What Is Legendary Marketer About? ( $30,000 Products! )

My Legendary Marketer review will show you the opportunity that Dave Sharpe has developed turning a training program into a way for members to profit. Is this just another high cost system with no legit products or is it actually a way to learn how to make money online.

My review goes over in detail to find out the pros and cons as well as how does it work.

If you are considering becoming an affiliate there are some things that you need to know.

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Since doing this review there has been some price changes to the Legendary Marketer products.

Now the cost has been broken up into smaller pricing levels although it is still quite expensive.

And the names have been changed as well which I have updated further down in my post.

I believe this is do to the fact that the FTC is coming down hard on some of these training programs.

Most of the heavy hitter marketers telling you “how to make money with Legendary Marketer” probably wasn’t helping either.

This gave the impression that just by signing up you were guaranteed to make some big commissions.


Training program that teaches beginners how to make money online driving traffic to an automated system. Also learn how to sell other products including your own.

Company: Legendary Marketer

Cost: $30 monthly to $30,000 + upsells

Owner: Dave Sharpe

Rating: 6/10

Legendary Marketer System Review

David Sharpe is the creator of this training and he has taken his years of marketing experience and packaged it and made a training course.

So who is he and why should I care you might be asking?

Dave has been a successful marketer for some years, but his real achievement was when he partnered with another guy to start the Empower Network. This was a high ticket MLM selling digital training products.

He left the company which later fell on hard times and went bankrupt.

So here we are a couple years later and he has started another company maybe as a better Empower Network alternative.

What Is It About and What Are The Products

The success rate of people that try to make money online is very low. One of the main factors for this is lack of traffic.

No matter what your selling or how great it is, if you can’t get visitors to your product or offer you won’t make money.

Dave Sharpe knows this, so he built training and a marketing system around this problem.

I call them “business in box” solutions.

There are no shortage of these types of businesses in a box training programs around the web. MOBE and Lifestyle Design International are just a couple that come to mind.

There are also some training programs that come in at quite a bit less like Affiliate Marketing Mastery which offer affiliate training.

So how will the Legendary Marketer program set itself apart from these other high ticket training courses?

I guess only time will tell if it can produce results.


Below are the new updated costs and the new names of the different levels.

  • Legendary Marketers Club – cost is $30 per month and is the entry level to join.  Basic video training on marketing.
  • Traffic Roledex Bundle – cost is $247 one time fee. This specific course is supposed to help you grow your Facebook and YouTube social media channels.
  • Affiliate Marketing Business BluePrint – cost is $2,500 one time fee. here you learn about the affiliate business model and how to find products to promote.
  • Digital Products Business BluePrint – cost is $2,500 one time fee. Learn how to create and sell courses through video, audio and print.
  • Coaching & Consulting BluePrint – cost is $2,500 one time fee. This course is supposed to teach you how to take your knowledge and use it to coach others.

Original Legendary Marketer Costs

When the training course was originally introduced these were the names and costs of the different levels.

I left them up just for reference.

  • Legendary Builder Masterclass $2,500 – with any good business you will need a solid foundation and that is what this product is for.  It teaches how to tell a story, get leads, sales skills and leadership.
  • Legendary Leader Masterclass $5,000 – here you learn branding and growth strategies
  • Legendary Marketer Mastermind $8,000 – this is a 3 day live events with the less expensive mastermind cover lead generation.
  • Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind $12,000 – this more expensive mastermind focuses on your overall well being to become a better person.
  • Legendary Lifestyle Experience $30,000 – this is the opportunity to meet others that share the same goals to learn and network. This is a 4 day event at an exotic location.

So as you can see these are some expensive levels to pay into and the majority of people that become Legendary Marketer members are most likely going to be buying in at the $30 dollar level and dropping out.

That is just the reality of these types of pricing set ups.

Then a small percentage will buy in at the $2500 and $5000 levels, so in order to really make money with this you will need to spend some cash for advertising and driving leads.

Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan

So now lets take a look at how much money you can make here with this program.

In order to get a commission on any of these products, you first must have either purchased it at the level or referred 3 sales of the product.

For example, if your a $30 per month member then you wouldn’t be able to get a commission on any products above the basic level.

So if one of your referrals buys in at $2500 or $5000 you would have to pass up the commission.

You can qualify for commissions after making 3 successful referrals of a product at a higher level though and there a couple problems with this method.

  1. You still won’t actually own the product until you buy it.
  2. It is going to cost money for advertising to get these 3 referrals.

So if all you have is the $30 to spend every month to become a Legendary Marketer member then your probably wasting your time.

You will need another $200 to $300 monthly minimum just to drive traffic.


So here are how the commissions break down for the different products:

  1. Legendary Marketer Club $30 monthly – $18 commission
  2. Traffic Roledex Bundle $247 – $98.80 commission
  3. Affiliate Marketing Business BluePrint $2500 – $1000 commission
  4. Digital Products Business BluePrint $2500 – $1000 commission
  5. Coaching & Consulting Business BluePrint $2500 – $1000 commission
  6. Legendary Lifestyle Experience $30,000 – $12,000 commission

Looks good right, some nice big commissions to collect.

The one thing that most people forget is that your going to need to pay for traffic so that you can get the offers in front of a lot of eyeballs.

Spamming Facebook posts isn’t going to work because there are a million other people on there doing the same thing.

Legendary Marketer Coaches

Another thing that is starting to become more common with these types of systems is the need to have a “coach” unlock your levels.

If I’m am paying for something especially that costs thousands of dollars, then I want full access to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the possibility of coaching would be a great thing.

But the coaches that you have in these high ticket programs aren’t there in your best interest. They get paid when you upgrade to a more expensive level.

There not really coaches, they are just salesman.

Who Is This For

Everyone wants to make money online and there are really no secrets to how it is done.

As time goes on more of these types of training courses like the Legendary Marketer system will be springing up. Its the pay to play business.

Who wouldn’t want to buy into a system that was all set up for you?

The thing is that getting traffic is the most expensive element of making your online business successful. Even with the Legendary Marketer products all set up, you still will need to spend hundreds monthly in advertising.

If your scraping by paycheck to paycheck then this system isn’t your best option.

Is It Legit

A lot of people are probably being sucked into the hype surrounding this opportunity because there are a lot of marketers pushing this training program.

The thing that you have to remember is that everything being taught here can be found online most of which is free.

So the question always comes up as to whether or not Legendary Marketer is legit for charging $1,000’s for the same information that can be found for free?

Personally I believe that you shouldn’t necessarily get started with spending thousands of dollars right out of the gate.

Especially if your just scraping by.

Now if you have the means to do so then go for it.

Legendary Marketer Pros and Cons

Ok now it is time to recap what the good points and the bad points of this opportunity.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Creator is Dave Sharpe a successful marketer
  • Low entry level price
  • Business in a box setup

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • Super expensive levels
  • Can only earn commission on levels you bought into
  • Need to spend $100’s monthly on advertising
  • Coaches have to unlock levels

Final Thoughts

The Legendary Marketer system joins a long list of other training programs that offer members a way to make money while learning affiliate marketing.

The question is do you really need to spend thousands of dollars to learn how to make money online?

It can be frustrating trying to build an online business because there always seems to be a piece of the puzzle missing. The thing is that even with the best programs there is a huge failure rate.

So the more you pay doesn’t mean the better chance of success.

Personally I am happy with the choice that I made a couple years ago and I am still a member. If your looking for a good Legendary Marketer alternative then check out my #1 pick here.

I AM Looking Forward To Your Comment Below!

22 thoughts on “What Is Legendary Marketer About? ( $30,000 Products! )”

  1. Man it is really expensive. I am just a newbie and I honestly don’t want to pay a lot of bucks.

    However I really wonder that do these levels, which are unlocked by coaches, bring any real value? Since the price difference between levels is a lot and is it worth the money?

    • Yes this training system is rather expensive and structured just like others that I have reviewed.

      You can sign up for a really cheap price but then you find out that in order to make any money you will need to pay thousands and upgrade.

      The Legendary Marketer program in my opinion is just too expensive and there are far less expensive courses that offer the same type of training when it comes to learning affiliate marketing.

      • But you can be finacial free with Legendary Marketer l and if you are concern if this is a scam and want to warn others why do you promote your business? If you are legit and want to warn others do it without promoting your business. Bye. Edwin

        • Thanks for commenting Edward but I didn’t call Legendary Marketer a scam at all.

          I only pointed out that any newbie that gets involved should be ready to spend money on traffic in order to make this system work.

          Just so you know I promote multiple programs and best to be transparent when you trying to get someone to sign up for anything in my opinion.

    • hey guys,

      I just joined LM a few days ago and my flaw was that I didn’t do thorough research on what its really about and what its offers where. i guess i was blinded by the misleading amounts of money other affiliates were making by purchasing the high ticket products. I am already beginning to doubt my front end membership with them although their training is pretty much worth the buck – the downside to this is that i’m not going to earn any commission with this, unless I buy the high ticket products – “Too Frickin Expensive”. There are also other hidden costs through their recommended email autoresponder – Sendlane. At this point, seems like i’ll be spending more money on them than I’ll make and don’t really think this is for me as I earn my money paycheck-to-paycheck.

      • That is how these types of programs work unfortunately.

        Not only do you have to spend $1,000’s on the Legendary Marketer system itself you will also need to do some type of advertising which will cost even more money.

        There are less expensive ways to get started online building a business.Checkout the company that I got started with here.

  2. Hi Chris. Looking at the ridiculous, (no ludicrous) price for the top upsell to this Legendary Marketer online MLM money making opportunity, it is no wonder that that this company’s creator is affiliated with the same individual who created Empower Network program. That guy in turn created the very bogus Digital Altitude which, something readers would love to know, was shut down late last year by the U.S. Feds as it was proven to be nothing but a complete scam.

    Digital Altitude as its top level upsell product had available a $27,000 price tag for a person really wanting to learn how to build an MLM business for him/herself. The problem as proved by the Feds was that that particular upsell, (designed as a training seminar) along with others not quite as expensive was nothing but a smoke-screen thought up by the guy who created Digital Altitude, (as well as Empower Network). 

    So based on that alone, is it any wonder that Legendary Marketer tries to promote the same high-priced fraud programs that definitely would NOT teach a person how to make money in an online business? Even the top level $30,000 upsell has the same distinct foul-odor smelling 4 day seminar, held in an “exotic location” as did Digital Altitude’s?

    The structured commissions that could potentially be earned by a Legendary Marketer member based on successfully twisting the arm of a naive individual getting him/her to join in all likelihood is just a mirage. MLM’s for the most part do NOT allow a person to legitimately make a lot of money in a business due to the fact that many of them promote the same scam products, (niches in healthcare/weight loss, personnel wellness/motivation, online business training) like copy-cutter Oreo cookies.

    I would not be all that surprised if one day, soon Legendary Marketer gets investigated by legal authorities ending up with the same outcome as Digital Altitude. Jeff

    • I think that eventually as time goes on there will be more and more of these types of training programs popping up.

      I don’t mind paying to learn different aspects of online marketing but when you start getting into the $2,500 to $5,000 range its just not justified.

      The majority of people never make any money with these high ticket courses which is unfortunate. If only they knew there were cheaper alternatives.

  3. Hi Chris! I am also a stay-at-home dad. I have been researching ways to make money at home since leaving my teaching job about a year ago. I really appreciate honest reviews like yours. The compensation plan for Legendary Marketer definitely seems lucrative, but I just can’t imagine finding people to spend that much on the program. Even less likely is being able to pay that amount myself! Those fees are completely out of bounds for your average person. I would probably have to take out a loan, and there are a bunch of other things that I would rather do with borrowed money than invest in something like this. Sure, you get training and support, but like you said social media is saturated with people posting links to similar products.
    Thanks for the review!

    • I agree these high ticket programs offer high payouts but you need to spend the money advertising them in order to bring in enough traffic for them to be profitable.

      Most people don’t realize that they will be spending $1000’s per month in advertising costs.

      That is why I decided to do a Legendary Marketer review so people understand that not only are they going to be spending money on the system itself but thousands more to promote.

      Even after spending this much money there is no guarantee that you will earn anything, so why not just join a less expensive alternative to learn the basics.

  4. Hi I just visited your post on What Is Legendary Marketer About?  and found it be very informative on LM and how WA makes much more sense.  I think that yes that program sounds very expensive and very time consuming for the amount of money you need to shell out to be successful at…I was wondering if you have more programs i should be wary about before spending bucks with them? Thanks for the heads up and good job on your website..keep up the good work.

    • Yes they are a high ticket program that will run any member that joins $1,000’s of dollars.

      It is similar to the last 2 programs that were shut down by the FTC called MOBE and Digital Altitude.

      These programs or systems don’t offer anything in the way of training that you can’t find online for less money. Most of the money being made is by recruiting others.

      If your looking for more legitimate ways to make money I suggest learning a skill such as affiliate marketing. Then you won’t need to spend $1,000’s on these “get rich quick” schemes.

      Check out my #1 pick here.

  5. This is such a honest review! I appreciate your hard work and provided contents. I was excited the first time knowing about this program but now I really have to consider it thanks to your warnings!

    • No problem!

      I think there are a lot of people that join Legendary Marketer only to find out that you aren’t going to be able to make it work without spending $1000’s more.

      To make it work you need a lot of traffic so without spending money on advertising its not going to work out.

  6. These income proofs are typically one-sided, as is common with almost all such program come-ons. I’m not impressed with how much a person makes unless I know how much it cost him to make that amount. Gross profits minus costs are the only real numbers that matter.

    • Your 100% percent correct Gerry.

      You never see what marketers are spending on their solo ads or other advertising costs. They will only show what they are grossing.

      Unfortunately a lot of newbies don’t realize this and get sucked in into the dream that the Legendary Marketer program is promoting.

  7. the big error here or everywhere on the planet right now is that,huge ammount of armies,scam armies are dargetting innocent ppl like u n me.
    out of despare we all tryin to grab on something n move on,but NOT,there’s nothing around for grab or hold on

    • Although I’m not against big ticket programs you don’t need to pay $1000’s just to learn how to make money online.

      For me the cost of Legendary Marketer is not worth it because there are other resources available that cost a lot less.

  8. Hi Chris,

    What if i discontinue marketers club membership of $30 per month but i own builder and leader master class products last year. Would i be able to get commissions on builder and leadership masterclass? I know i wont get any commission on marketers club but i am bit curious about knowing on what products would i be able to get commissions ?
    Please let me know



    • I’m not sure on this Viv you would have to contact the Legendary Marketer support to see if they would allow this.

  9. THISWILL FINALLY END UP DOWN THE LINE AS “LEGENDARY SCAM” as it sounds similar to empire network and mobe.They were robbers in daylight wearing suits not balaclavas!

    • After MOBE was shut down they totally changed their approach to signing people up. They are trying to stay under the radar so to speak.

      They may or may not have decent training depending on what you already know.

      All I know is it doesn’t cost $1000’s to learn online marketing so I won’t be signing up for Legendary Marketer myself.


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