Kaeser & Blair Review – READ FIRST!

So you came across the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity and thought maybe you would like to become a dealer.  Can you sell promotional products from home and make money? Is this a legitimate business or just another scam to get your money? Well let’s find out. Their aren’t many reviews regarding this company, so I thought I would go over the pros and cons of becoming a authorized business owner and if there are any complaints.

Before diving into the review, lets take a look at the promotional products business in general and why you might want to get involved with the Kaeser and Blair business owner program.

Every business needs marketing to stay in front of potential customers and promotional products offer an inexpensive way to do this. Pens, magnets, apparel, mugs make up just some of the type of things companies need for advertising and this offers an opportunity for those looking to start their own business.

Should you become a dealer and take advantage of this business opportunity program?

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Kaeser & Blair Review – The Company

Kurt Kaeser and Christy Kaeser

The company got its start back in 1894, so you can rest assured they are legitimate and have some solid systems in place.

There are not many companies that can brag about being in business for 123 years!

The company is currently run by a brother and sister team, Kurt Kaeser the President and Christy Kaeser the managing director.


They also have been honored as being one of the “Best Companies To Work For” in 2009, are members of the Products Promotional Association International and have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Kaeser and Blair Company Recognition

Kaeser & Blair Business Opportunity

Look around your area at all the different businesses that could use help with their advertising efforts. Most of them may not have large advertising budgets and can’t afford TV or radio commercials, billboard ads and any other form of expensive marketing.

See the opportunity here?

OK now for a look at what Kaeser and Blair dealers can expect if they take advantage of the opportunity to sell promotional products from home.

Sign Up As Authorized Business Owner

The first thing that you will need to do is sign up as a authorized dealer. The process is simple and painless with the online form.

There is a choice between 3 different kits:

  • Free Trial Launch Program ( see below )
  • Standard Business Owner Package at $85
  • Premium Business Owner Package at $299
Kaeser and Blair Business Owner Kit

The premium business owner package is the same as the standard except you get some extra things such as your own personalized dealer website, email address, more catalogs, business cards and pens to advertise your business.

Low Start Up Cost (even FREE )

This is a great advantage to this business opportunity.

What business can you get started from FREE to $299 that already has a solid company behind it with the structure already set up?

Plus the cost to get started as a dealer includes your inventory samples, which you need anyway. This is a business expense, so chances are that you can take the write off at the end of the year. Just check with your accountant.

What Are The Products

As an authorized Kaeser & Blair business owner you will have access to 1000’s of products that every business needs for advertising.

Products include hats, pens, calendars, cups, shirts magnets, key chains, carry bags, logo mats, signs, stickers, decals, golf accessories, watches, jewelry and much more.

Kaeser Blair Products

There are paper catalogs that come with your business owner package.  So you can use as a selling aid or just leave with your customers that are serious about buying from you.

As a dealer there is also the option of promoting your own personalized dealer website. This comes with the $299 package as described earlier.

Having the website can be a convenience for your customers if they need to see and order a product. No need to have the paper catalog in front of them.

How Much Can I Make?

What is the potential of this opportunity and how much money can you make as Kaeser & Blair dealer?

The company goes on to say that its part timers make $7000 to $20,000 per year while the full time dealers are making $60,000 to $185,000 based on the order amounts shown below.

Kaiser & Blair Earnings Potential

On all orders a authorized business owner will get 50% of the gross profit.

For example lets just say that you have a customer that places a $500 order and the total profit of the order is $150, you would split it with K&B which would make your share $75 ( 50% of $150 profit).

Ultimately how much money you make as a Kaeser & Blair business owner is going to depend on your sales skills and setting realistic goals. Making a business plan that includes contacting a set amount of businesses per week or achieving weekly financial goals is what will earn you a steady income.

Ways To Earn More Money

Kaiser & Blair rewards its dealers with different incentive and bonus programs. They are based on different criteria and can really boost the income of the business owners.

1. Accelerated Profits Program – this program benefits the dealers that have learned the business and work it daily. Lets just say your a hustler and you can start hitting $50,000 per year in sales.

Kaeser and Blair Dealer Rewards and Bonuses

You would qualify for the “Accelerated Profits Program”, which means an extra 15% in commission. Instead of the base 50%, you would now qualify for 65% commissions.

2. Triangle Incentive Program – gets its name because you can earn rewards for placing the most new orders, getting the most new accounts and doing the most dollar volume in a month. Hit all 3 to boost your income.

3. Annual Bonus Program – a way to earn cash bonuses.

4. Sub Business Owner Program – this is exciting and great way to earn passive income. Everyone that you introduce to the opportunity becomes your salesman so to speak. They are considered your “sub business owner” and you will earn 20% on their sales.

So it is possible to make money with Kaiser & Blair just by promoting the opportunity, recruiting others that are interested and training them.

Kaeser & Blair Complaints

As with any business opportunity there are always going to be complaints.

Some people are going to have a hard time and blame it on the program calling it a scam, or you might have other people that feel they didn’t get enough value for their investment.

None to be found!

To my surprise I could not find any? I did a Google search several times thinking that surely there had to be a complaint or two at least against the company, but I couldn’t find any!

If anyone has had a bad experience, please let me know.

Should You Become A Kaeser & Blair Dealer?

Although this is a great business opportunity with a solid company, there are some traits that you should have to be successful selling promotional products.

  • Sales skills – your going to need to get your foot in the door of businesses to meet the owners or buyers. Just dropping off a business card or catalog won’t get you any attention.
  • Thick skin – you may have to make several visits to a business before you will be able to get a chance to introduce yourself and have a chance to build repour with the buyer.
  • Handle rejection – not every encounter is going to end with a new customer. Prepare to make many contacts with a small percentage actually becoming customers.

What Are The Pros and Cons

So far you should have a good idea of what a authorized business owner for the company is about and maybe your interested in selling promotional products as a home based business.

So lets recap the Kaeser & Blair pros and cons to whats the good and bad about the dealer opportunity.

Pros ( The Good Stuff )

So lets take a look first at some of the good aspects and why you might want to become a dealer.

  • Low startup cost with a free option
  • Established company in business over 100 years
  • Products every business can use
  • Set your own hours
  • Great earning potential

Cons ( The Not So Good Stuff )

With any opportunity there is going to be some negatives, so lets see what they might be.

  • Need to be outgoing
  • Can take months to start generating income
  • A lot of competition from other companies
  • May face a lot of rejection

What Is The Outlook For Selling Promotional Products

If your considering starting a home based business selling promotional products then you should know that its a great time to do so.

Economically speaking, small businesses are doing well which leads to them spending more money.

According to PPAI, promtional products vendors anticipate 6% growth for 2019. So its a great time to become a dealer for Kaeser & Blair.

Final Thoughts

There are many different ways to start a business, but few give you the tools and experience that the Kaeser & Blair dealer program offers. Once you become an authorized business owner with the company you can start to sell promotional products from home and build your business.

After reading my Kaeser & Blair review, I hope that you have gotten a good feel for the company and the business opportunity offered.  I believe it to one of the better ones I have come across out of the hundreds that I have done reviews on.

Personally I’m not into cold calling and driving around looking for business. That is why I prefer making money online with my simple website.

Affiliate marketing offers more of a lifestyle business and that was what I wanted. I owe it all to the training that I received here.

So if your like me and tired of stalking merchants to get sales then check out this opportunity.

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6 thoughts on “Kaeser & Blair Review – READ FIRST!”

  1. Hi, Chris. I am always on the lookout for legit work at home opportunities and Kaeser & Blaire looks to be as genuine as they come.
    I will go and have a look at their free Trial Launch Program and decide if this program is for me.
    Thanks for the info, Jeff.

    • Hey Jeff

      Kaeser and Blair is definitely a legitimate opportunity if your into doing business to business sales.

      This is a competitive business though selling promotional products and you will need to be prepared for a lot of rejection. The same as any other sales job.

      Personally I like being an affiliate marketer and having a lifestyle business where there is no cold calling.If your looking for another way to make money then check this out.

  2. Hey Chris, interesting review!

    This is my first time hearing about this company, and they definitely sound pretty good! Is this MLM? I’m curious how exactly it works. Is it 100% commission based pay?

    I have experienced a good bit of this kind of thing when I worked with Aflac, trying to sell insurance to small businesses. The problem there, though, is that the market is saturated. Everyone within an hour radius of my home already had it, so there was hardly anywhere to go.

    This seems like it has lots of territory that it can expand into. So the opportunity looks pretty good. Though I have to admit, having your entire living dependent on your face-to-face (or even worse phone calling) skills is very stressful.

    • I agree face to face sales is a competitive sport when it comes to selling promotional products to businesses. The Kaiser and Blair opportunity may not give the cost advantage needed to compete in some markets.

      Nowadays with the ease of purchasing online, I am sure some of these companies are experiencing a tough environment when it comes to growing their business.

      Personally I like working from home using affiliate marketing.

  3. I would not recommend Kaeser & Blair.
    We have been using them for some promotional items for about 5 years now. I will be dropping them as of today.
    Their customer support is horrible, they put the blame on their vendors every time and never take fault if anything ever goes wrong.
    You don’t make enough money for the time you put in and in most cases whatever you do make ends up being less then estimated because “the vendor added a charge”.
    I could go on and on about this company.

    Bad customer service and you don’t make enough money (sometimes lose money).

    • Thanks for the letting us know your experience with Kaeser and Blair Brian.

      I do know the promotional business is cut throat and its one that you really need to have the customer 100% on their orders otherwise it can be expensive to eat any order that goes wrong.

      All fees or charges should be known upfront otherwise there would be no way for a business owner to accurately figure out what their profit will be on any orders.

      Sorry to hear about your experience.


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