Is Builderall The Internet Marketing Platform For You? [ Review ]

Builderall is an internet marketing platform with many different features. Is it worth the money and can it really help you grow your online business? This is a question that I see being asked quite a bit because the company is fairly new and they are going up against established players in the market.

Every marketer needs a set of tools for their business and there are many to choose with some being quite expensive.

So what exactly are you getting if you sign up with this platform and just what are the features that can give you the advantage over your competition?

It’s time for a review!

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What Is Builderall

I was looking to start doing some paid advertising and I wanted to use a landing page as a way to capture leads so I started researching the different options available such as Clickfunnels, Leadpages and Thrive Architect.

That is when I discovered BA and all they had to offer.

At this time their main offering was a website and page builder. They are self hosted so you wouldn’t need to worry about looking for your own web hosting.

It is a drag and drop editor so it makes it relatively simple to build your own custom pages. Of course there will be a learning curve but overall its simplicity makes it so that you can give your online business a unique look.

There are also a lot of themes to choose from so you won’t need to start from scratch if you don’t want to.

Here is a video showing just what to expect with the page builder.

What really caught my attention was that they were offering these 2 features starting at only $9.90 per month which gave them the advantage over the other services I had looked at.

But there was more! (Build an email list)

Another feature that set them apart was the fact that they also offered a autoresponder.

The Builderall autoresponder combined with the ability to create your own website and landing pages seems almost too good to be true.

You have the ability to grow your list to 10,000 subscribers using there built in email autoresponder which is a must have if you plan to build a successful business.

“The money is in the list!”

You have probably heard it before that you should be building an email list.

Because a list will be made of people that are interested in your product or service and you can continually promote to them without any additional costs.

Builderall Autoresponder

If your spending money on advertising or creating content to attract traffic then capturing leads and building a list is a must do.

One thing that I noticed was that when people are building their online business they don’t have the extra money to shell out for things like an autoresponder which can be a hurdle to getting to the next level.

That hurdle is now eliminated thanks to the company having the ability to know what a marketer needs to be successful with their online business at a great price point.

So lets recap what I talked about here.

The Builderall Platform is a website and landing page builder that also incorporates an email autoresponder.

But there is more….

The Feature Set Just Keeps Going

Now as I stated earlier I was just looking for a landing page builder when I found this company and discovered these main features but as I dug into this platform I uncovered many other features that were just amazing.

They include:

  • Animated Video Creator
  • Floating Video Creator
  • Design Studio Mockups
  • Presentation Builder
  • SEO Reporting Tool
  • Browser Notifications
  • Heat Map Tool
  • App Creator for Android and iOS

A couple of these features that I can definitely see myself using will be the browser notifications as well as the heat map tool.

Browser Notifications

The more ways that you have to stay in front of your audience makes for a better chance to turn them into a customer.

That is why I am excited that this is one of the features that they have developed for their platform.

When someone comes to your website you can give them the option to be notified when you have some information that your trying to promote.

They may be surfing around the web and a pop up box will appear and let them know about your offer, promtion or whatever else you need them to know.

Pretty cool right?

Watch the video below to see how it works.

So as you can see there is a ton of tools that make it easy for you to build your online business without having to try and piece things together.

Heat Map Tool

I have used a heat map tool very briefly a while back on my WordPress blog and it was interesting to see just how visitors interacted with the content and calls to action.

Its called a heat map because you can see where your visitors are clicking the most.

This is important because if they are going to areas on your website that you don’t necessarily want them to then you can make changes that would result in more sales and income.

For example maybe you have a distraction on your page that is keeping your visitors from reaching the call to action button or buy button. You could see this by viewing the heat map for that page.

This information gives you the ability to get rid of this distraction so that visitors will be funneled to the area you want them. Eventually clicking your buy or subscribe button.

What Is The Builderall Price For All These Features

As I said earlier you can get started for as little as $9.90 per month which is a pretty good deal and includes many of the features that were discussed already.

But the company really wants to earn your business so they are offering a free trial for 7 days.

The Builderall free trial will give you a chance to experience the tools and get a feel for what you will be getting for the price.

Getting back to the cost there is 3 different levels to choose from as follows:

Web Presence Plan @ $9.90 monthly

If your just getting started and need a website or an economical way to build and host landing pages then this is where to start. Compared to other options in the market this price can’t be touched for what the company gives you.

At this entry level price you will have the ability to host 1 domain that includes 1GB of storage space.

Digital Marketing Plan @ $29.90 monthly

If your a more experienced marketer or you have outgrown your current Web Presence Plan then the Digital Marketing Plan will give you more storage space at 10GB as well as have the ability to host up to 15 domains.

At this level there is also more features included such as:

  • Ability to set up membership sites
  • Autoresponder included at this level
  • Copy Script Generator
  • Facebook integration for leads and video
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • and more (too much to list)

Business Plan @ $49.90 monthly

If you like the features and would like to add a stream of income then you might consider the Builderall Business Plan.

You will get everything that is included in the Digital Marketing Plan plus all the tools needed to promote the company and its products as a way to earn commissions.

  • Ready to go sales funnels
  • Webinars
  • Training
  • Residual income
  • Car incentive

This is a great opportunity because everyone needs a website if they plan on selling or promoting products online.

If your going to be using the products then you might as well become a Builderall reseller in order to take advantage of the compensation plan which I will go over next.


The Builderall compensation plan is based on a 2 tier level affiliate program.

What that means is that when you refer someone that joins you will earn a commission on that person as well as a residual income of 30% monthly for as long as they are a paying customer.

I myself am involved with different 2 tier affiliate programs and it is one of the best ways to earn passive income online.

Especially since these are services that people need and they stay customers for months or years.

So lets run some examples of what you can expect to make with the Builderall compensation plan.

>> Web Presence Plan @ $9.90 per month = $4.95 flat commission plus $2.97 per month residual income

>> Digital Marketing Plan @ $29.90 per month = $14.95 flat commission plus $8.97 per month residual income

>> Business Plan @ $49.90 per month = $24.95 flat commission plus $14.97 per month residual income

So now that you see how much you can make per referral the amount of compensation you earn will ultimately be based on the number of people that join as your sub affiliate.

This is not a get rich scheme.

You have to put in the work and show others the value that is provided. In return you will find that people will be more than eager to join under you.

Builderall vs Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Wix, etc

There is a lot of talk about how this company is going to change the way marketers look at their current product offering and see that now they have some options.

For example lets do a value comparison between some of the companies that occupy the same space as BA.

ClickFunnels Comparison

Clickfunnels is one of the most popular “done for you” landing page and funnel software with a price range of $97 to $297 per month.

This just isn’t affordable for anyone new trying to start an online business.

Plus they don’t even offer 1/4 of what your getting with BA.

I don’t know about you but I would much rather spend $29.97 to $49.97 monthly and get a whole lot more than what is currently being offered with Clickfunnels.

LeadPages Comparison

Here we have another company that has been around for a while and offers self hosted landing pages but nothing else.

Their pricing runs $25 to $199 per month.

So once again your not getting even a 1/4 of what BA offers with their plans.

Wix Comparison

Wix is a website builder that can also be used to build landing pages.

They lure you in with some low pricing but in the end you will be nickel and dimed to death trying to build a business on this platform.

Their pricing plans start at $5 to $25 per month and don’t even come close to the features of Builderall.

They Aren’t Perfect

I have gone over what I like about the products and services being offered by the company but like everyone else they are not perfect.

The Builderall products are numerous so that means that they are spreading themselves thin between them all.

Usually when this happens a company tends not to be good at any one thing.

Instead they are just average at a lot of different things.

In other words you could go out and find different companies that specialize in all these different products that BA offers and find that they are better.

So you need to understand that with the convenience of having all these products under one company along with the most economical pricing plans in the industry you will need to compromise.

Plus they are a new company that is continually adding new features so there will be some growing pains.

Who Should Sign Up For Builderall

By now you should have a good idea of the value that this company is offering and one of the main reason that I am promoting them as a go to for anyone serious about getting the most bang for their money.

So is the company and products a good fit for you?

I believe that they strive to keep their pricing economical giving the little guy a chance to get his or her business started online.

If you currently have an MLM business, affiliate marketing business or do any type of online marketing there are tools here that can help you develop and grow your business.

Plus they have a 7 day free trial to see what it is about with no risk and no contracts to worry about.

Final Thoughts

The Builderall internet marketing platform in my opinion is setting the standard for other companies to follow with an amazing assortment of tools for the beginner to advanced marketers.

What I find incredible is the price point that they are selling their services at.

It makes me wonder if they will be raising them in the future at some point? Hopefully not but only time will tell.

If your looking to get everything you need to get your online business started then now is the time to sign up and give this company a try because there is not anyone currently in the business offering this much at these price levels.

Hope to see you inside!

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8 thoughts on “Is Builderall The Internet Marketing Platform For You? [ Review ]”

  1. I’ve been curious about Builderall after seeing it on a promo video on YouTube. Perhaps I am still a beginner, but I can’t understand why one would need another lead capture platform? Can’t this be done within WordPress hosting itself?

    It’s interesting how they bundle up so many services under one price tag. I am wondering if the speed of delivery is just as fast. Maybe you can enlighten me on this aspect. Thanks.

    • Hi Cathy

      There are a lot of marketers that aren’t interested in building websites or doing content marketing. They just want to drive paid traffic to a landing page where they can capture leads and start emailing their list different offers.

      Many marketers have multiple campaigns running at a time so having the ability to set them up quickly and have your autoresponder tied in in this price range is really unheard of.

      Builderall is self hosted so you wouldn’t need to use WordPress.

      They do offer a 7 day free trial so you can check it out and try all the different features.

  2. Hi Chris- I didn’t know the company Builderall even existed and I enjoyed this article very much, however, I do have to ask. would it not be better to have a WordPress website along with training on how to market. I do this and have found for a monthly fee I get all of what I need. what are your thoughts on this?

    • While it is true that WordPress is a great CMS there are those people that want to do marketing which doesn’t include blogging.

      Therefore they can use a system such as Builderall which includes many tools such as landing pages, autoresponder and image tools just to name a few for one low price per cost.

      Currently they are giving you a lot of value for one low price when it comes to having all your internet marketing features combined with one company.

  3. This definitely sounds like a good alternative to click funnel and other products to help capture leads.

    Like you said it can get costly when you start buying all sorts of things to help you get your visitors email addresses.

    So having something like the Builderall Internet Marketing Platform with low prices is nice.

    Do you think you’ll stick with them for a while or go to someos else eventually?

    • Yes it is nice having all the marketing tools in one place such as ability to build websites, landing pages, chat bots etc.

      I just hope that they don’t get too watered down offering to much.

      Its better to be good at one thing than a lot of different things. We will see how it goes and if all the Builderall reviews are positive or whether some have a less stellar experience.

  4. Thank you for your post. I had no idea this option existed. Very good review and very informative. As someone that is looking to start an online business I am always trying to find the best tools to help me be successful.

    This platform is definitely on my list now.

    How long do you think it will take to get a business setup and dialed in using this platform?

    • Glad you found my Builderall review helpful Jennifer.

      It is a great platform and I have seen many internet marketers flocking to it because of their aggressive pricing.

      You get a lot of tools for the money. No need to try and piece them all together when you can get them all in one place now for one low price.

      As with any platform there is going to be a learning curve but they do have good support options.

      If your still on the fence the Builderall free trial is available so you can see what its about.


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