Internet Jetset Scam Hype?

Today I am going to go over this internet marketing course by John Crestani called Internet Jetset. The course or program teaches how to make money using different affiliate marketing techniques. The make money online niche is very competitive, so its always a good idea to stay up to date on the newest training. I will go over some of the pros and cons of Johns course to find out if you can make money with Internet Jetset. Is his system worth the price and who its for.

With all the different reviews out there I hope you take the time to read my review. No hype or “is this a scam” BS. Just a good read for any affiliate looking to get the low down on this opportunity!

So keep reading…


Who Is John Crestani

Before I jump into what the course is all about, first lets take a look at the guy behind it. Some say that John Crestani is just another internet marketing guru pumping out the same affiliate marketing techniques everyone else is.

Does this guy have any credibility and if so, why is this program so cheaply priced? The price of the course is quite a bit less than many of the others on the web.

John Crestani Affiliate Marketer

More on this later.

Big Publicity

Forbes did a good article on John describing how he found himself while traveling Thailand. Thailand seems to be the spot for digital marketers to hang until they hit it big.

Apparently he had the motivation and knowledge to make money at an early age. Not even getting his PayPal account shutdown and a suspension from school for some sketchy product sales could slow him down after making $1000’s per day.

Skills Learned

He got his first taste of online marketing working for a company doing some PPC for clients at the age of 22. He was good at it and made the company good money.

He eventually moved on and started selling affiliate products for himself, using his marketing knowledge. Even setting up companies and having other affiliates selling his companies products.

Now he is living the life of a super affiliate and teaching others with his Internet Jetset System


What Is Internet Jetset About

Ok, now lets get into the meat and potatoes of this review and find out what to expect from the course.

First off there is only one course, but 2 different options for learning about affiliate marketing.

What Is Internet Jetset About

1. Option #1 – One time cost of $47 for the course

So if your looking to get a taste of how to make money online as an affiliate, then this would be the first step. Pay your $47 one time cost and you will get access to:

  • Online Business BluePrint
  • Introduction To Internet Jetset
  • Picking A Niche
  • Google Traffic
  • Youtube Traffic
  • Facebook Traffic
  • Website Setup
  • Copywriting
  • Launch Jacking
  • Review Sites
  • Facebook Ads

These are all separate sections within the course and you can expect to go through it in about a day.

On top of that, you will get access to the private Facebook Group as well as the forum to exchange ideas with other Jetset members.

So as you can see you will receive a fairly decent amount of information and gold nuggets to either start or implement in your affiliate marketing business.

2. Option #2 – $47 for the course plus $47 monthly for Internet Jetset Live

With this option you would buy the Internet Jetset program and then be billed $47 per month to gain access to Jetset Live. These are videos teaching hands on different affiliate marketing techniques.

The videos are pre-recorded.



Most of the online courses teaching internet marketing will have some type of upsells. The Internet Jetset upsells are optional and can be purchased at a later date.

I suggest if your interested in learning the basics of internet marketing and this course has peaked your interest, then start with the basic at $47.

So what are the upsell products and how much do they cost?

 JetsetLive Webinars For $97

These are monthly webinars where John Crestani helps members with their marketing efforts by going over their current status and making suggestions on how to better reach their goals.

These are also recorded, so that members can view them at a later time.

Internet Jetset Xtreme For $187 

You have the option of purchasing the Jetset Xtreme case study archive that will set you back $187.00.  This includes 10 videos with some good affiliate marketers teaching different marketing techniques and how they work.

Internet Jetset Xtreme Case Study Archive

The Jetset Xtreme Case Study Archive includes the following videos:

  • #1 video  – Ronnie Sandlin discusses his $2000 per day income strategy using Facebook posts
  • #2 video –  Taylor Barr goes into depth on how he makes thousands per month promoting email software
  • #3 Video – How to make money promoting skin care products
  • #4 Video – Carlos Cruz explains how he uses Facebook to make thousands per day selling flashlights
  • #5 Video – Promoting gold investments
  • #6 Video – Blood pressure products and how to market them
  • # 7 Video – Ronnie Sandlin goes over black hat copywriting techniques
  • #8 Video – How to market credit repair and make thousands per day
  • #9 Video – John Crestani goes over his copywriting template and its 17 steps convincing people to buy
  • #10 Video – Interview with Nick Chou

Jetset Super Affiliate System For $297

In the basic starter course members are were introduced to the free ways to get traffic to their offers. With the Super Affiliate System, you will get 12 weeks of learning how to use paid methods to drive traffic to your affiliate offers.

They consist of the following training:

  • Week 1 – Basic Affiliate Marketing Knowledge
  • Week 2 – The Correct Setup
  • Week 3 – More About Tools And Lander Set Up
  • Week 4 – Advanced Copywriting Methods
  • Week 5 – Advanced Research Tactics
  • Week 6 – Optimization Tactics For Advertising
  • Week 7 – Mindset Expansion
  • Week 8 – Networking and Coding
  • Week 9 – Google Adwords
  • Week 10 – Facebook Ads
  • Week 11 – Native Advertising
  • Week 12 – Scaling Your Media Buying Business

Is Internet Jetset A Scam

You can rest assured that the course is not a scam and you do get a great deal of course material for just $47.

Another thing to consider is that John Crestani himself has been featured in the major news outlets and publications such as Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Inc Magazine, Affiliate Summit and a few others.

So they have gone over his background and claims to make sure he is legit.

Finally you have some of the most successful marketers such as Nick Chou and Taylor Barr working with Crestani. These guys wouldn’t be linked to any scam type of courses.


Who Should Buy This Program

If your new to affiliate marketing and looking for the basics to get started, then the Internet Jetset program might be for you.

The main training focuses on using free traffic methods. Your taught these methods using Google, Facebook, Youtube and blogging, Plus the low cost of $47, is a bargain compared to other similar internet marketing courses online.

If you are an experienced marketer, then this course probably won’t provide anything you don’t already know.


Internet Jetset Pros and Cons

So now you have an idea of what the course program is about and your still not decided if you should purchase it.

So lets take a look at the good and bad to see whats important enough to help make a decision here.

Jetset Pros

First lets highlight some of the good of the course:

  • John Crestani designed the program, an he is a guy that practices what he preaches
  • Cost of the basic course is just a one time payment of $47
  • The basic course focuses on free methods to get traffic
  • Other well known marketers collaborated on this course with John

Jetset Cons

Now lets look at some of the not so good stuff:

  • You still need your own website and hosting to implement these strategies
  • The basic course gives the impression of being able to have you successfully making money for just $47
  • Need to purchase upsells to really get to the point of making any real money

Final Thoughts

There is a lot that goes into having a successful affiliate marketing business.

The Jetset program offers a way for a beginner to get a taste of the different ways to market their affiliate marketing business. The $47 dollar basic course really is just that BASIC.

So if you are planning to make money with Internet Jetset, then your going to need to step up and make the investment in the upsells as well to have a chance.

After doing this review, I still believe #1 pick is a better option.

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