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One of my favorite super affiliates is Luke Kling. You can check out his blog at to get a good idea of what I’m talking about. He is like superman of affiliate marketing with all of his different talents. My Luke Kling review shows how he can help you make money online with affiliate offers and goes over his relationship with the affiliate network PeerFly.


Who Is Luke Kling (LukePeerFly)

Since a young age (17 years old) he has been involved with affiliate marketing.

He is a multi talented guy that has knowledge in many different fields, which allows him to excel at being an affiliate marketer and earning super affiliate status.

  • Marketing director – currently Luke holds the position of marketing director at the popular affiliate network Peerfly. He has been member of the team since 2009 and does a good job promoting their offers and giving tips and advice on how to market their offers.
  • Blogger – with so much on his plate its amazing that he has time to blog! His blog has a following and gives some great nuggets of info that any marketer could use to grow their business.
  • Web Developer – not only does he create his own websites, but he has also created useful programs for the marketing community. For example he has created FPTraffic, PFStats, and Skrayp.
  • Social Media Guru – he likes to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumbler to to reach his fanbase, which is 1,000,000 plus daily people.


Why I Like Him

There are a lot of gurus online telling you that you need a system that will help you to make money online with affiliate marketing. But they never get into any detail or give any real world advice.

Luke likes to give newer affiliates suggestions on which advertising networks to use and tools that he actually uses (some he has created).


Final Thoughts

As I said before, I like following Luke on social media and on his blog. He gives good advice and this is coming from an insider at a popular affiliate network.

Where else can you get the inside scoop on what is working and not working when dealing with an affiliate network like Peerfly?

Hopefully my Luke Kling review gave you some insight into a guy that can be a good resource for your marketing needs.


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