What Is Lifewave – Can You Make Money Business Opportunity ?

What is LifeWave and does this opportunity have any potential to earn you a full time income?

The company is focused on health and wellness. They use the multi level marketing business model to sell their products. As a distributor it is important to get involved with an opportunity that has the potential to make you money.

LifeWave Opportunty Selling Patches

With the demand of people looking to stay healthy the opportunity keeps growing for everyday folks to earn an income by joining direct sales companies.

The field is littered with MLM ‘s pumping they have “the best products”.

So the question is, can you make money with LifeWave selling their products and patches? What are the pros and cons of this opportunity?

Let’s get started….


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Who Is LifeWave

The company has been around since 2004 which is a good sign.

They promote products that help us on a daily basis stay focused, sleep better and give more energy. These are typically what most of these companies claim there products can do.

Their competitors in the health and wellness market include uThrive, Orenda International and Kyani.

Women Of The Wave

They also have a special focus on women to help them achieve their goals with the company.

These LifeWave members mantra is to “dream big”.

This is done by seminars, goal setting, social media and live events.

I am not sure how this would be any different from the regular training that everyone would receive?


The LifeWave products can be broken down into a few different categories that include body shaping, skin care and nutritional supplements.

LifeWave Products
  • WinFit – is there body shaping supplements and workout body shaping exercise equipment.  It comes with the whole program plus you can get on the monthly maintenance program at $149.95
  • Alavida – is their skincare products and there are only 3 to choose from at this time. They rejuvenate your skin and are said to be almost 100% plant based.
  • Supplements – the nutritional supplements line has 4 products and helps with hormonal activity, moodiness, aging and immune system support.

The interesting thing about these products is the way that the nutrients are put into the body.


If your familiar with how the patches work for helping smokers quit smoking, then you will get an idea of how the LifeWave patches work for their delivery method.

The nutritional value is delivered through “nano technology” or that is what is being claimed.

Stick the patch on your skin and supposedly you can absorb what is needed for the health benefits whether is it be for getting in a better mood or more energy etc.

Does It Actually Work

There has been a lot of argument whether or not this actually works.

Some say that it is mind over matter and that people using LifeWave patches are only getting the placebo affect. In other words, once the customer starts using the patches, psychologically they think that it is working.

The LifeWave likes to publish studies regarding the effectiveness, but as we all know there are a lot of flawed studies that don’t really prove anything.

After surfing the web for customers, I ran across an article that another doctor had written about the energy patches and he believed people were only experiencing the psychological effect.

How To Become A Distributor

Are you interested in making money with this business opportunity?

Signing up and becoming a LifeWave distributor is a simple process and can be done on the companies website. You have a choice of becoming a distributor or customer so you would choose “distributor”.

You will then be asked for the person that referred you. If none you can choose from a list.

This is an important step and one reason that most people that get involved with multi level marketing fail. Finding the correct sponsor that actually will help can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Another reality is that it is harder than made out to be selling the products and recruiting LifeWave distributors.

A lot of people join, but then never do anything and drop out. This cycle is a never ending battle because of the allure of easy work.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling LifeWave

Now for the business opportunity and what you need to do as a LifeWave distributor to start earning.

A LifeWave distributor can earn different ways such as retail sales, product introduction bonuses, commissions from down line, commission matching bonuses as well as product introduction bonuses for the Diamond and Platinum ranks.

Being a MLM the most will be made building a team and getting two legs started.

Then adding new distributors underneath building out your depth and width as shown in the diagram below.

LifeWave Team Building

There are different ranks that a distributor can achieve including bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond.

At each level there are different bonuses start with the possibility of earning another 20% to 25%.

LifeWave Distributor Bonuses

So when it comes to making money with LifeWave, it will depend on how much retails sales your doing and how your team is selling.

In order to receive any commissions, a distributor must be “active” which means buying a minimum of $55 per month in products.

LifeWave Pros and Cons

So lets take a look at what the good and bad are of this opportunity and what may help you make a decision if this opportunity is the one your looking to join.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Established company
  • Doctor/Nutritionist in leadership
  • Easy to use products

Cons ( not so good stuff )

  • Minimum monthly requirement to get paid
  • Expensive products
  • Questionable whether they actually work or not

Final Thoughts

After doing the review on LifeWave I do believe that you can make money with this opportunity.

You will have decide though if you really believe in the products and are they really effective or are people convincing themselves of the benefits without true proof they work.

For me I would rather eat a better diet of the correct foods to get the health benefits needed. Plus it would probably cost less as well.

I don’t see myself pushing patches on friends and family so I will stick with my #1 Pick here!

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