Can You Really Make Money Selling Other Peoples Products Online?

Yes you can make money selling other peoples products online and all you need is a computer, internet connection and a simple website. Believe it or not there are millions of people that have learned how to harness the power of the internet and earn a full time income from home. Some even travel while they run their business from different locations.

So what is this magical business model that lets you make money while selling products that aren’t even yours? Its called affiliate marketing and I am going to show you the advantages and just how it works. So if you have been looking to start making money online with your own business, then your going to want to read this.

Let’s get started ….


Selling Other Peoples Products Online With Affiliate Marketing

This is probably the least complicated way to sell online because your not actually taking possession of any products, your just promoting them.

Don’t get this confused with dropshipping. With dropshipping you still have to deal with customers, returns and other headaches of running an online business.

When you sell products with affiliate marketing, you aren’t dealing with the customer and you don’t have to worry about returns. Plus you can run your business from any location.

Basically your going to build a website and add content related to the niche that you picked. Within that content your going to add whats called affiliate links or possibly display ads. When a visitor to your website follows the link or banner and makes a purchase at the merchant that you were promoting, you would earn a commission.


Which Products Should You Sell Online

For a lot of people this can be a challenging question to answer. With all the different products available how do you choose what to sell? What are the best products to sell online?

My best advice is to first consider what your familiar with.

For example lets say that your into the outdoors and you spend a lot of time camping, fishing or hiking. Can you see yourself building a website and writing content around products related to these markets?

An easy way to get ideas is to visit Amazon to see what the best sellers might be in the particular niche that your thinking about.

Using the camping market as an example again you can see how Amazon has the best sellers categorized below. You could go through the different categories looking for products to sell on your website.

Get Product Ideas From Amazon To Sell Online

You will also see that the kids water bottle pictured has 1,838 reviews showing this is definitely a hot seller!

So if you had a website catering to campers that had kids, this may be a good product to promote on your site and earn commission from.

Typically you will want to look for products that have a higher price, because the commissions from Amazon are small compared to other affiliate programs. Your going to make more money as an affiliate selling a $100 product versus a $10 product.

Amazon though can be the exception because the average customer tends to purchase other items at the same time increasing your commission.


Where To Find Products For Selling Online

There are no shortage of products to sell with affiliate marketing and it really isn’t that hard finding companies to sign up with.

As a matter of fact you will find that there are literally millions.

Search Engines

One way to locate companies is to do a search in Google using the following method shown below. As an example if you were in the fitness niche and looking to sell equipment type in the Google search box “fitness equipment + affiliate program”.

Searching For Affiliate Products To Sell In Google

In the example above you can see that all the companies that have affiliate programs you can sign up with that have to do with fitness equipment.

If your interested in selling that particular companies products then go to their website and look for the sign up link. They are usually at the bottom of a companies website as shown below.

Affiliate Sign Up

Using Google search to find the different companies can lead to thousands of different choices.

When your selling products online you want to make sure that the company you sign up with has a good way of tracking your stats as well.


Affiliate Programs and Networks

Another place to look for products to sell will be affiliate networks.

Instead of looking through the search engines for companies to join you can save time by joining an affiliate network. There will be hundreds or thousands of merchants listed including what products they have for affiliates to sell in different categories.

Some of the more popular affiliate networks include:

There are some advantages of dealing with an affiliate network that include:

  • Finding affiliate programs in one place
  • Being able to compare the different merchants programs side by side
  • Stats for the programs and products your interested in selling

Below is an example of how information is listed for merchants that are on the ShareASale Network. This will help you make a decision whether to sell this companies products or keep looking for a different company that offers the metrics that your looking for.

ShareASAle Affiliate Stats For Merchants

You can get an idea of how much money you can make based on the average sale amount. They also show the most popular keywords and ease of joining with the click of a button.

When your going to be selling other peoples products online its great to be able to do a quick comparison between companies on an affiliate network.

It also makes it easier to keep track of all the merchants that your signed up with. At a glance you will know if you have commissions, what merchants products are you are getting sales from and if there are any new products or discontinued products.


Selling Other Peoples Products From Amazon & Ebay

These are 2 popular sites for affiliates to make money with because of the number of products there on each site. Just by signing up to either of these affiliate programs gives you instant access to millions of products.

Selling Ebay Products As An Affiliate

Ebay is unique in that you can find products to sell that typically are hard to find in the marketplace such as antiques, collectibles, planes and just weird stuff like the listing pictured below!

Weird Stuff To Sell From Ebay

You could set up an affiliate website that only marketed weird products such as this. These types of products get a lot of attentions and can go viral on social media resulting in a ton of exposure and sales.

Being an Ebay affiliate and selling products from their website is convenient because all your doing is promoting the products and driving traffic to them.

When a visitor buys something or wins an auction you as the affiliate make money. Its possible to earn between 50% to 70% depending on the product and category.

Selling Amazon Products As An Affiliate

Promoting and selling Amazon products has its advantages.

Amazon has become one of the largest online retailers in the world and their affiliate program gives an affiliate access to millions of products including digital e-books and music.

There are many people that make a living by selling products off Amazon using their website to generate leads.

Sell Products As An Amazon Affiliate

One of the biggest reasons that affiliates like Amazon is because they get commissions on their referrals no matter what they buy.

For example lets say that you have a website specializing in health related supplements. You are promoting bottles of vitamins and one of your visitors clicks a affiliate link and ends up on Amazon.

Instead of buying the bottle of vitamins you were promoting, they ended up buying a big screen TV worth $1,000. Well you just earned a commission even though you don’t promote TV’s on your site.

Before applying to be an Amazon affiliate you should have your website up and running with some traffic going to it. Reason being is you get 6 months to make a sale otherwise Amazon will close your account and you will need to reapply.


Selling Digital Products Online

Selling Digital Products Online

You may want to sell digital products such as music, e-books or video games.


One of the biggest marketplaces for digital products is Clickbank. They offer e-books and courses covering different categories including health, love, fitness, online marketing, dog training, learning languages and much more.


You can promote video game downloads for the XBox as a Microsoft affiliate. Video games is a huge market and keeps growing every year. Not only that but you can make money on any products purchased through the Microsoft website including computers and gaming systems.


Want to make money with music? You can sign up as an Apple affiliate and promote music from the iTunes store as well as apps for the iPhone.


Sell Services Online

You can also make money promoting different services around the web.

For example there are many people ready to start an online business and they need logos made, web hosting and a bunch of other stuff.

As an affiliate you can promote places that offer services and make money when your visitors buy.

One such place is Fiverr, where you can get just about anything under the sun.

Or another popular niche is promoting web hosting because you can earn recurring payments. Just think about if you were to refer a visitor that bought web hosting.

Its possible that customer would earn you commissions for years, because switching hosts isn’t something that a person does often once they get their business set up.

So now you have an idea of some of the different products and services you can sell to make money online. Your probably asking yourself how do I get started?


Build A Website

If you have narrowed down your niche and have an idea of what products you want to promote, then the next step to making money online is to build your website.

Selling Products Online With A WordPress Website

WordPress is the go to software that is used by most affiliate marketers because it is easy to set up and there are thousands of free themes to use.

Most web hosts have 1 click installs so you can have it set up rather quickly. If you want to see how easy it is you can try it out and set up a couple of free sites.

This is currently where I host my affiliate sites.

Add Content

Once you have your site up it is time to start adding content. In the beginning you will have a learning curve unless your a natural born writer.

By adding content your website will get ranked in the search engines. People looking for the products or services your promoting will find your site and click on your affiliate links being directed to a merchant where they will make a purchase and you earn a commission.


Advantages Of Selling Other Peoples Products Using Affiliate Marketing

Let’s take a look at why this is such great business model and one that I believe offers the most flexibility when it comes to lifestyle.

  • Can be run from a laptop computer
  • Work from any location with an internet connection
  • Earn passive income
  • Promote and sell different products and services (including different merchants)
  • Customize your work schedule
  • Earning potential only limited to what you put into it
  • No inventory or storage needed
  • No employees needed
  • Can outsource some of the work

As you can see this is why affiliate marketing is projected to keep growing for the next 10 to 15 years. Companies see the benefit as well as people that want to find a legitimate way to work from home.



Hopefully I have given you a good idea of how to make money selling other peoples products online using affiliate marketing.

The main benefits are that there are no customers to deal with, no products to handle, your not stuck to one location like you are with a typical business and you can earn passive income.

The thing that I like about affiliate marketing is that if done right you can truly have a lifestyle business working when you want where you want.

Thanks to affiliate marketing, I now have the time to hang out with my son when he gets out of school or is on vacation. Then when he goes to bed, I work on my site.

I still have to work on my affiliate business everyday but I’m not locked to a set schedule and the more effort I put into the more I make.

Although affiliate marketing seems simple its really important to get started the right way and build a solid foundation. You don’t want to be one of those people stumbling around trying to figure everything out on your own.

That is why I suggest you take the same route that I did and get the right training and support from the start. This is why I am recommending Wealthy Affiliate.

They offer many advantages that your not going to find with other affiliate marketing training programs including hosting for your websites, a SiteBuilder to build your website, keyword tool for content writing and a thriving community with 1,000’s of other members helping each other out.

It was the best decision that I made 2 years ago when I signed up for their free starter account!


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  1. Thanks for the great article, I going to sell products online, this article really useful for me, keep doing this great work.

  2. The weird product you showed is just eww. Who in the world would buy THAT?

    But in regards to your comparison between affiliate marketing and dropshipping, I definitely agree that affiliate marketing is better because there is less to manage in a way.

    Affiliate marketing is also the gateway to making passive income online but dropshipping isn’t. You constantly have to find new customers for your products and you always HAVE to put through your orders with your suppliers.

    Affiliate marketing allows you to sign up with affiliate programs that have monthly subscriptions, thus making you a guaranteed monthly income. I LOVE that about affiliate marketing.

    • Yes I thought that was funny but it goes to show you that people will by and sell just about anything.

      After doing dropshipping I can definitely tell you there are less things to deal with when doing affiliate marketing. I also believe there is more flexibility when it comes to marketing different products.

      When you have the ability to make money selling other peoples products it really opens the doors to all kinds of possibilities and income.


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