Make Money Selling Hemp Oil Online (CBD Oil)

Selling hemp oil online might be something that you’re considering and for good reason. This is a billion dollar industry and it will continue to grow for many years to come.

CBD oil is going mainstream and consumers have started to embrace the idea that these oils can have some positive health effects.

So what is he best way to make money with this opportunity?

The good news is that you can start your business with a simple website and very little overhead using the affiliate marketing business model.

I will outline the advantages here for you.

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Is It The Right Time To Make Money Selling Hemp Oil

Due to the  legalization of marijuana hemp products and specifically hemp oil with CBD have become thrust into the spotlight.

People are starting to discover the health benefits of using hemp oil.

The chart below shows the explosive growth from mid 2016 until today and it is estimated by the Hemp Business Journal that it will keep growing by astronomical proportions to a little over 2 billion dollars by 2020.

Hemp Oil Growth

This creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to make money selling CBD oil.

As an entrepreneur you’re getting in on an industry that is  in its infancy. As a matter of fact the government is still playing catch-up and trying to regulate the sale of hemp oil.


If you’re looking to get in the business of selling hemp oil you’re probably already familiar with all the health benefits that are being claimed.

For those of  you that are not familiar with hemp oil and you just stumbled across this article I’ll go into detail a little bit about what the benefits are and why there’s such a big demand for it now.

Hemp plants contain a compound called CBD which is short for cannabidiol. Companies process these hemp plants to produce an oil with CBD in it.

There have been studies done that show using hemp oil can help with a host of health benefits including:

  • Lowering the risk of heart disease
  • Hair growth
  • Hormonal balance
  • Reduce inflammation of arthritis
  • Epilepsy
  • Help with skin related problems such as psoriasis and rashes
  • Can be used to treat acne
  • Weight loss
  • Possibly help to prevent or treat cancer

So looking at all the health benefits of using CBD oil it’s no wonder sales are skyrocketing for these products.


Why Selling Hemp Oil Online With Affiliate Marketing Makes Sense

If you have been trying to figure out which is the best way of selling hemp oil with CBD in it then you might be aware that there is some fuzziness whether it’s legal or not.

Some brick-and-mortar retailers have had their storefronts raided by the DEA and all their hemp oil confiscated because the federal government believes it to be illegal.

At the same time manufacturers of the CBD hemp oil are claiming that their products are legal in all 50 states.

With this consideration in mind I will point out the benefit of starting your hemp oil business using affiliate marketing.

So first let me explore the different ways that you can sell hemp oil.


Selling CBD Oil Through E-Commerce

You can set up your own online store front including credit card processing, stocking inventory and doing the shipping out of your house.

There are a couple of popular hosted shopping carts that are well established Shopify and BigCommerce.

Shopify and Bigcommerce make it easy to get your business setup using templates and having many features built-in.

Both of these platforms start at about $30 per month and make it easy to add products along with credit card processing so you can start selling online in a matter of days.

You will need to buy inventory for stock and set up your own UPS and FedEx accounts.

Also need to get set up as a business with a tax identification number and a resale certificate so that you can buy at wholesale and sell retail.

Total monthly cost will run you about $50 per month for your online storefront and monthly credit card processing fee for a very basic setup. 

Then you will need to budget for inventory costs.

The reason that I don’t believe ecommerce is the best way to get started at this time is because of the possibility of being shut down by the DEA.

You don’t want to have your house raided and all your stock of hemp oil confiscated.

So until it’s clear whether or not it is legal to sell hemp oil I would probably wait to buy my own inventory and sell out of my house or business.


Multi-level marketing 

Using MLM To Sell Hemp Oil

There are some MLM companies that have gotten into the business of selling hemp oil.

One of the more popular mlm’s is HempWorx.

If you’re not familiar how an MLM works you sign up under another independent representative and that representative is now your sponsor.

Your sponsor is supposed to teach you the ropes and show you how to sell the product to retail customers as well as recruit other people so that you can earn commissions from their sales. You would become their sponsor.

Usually with a mlm company when you sign up as an independent representative they put you on an auto ship program.

What this means is that you have to buy a certain amount of products every month to be able to stay active with the company.

This can add up to hundreds of dollars per month.

Another aspect of mlm companies is that the products that they sell are typically priced higher than what you can get similar products for in the market.

For example you might be able to buy a bottle of hemp oil for $12 online but a similar product being sold by a MLM company representative might cost you $14 or $15.

The reason for this is because they have all these independent representatives that are on different levels all earning commissions.

I am not a big fan of multi-level marketing because the majority of people the sign on with any company usually don’t make any money.

Plus the fact that you need to buy a certain amount of product every month most people end up losing money.


Affiliate Marketing

Best Way To Sell Hemp Oil Using Affiliate Marketing

Now selling hemp oil using affiliate marketing can be done a couple different ways using landing pages or your own website.

If you are going to use a landing page then you’re going to need to pay to drive traffic to that landing page using pay per click advertising or maybe Facebook Ads.

Although it’s possible that this could work I don’t really recommend using pay per click advertising for these specific products.

Another way of doing it would be to set up your own blog and write articles relating to hemp oil and its benefits.

Using a blog to sell hemp oil will initially be the slower way to make money with this opportunity but in the long run it would be the most cost-effective bringing in targeted traffic.

Some of the benefits of using affiliate marketing to promote your hemp oil business are:

  • You are able to make money selling multiple brands
  • No inventory needed
  • No customer service needed
  • Can be started on a shoestring budget
  • Run the business from anywhere there is an internet connection just using a computer

What I like about affiliate marketing is that you can promote products from different brands instead of just being stuck selling one specific brand.

For example if you were to run an e-commerce website and stock inventory it would be hard and expensive to carry multiple brands.

You risk getting stuck with inventory that doesn’t sell or maybe you purchased a bunch of stock to get a discount and then sales dried up which can happen.

Now with multi-level marketing you’re stuck selling one brand.

So not only are you selling products that have a higher price than what you can buy them for on the market but you won’t have any flexibility if your customers want different brands.

Plus there is always the risk that the company will go out of business which does happen. Which means then all the work you did with that company would be wasted.

For me the biggest factor for getting into affiliate marketing is that you can create a lifestyle business. You’re not married to the day-to-day headaches you have with e-commerce or multi-level marketing.

Your overhead costs are very low because all you need is a computer and an internet connection versus buying inventory, software, credit card processing and the list goes on.

Hopefully your starting to see the advantage.


Where to Find Products To Sell

There is no shortage of merchants that offer affiliate programs for hemp oil. So when getting your online hemp business started there are a couple different ways to locates merchants to sign up with.

The first places I start looking is usually the affiliate networks to see what merchants I would be able to sign up with.

These include:

There are many more affiliate networks that you can check out as well.

I searched Google and came up with some companies that offer affiliates good products and commissions as shown below:

CBDPure Affiliate Program

This company has been in the game for over 10 years so they experience with the products as well as working with affiliates.

Commission – 40% (highest payout in the industry)

Tiered Commission – 5% (get paid referring others)

Payments – monthly by PayPal

Website –


Vape Bright Affiliate Program

This company also has a wide range of products related to hemp plus if you want to buy in stock product they have wholesale pricing and will also private label.

Commission – 25%

Tiered Commission

Cookie – 60 days

Website –


Hemp Bombs Affiliate Program

Here is another company with a wide selection of hemp oil and CBD related products including kids gummies.

Commissions – 10% to 20%

Quick Payouts –  weekly with PayPal

Cookie – 30 days

Website –


Sol CBD Affiliate Program

This company offers a great affiliate program with their second tier commissions. Sign up other affiliates and earn a residual income.

Commission – 20%

Auto ship commissions – 15%

Second-tier commission – 5%

Website –

These are just some of the more popular companies that you can join as an affiliate and start selling hemp CBD oil.

Each company has different products so that you can also get add-on sales to increase your income.

Another added benefit is that they have tiered levels so that when you refer another affiliate to the program you can earn residual income if they join and start getting sales.

This is one of the best ways to make money as an affiliate marketer. Just referring others can make you a passive income.

Of course you could also do your own research to find CBD Oil products to sell.

For example I came across an physician by the name of David Hommes that has written a few books on how CBD oil can help with Epilepsy, Alzheimers and some other different health problems.

You could sign up as an affiliate to promote these books.

So as you can see affiliate marketing offers a lot of opportunity selling hemp oil.


How Much Money Can I Make Selling CBD Oil

As with any business the age old question is how much money can I make?

If your going to start an online business selling CBD oil then its best to approach it as a business instead of a hobby.

There are some basic things that you need to do to start earning money with your online business.

Build A Website – this is going to be the foundation of your business where you create content to attract traffic.

Social Media – set up one or 2 social media platforms to start engaging with your audience.

Email marketing – offer something of value to capture email addresses from your visitors so that you can stay in touch with them and run promotions.

Once you have these basics set up you want to make sure that your offering the best hemp oil for sale.

This will keep customers happy.

Making money as a hemp oil re-seller is going to take some patience and experimentation.

In the end it really depends on you and your commitment to your online business.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that there are people making money with this niche and they do because they had the drive to work for themselves.

So don’t just focus on the money aspect stay focused on the outcome that you want to achieve.

For me that is working from home and being able to create my own schedule.


Are You Ready To Get Started But Not Sure How To Begin

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So if you want to make money selling hemp oil online then I recommend that you check out my number #1 pick here.


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    • Usually a company will have some kind of sign up form on their website either at the top or the very bottom. I would check there.

  2. Pretty good article. I am a Hempworx Affiliate myself. Being an affiliate is much easier then many of the other methods of making money with CBD. If you are interested in making money in the CBD / Hemp world, hit me up at my site

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