Is Timebucks A Scam Or Legit Opportunity?

Timebucks offers a way to make money online and it won’t cost you anything out of pocket.

But the real thing to consider is just how much money will you make with this opportunity and is there any better alternatives when it comes to finding a side hustle or actually starting a legitimate online business?

My review will give you the information needed to make the best decision.

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What Is

Basically this is a GPT ( Get Paid To ) site that offers a way to make money money a variety of different ways including:

  • Doing searches
  • Uploading images
  • Installing apps
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Completing offers
  • Taking surveys
  • Reading emails

They are a portal to many different companies so instead of having to locate them separately you can access them all through the dashboard at Time Bucks.

Just set up your free account and start performing whatever activities you like begin earning.

Typically doing surveys is the best use of time with these types of sites because they pay better than some of the other activities.

How Much Money Can You Make

If you plan to replace your current job then you might be disappointed. You can’t really make a ton of money doing the types of tasks and activities that these sites offer.

How much money can you make with Timebucks?

Well lets take a look at what they pay for the different main offerings within their system.


As I mentioned before this is really the best way to make money on this site when you compare it to the other activities.

That doesn’t mean that it pays good though.

You can expect to make anywhere from .25 to $1 per survey depending on how long it is.

The surveys being offered can range from 5 to 35 minutes to complete and this doesn’t count some qualifying questions that you may need to answer.

Watching Videos

Who wouldn’t want to get paid for sitting in front of their computer all day and just watching videos right?

Well there is that opportunity here once you sign up.

Unfortunately you will earn less than 1 cent per video which will be between 30 to 90 seconds long. So over all if we do the math here you would not even be earning .60 cents per hour.

So sure it is easy but not necessarily the best use of your time.

Plus there are a limited number of videos to watch so even if you wanted to sit there all day watching you could only earn on a limited basis.

Uploading Images

Everyone has a cell phone with the ability to take pictures so why not use to make some cash.

Well your in luck because Timebucks will pay you for uploading photos of yourself. No you will not become famous nor will you become rich but it is just another added way of making money with the system.

You will get paid .20 cents per approved photo.

The only problem with this is that you give up your rights to your photos so the company can use them for anything they want.

Reading Emails

You will get offers sent to your email box where you will have to read them and then click a link at the bottom in order to get credit for it.

Once again though your only going to be earning 2 cents per email at best.

Yes its easy but its not going to be a way to net any serious cash.

Promoting The Company

There are other ways to earn as well such as promoting Timebucks where you can earn just by doing a YouTube video talking about them as well as liking them on Facebook.

Unlike other GPT sites that only pay for a referral on 1 or 2 levels Time Bucks actually has 5 paying levels so its like mlm.

You get to earn a percentage 5 levels deep on all your referrals earnings.

How Do You Get Paid

If you do join and spend the time doing tasks you’ll be happy to know that the minimum payout is going to be $10.

They do pay weekly and all you need is a PayPal or Payza account.

Is Timebucks A Scam

No they are definitely not a scam but that doesn’t mean that there are not going to be some problems.

There are some complaints of people not getting paid for doing tasks or not being able to complete the surveys due to being disqualified.

Having used some of these sites in the past I can tell you that many of these complaints are legitimate and I have experienced them as well. If your going to be working on these GPT sites then your going to have to deal with these problems because they all have the same quirks.

Final Thoughts

Timebucks is legit but unfortunately it didn’t make my top list mainly because it doesn’t really offer anything unique or the ability to earn more than any other GPT site.

Another problem is that no matter how much you work this site the potential to earn a realistic wage will be unachievable.

The income potential per hour at best will only equal a $2 to $3 and when you factor in the time it takes to qualify for some of the tasks it will be even lower.

Ultimately if you spent your time trying to build a legitimate online business there would be a much greater chance of building a passive income stream that would replace your 9 to 5 job.

I know that since I got the right training and learned how to do affiliate marketing I have not even considered using these again because now I make quite a bit more money writing content.

So keep in mind that your time is worth money and its better to use it wisely because you only have so much of it that you can never get back.

In my opinion Timebucks is too much of a waste of time and I believe that you would be better off building an income online with my #1 pick here.

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