LegalShield Associate Opportunity (Review)

Thinking of becoming a LegalShield Associate? Nowadays with all the unscrupulous behavior of neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc., there is need for legal services. This opens up the door to the LegalShield Associate opportunity

My review will provide you with what this MLM business opportunity offers and if it is right for you.


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What Is The Legal Shield

The actual start of the company was 1972 under a different name. It was then called The Sportsmans Motor Club. Not until some years later did it become LegalShield. Officially going public in 1984.

LegalShield Associate Opportunity

The founder was Harland Stonecipher.

The reason for forming LegalShield, was out of the need to have protection from future legal events. This was done by paying a monthly fee that would be used when needed.

LegalShield offers plans for individuals, families and small businesses. Plan costs are very reasonable and have resulted in the companies overall growth.

Target market was those that were over the poverty level, but yet not financially well off enough to afford their legal bills. A very hungry market indeed.

In order to market their legal services, members could sell the service and recruit others to do the same. The LegalShield Associate opportunity was born.

Not only that, when an associate would get someone to join the opportunity, they would be paid on that persons sales. In otherwords, the business model known as MLM or multi level marketing.

LegalShield Associate Opportunity

Being an associate with LegalShield means having your own business. You will be working for yourself, selling the companies services. There is a cost to become an associate. Inquire with a sponsor for specifics.  There may also be a fee that has to be paid to the state as well. If considering this opportunity, one must check to verify with their state what the fee will be.

One of the benefits of being a LegalShield Associate is not having to stock inventory.  All the opportunity consists of is marketing services. Unlike other MLM’s where inventory is needed for house parties and direct retail sales.

Old fashioned cold calling and face to face meetings will be a great way to market this business. When it comes to multi-level marketing, the winners take a more hands on approach.

Attracting members that are interested in becoming LegalShield Associates can be done with a simple pre-screening phone conversation. Then a face to face meeting to go over specific areas of the business.

LegalShield Associate Training

Training consists of written material, videos and support from sponsor.

Your LegalShield Associate training starts with what they call first step. This is good for those new to multi-level marketing. If you have never done sales before, the procedures LegalShield has set up will guide the new associate to get them started.

It is called 20/20/20 Associate Onboarding.

What this means is that, the company has a written outline of tasks and to do’s for the forst 20 minutes, 20 hours and 20 days.

As a LegalShield Associate, support will be provided and if needed mentoring and seminars will be available. An associate will work with their sponsor the first 20 days to get business jump started.

LegalShield Associate Tools

Tools are provided that allow the associate to grow their business.

  • Presentations – use these to show prospects what LegalShield plans are about. Also can be used to show what the opportunity is about and maybe recruit at the same time. Available in spanish and english.
  • Fact Sheets – share specific information with prospects
  • Website ( – the LegalShield Associate website is a place to buy training aids and apparel.
  • Videos and Mobile Apps – use the videos for both prospects as well as those interested in the associate opportunity.

LegalShield Associate Apps can be used to enroll new members into email drip campaigns. Also can be used for signing and sending legal documents.

Get Connected

LegalShield Associates Back Office provides a way to monitor their business. Reports, commission statements, and more is available here.

There will be weekly videos and shows for company news and targeted training. A weekly newsletter is sent out every Sunday as well.

LegalShield Associate Compensation

There are 6 levels that an associate can achieve. The training that has been provided to each new associate should allow them to pursue any of these levels.

The ultimate goal of any LegalShield Associate should be to make the highest level and achieve their financial goals. The benefits to include residual income for as long as the member or associates sponsored stay on.

  • Associate – this is the entry level and as an associate your commissions are paid as earned. In order to earn advanced commissions, Fast Start must have been completed.
  • Senior Associate – to reach this level an associate must have 3 personal sales and  1 recruit that has been through Fast Start. Another option would be to have 7 personal sales.
  • Manager – will need to have an active associate in one of three legs. Along with 15 personal or organizational sales.
  • Senior Manager – must have 3 senior associate legs and 50 organizational or personal sales.
  • Director – must have 3 manager legs and 100 organizational or personal sales.
  • Senior Director – must be at Director level and 25 sales per month
  • Executive Director – must be at Director level and 50 sales per month.

Once at the Manager level, the focus should be to scale the business through bringing in new members interested in the opportunity. The LegalShield Associate has the tools needed to do this.

Being that it is a MLM, getting the members to understand the benefits of becoming associates will exponentially increase the residual income achievable for the sponsoring associate.

LegalShield Conclusion

Legal Shield is a company that has been around for many years. They offer the training and support needed for associates to be successful.  Anyone considering a membership should think about becoming a LegalShield Associate.

LegalShield is not a scam. It is a legitimate business, proven by the many associates earning residual income through this opportunity.  Although there are a lot of people claiming Legal Shield is a scam, one must keep in mind the volume of legal advice being given and keep complaints in perspective.

Is this business opportunity going to work for you?

This is a sales job. Spending a lot of time on the phone and having meetings will be needed to be successful. No weekend warriors or part time effort will result in a successful LegalShield Associate. So keep this in mind!

LegalShield Alternative

The LegalShield Associate Opportunity might not be for everyone. Many people are not into sales or cold calling. This is understandable. Making cold calls is not for everyone.

Some don’t like the MLM business model. They don’t want to recruit others.

There are other alternatives to the LegalShield Business. No products to stock, cold calling or recruiting people.

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