Lilla Rose Reviews – Make Money With Hair Accessories?

Lilla Rose is a unique MLM company in that its products are not those typically sold by direct sales. You might be considering this opportunity becoming a consultant and to make money selling hair accessories. Can this business opportunity make a full time income? Check out my review to see if this is right for you?

Lets find out…


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What Is Lilla Rose

The company got its start back in 2008 and specializes in selling an assortment of hair accessories including hair bands, bobby pins, hair clips etc. These are the types of things that women love to purchase, so it makes it a good business to be in.

Add to the fact that usually these types of products become damaged and lost easily, the potential for repeat and additional sales are what generate a nice revenue for the company.

MLM – Direct Sales

The way that the company gets its products to the retail customer is by the direct sales method also know as MLM or network marketing.

Host parties and recruit others to act as your personal sales force to make money and build a residual income is what the business model based on. Although great in theory, as you read the rest of my review you will see why this may not be the best way to earn an income from home.


Lilla Rose Products

All the companies products are for keeping your hair in place and looking good. This is one of the things I like about the the company.

Their product line of hair accessories is still the main focus of the company. Although there is always the opportunity to add on other related products such as clothing, cosmetics hand bags, etc.

So lets take a look at what is offered:

Bobbi pins – There is a line of stylish and unique bobbi pins with a starting price range of $5.50 that go as high as $12. There are about 76 different styles in this category.

Hair clips – The price range for these colorful clips $11 on the low end all the way up to $17 for the most expensive ones. There are about 140 different ones to choose from in this category.

Badge clips – getting away from the hair accessories, they do carry have a category for badge clips. These are unique and will give the personal touch while you are at work. There are a total of 13 products and the price ranges are from $4.95 to $28 on the high end.

There are also u-pins, sticks and flex bands to round out the product categories.


As you can see the pricing for the products is quite a bit more expensive, than those your going to find in your local stores. This is typical with this type of business model, because the consultants need to earn commissions on their sales.

The one thing that needs to be considered is will the pricing be competitive enough for Lilla Rose consultants to keep getting repeat business from their initial customers? Or will they consultants have to use high pressure sales to keep the customers buying from them?

Lilla Rose Business Opportunity

Now we know that these types of products are popular and typically good sellers, so how do you make money selling Lilla Rose hair accessories?

Internet & online parties – this in my opinion is probably the hardest way to make money with these types of products.

For one customers like to see the product as well as touch and try them out. You can’t do that when trying to sell off of  a website. Plus I’m not sure how well the internet party thing would work out for the same reasons.

Home parties – this is probably one of the better ways to sell the hair accessories. The potential customers can try out the products and see how they look up close.

Plus when you tend to get a group together, everyone will most likely buy something because they don’t want to look like the odd person at the party.

Fairs & markets – I like this idea as well, but not for these products. Let me explain.

If you have ever been to a market or fair, most of the products of these types are being sold is in the lower price range. Plus you have a vendors around every corner sell the same things.  So will you be able to make any money going this route as a way to sell? I don’t think so. The pricing for Lilla Rose is too high in my opinion to use this sales method.

Catalog sales – I believe this will be another tough way to sell hair accessories. If your presenting the catalog to a friend or co-worker that is used to buying their hair accessories at a local store, then the catalog pricing will seem too high. Plus you will have the added expense of buying catalogs to hand out.

 Become A Consultant

So now your thinking that you want to become a Lilla Rose consultant and sell hair accessories by some of the methods I mentioned above.

How do you get started?

Starter Kit

First off you have to purchase a starter kit and there are 2 to choose from:

  • Party kit $49
  • Show kit $99
Lilla Rose Starter Kit

As you can see, there is also an add on pack that includes more inventory plus the additional benefit of being qualified for the fastStart bonus.

I usually suggest going with the less expensive option, to figure out how your going to market the business and what products are going to be the hot sellers.

You don’t want to have a bunch of inventory sitting around if you decide this business isn’t for you!

Lilla Rose Compensation Plan

The Lilla Rose compensation plan below shows what a consultant will earn based on their personal sales volume for the month.

So looking at the plan, there is the possibility of earning 45% on sales of $1000 or more for the month. Can you do $1000 or more per month?

Lilla Rose Compensation Plan

In order to qualify to receive your compensation, a consultant must have at least $200 in personal sales for the month.

Different Rank Levels

If you really think the Lilla Rose business opportunity is something to purse, then going up in the company to a different rank will earn more bonuses and compensation.

Here are the different ranks that can be achieved:

  • Consultant
  • Supervisor
  • Manager
  • Director
  • Unit Director

In order to reach each rank, you must first have a certain amount of different ranked consultants on your team, plus you must meet certain volume requirements to reach that rank.


There are also bonuses that can be had at each rank to add more earnings to your business. This is similar to other MLM companies compensation plans.

Should You Become A Consultant

There are some great business opportunities online and you may be asking yourself if you should become a Lilla Rose consultant to take advantage of this business opportunity?

I would first have you look at what ways do you plan on marketing this opportunity and can you as a consultant sell these products to your friends and their friends?

Is the pricing higher than what you as a consultant can ask for them compared to what your circle of friends buy them for locally?

More To It Than Meets The Eye

Overall the excitement of selling things you like can cloud your judgement. Most of the people that are in the MLM business selling products don’t actually make a living from it.

Most just consume the products, until they find a better way to make money.

Pros and Cons

So now that I have gone over the company and its products, lets look at the good and bad about this opportunity.

Pros – the good stuff

  • In demand products
  • Good selection
  • Established company

Cons – not so good stuff

  • Starter kit costs (up to $500)
  • High price for products
  • Hard to make serious money with

Final Thoughts

Lilla Rose is a great little MLM company that sells a product line that every woman uses. This creates an opportunity for people to join as consultants and make some money selling a legitimate product.

Although I like the products and the compensation plan being offered, I don’t think that a person that joins and sells as a consultant will have luck earning a full time living with this opportunity.

So keep in mind that its not just about the products, but what you will bring to the table as a Lilla Rose consultant to see success!

For me I will stick with my #1 pick here.

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2 thoughts on “Lilla Rose Reviews – Make Money With Hair Accessories?”

  1. I have had a catalog internet and trade show business for 29 years and have recently added Lilla Rose as I liked the product for myself.

    The flexi clips are selling very well at my normal shows and I have added street fairs. Like all business ventures it would take time to build into full time.

    The company has good “bones” and if a person is sales oriented I believe a person could make a full time income.

    Currently any item you sell that is not available on Amazon is a win. IMHO.

    • Thanks for the comment Vickie.

      I am glad to hear about your trade show business and hope that the Lilla Rose opportunity will work out for you. Although I can imagine that the competition and pricing must be competitive with other vendors selling similar products.

      If you are interested in another business that would compliment your current Lilla Rose business check out one of my favorite ways to earn money working at home.


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