.

So let’s get started and break down the different ways to have success with WA.

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate About

Affiliate marketing is a great business model and it has been used to create lifestyle businesses for many people.

It is very inexpensive to get started using just a website and your time.

The concept is just to promote other people’s products in return for a commission and there are literally thousands of affiliate programs that you can sign up for in different categories.

Here are just a few of the more popular categories that affiliates use to make money with affiliate marketing:

  • Web hosting
  • Health
  • Dating
  • Dieting and fat loss
  • Make money online courses

To sign up for any affiliate program is typically free and you can promote affiliate products using paid methods as well as by creating content with a website.

So now that you have a little understanding of how affiliate marketing works let’s look at how you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate.



The main reason why you should be joining as a member is that you want to learn the skills needed to do affiliate marketing with a website.

As simple as this may sound most people don’t understand the process.

A lot of companies promote that they will help you get web hosting and setup your own website. Unfortunately once you have a website setup you need to learn how to get traffic to that website as well as create ways to make money from it.

This is where a lot of beginner affiliates fail.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you not only how to set up your website but how to create content around your niche that will attract visitors that you can turn into income.

In other words you are learning a skill.

For example below are just some of the people that have turned they’re training into legitimate affiliate income.


Example #1

Owain has a successful affiliate website that caters to people that are interested in their ancestry.  He has been a member of WA since 2016 and has now started another website selling products off of Amazon.

Owain Learned How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate


Example #2

Here is another member bthiel that has had success with a niche website selling products as an Amazon affiliate. His site was making between $5000 to $9000 per month and below is what he had to say below:

bthiel making money with Wealthy Affiliate Training

Example #3

A member since 2014 Dj-drea has had success with the affiliate website that she created especially in December when her website did a total of $2,584 in sales.

Dj-drea has learned to make money with Wealthy Affiliate

This has helped her to be a stay at home mom and have the ability to home school her kids.

These are just a few of the many success stories of people that make money with Wealthy Affiliate training.

So by joining you will be in directly making money with this program by learning the steps it takes to actually rank your website and get free targeted traffic.

You will need to learn this in order to make money with wealthy affiliate in other ways which I will explain next.


Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program

Now once you have gone through the training and have an understanding of exactly how affiliate marketing works and what you need to do in order to get traffic to your website you will be able to take advantage of the affiliate program offered at WA.

Many members start out promoting an niche that they are passionate about and then once they have successfully built a business around their niche they start promoting WA directly.

This means that you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate just by referring others.

So how does it work?


Making Money As A Free Member

There are two different levels that you can earn at as a member which is the free membership as well as the premium membership.

If you are a free member you can make $4 per person that you refer to WA that signs up as a paid member.

If they decide to stay on and continue with their membership you was a free member would earn $11.75 per month in commission for as long as they stay a member.

If your referral decides to pay for their whole year up front then you would earn a $87.50 commission.


Making Money As A Premium Member

Now if you want to have the most success with this program I would advise that you take advantage of the premium membership.

Not only will you be able to get more tools to help you grow your business and be successful but you also be able to make more money with the affiliate program.

So as a premium member if you refer someone to the WA membership and they decide to join you will receive a $8 referral fee.

If your referral decides to stay on you will receive a $23.50 commission for every month they are a premium member.

There have been some people that have been members for over 10 years.

Can you imagine if you referred one of these people? that one referral would have earned you $2,820 over that period of time.

Now if the person decides to pay for the whole year up front so that they can take advantage of the discount you as the affiliate would earn $175.


How Much Money Can I Make

When your an affiliate their will be a lot of variables to consider when trying to figure out how much money your able to make.

For example if you plan on only using the training at WA to build affiliate websites and not promote WA directly then it will depend on how many websites you have and how competitive your niche is.

It is possible to have 2 or 3 sites bringing in $100’s to $1000’s per month just selling products off of Amazon.

Over time as these websites become more established and you have learned what works as well as what doesn’t work the income will stabilize.

Advantage Of Being A WA Affiliate

With most affiliate programs when you refer someone and they make a purchase you will only get paid for that one time.

The advantage being a member and promoting WA is that their affiliate program is re-occurring meaning that when someone joins you will get a paid every month.

So let’s look at example scenarios based on you being a premium WA member and referring members that join.

Member #1 stays for 4 months

  • 1st month $8
  • 2nd month $23.50
  • 3rd month $23.50
  • 4th month $23.50

Your total income for this referral would equal $78.50.

Member #2 stays for 2 months

  • 1st month $8
  • 2nd month $23.50

Your total income for this referral would equal $31.50

Member #3 stays for 12 months

  • 1st month $8
  • 2nd month through 12th month ($23.50 x 11) $258.50

Your total income for this referral would equal $266.50

As I said earlier there are some members that been with the program since the beginning which is about 10 years. So the monthly affiliate income can add up over time.

This shows the advantage of how members can make money with Wealthy Affiliate just by referring a person 1 time.


Las Vegas Incentive

For those members that wish to promote the companies training there is the chance to earn an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas if you can get 300 referrals in a year.

This means that you have made an an elite group of marketers and you will get rewarded for your efforts.

Below are videos of what the 2016 and 2017 were like for those that made it.

Tell me that does not look like fun!

Not only is it a fun little mini vacation but you have the opportunity to mingle with the successful affiliates to exchange ideas and learn how to grow your business to the next level.



If your looking to get started online with your own business then at least you know that it is possible to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

You can use the training to build any type of affiliate website and you can also promote WA as an affiliate to earn a re-occurring income.

Plus your going to need web hosting and a keyword tool to be successful as an affiliate marketer anyway so by referring others all your needed tools would be paid for.

So you owe it to yourself to check out the program and how you can get started making money online with affiliate marketing.

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