Is Selling NeoLife Healthy For Your Wallet?

NeoLife is an old mlm company where you can sign up as a consultant and make money selling their nutritionals.

They claim to have superior products and the Integrity to match.

This is the claim that many other multi-level marketing companies make so does this company have any advantage and can you make money as a consultant/distributor with their opportunity?

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What Is GNLD NeoLife

The company was started by Jerry Brassfield back in the 1950’s.

Apparently he had some health problems that included allergies and asthma so using proper nutrition he claimed that he was able to improve his health.

Taking what he learned he started a company which was originally called Golden NeoLife Diamite International so you often see it referred to as GNLD by some people.

You’re looking at a mlm company that has been around for over 70 years which is quite a accomplishment.

One reason these companies stay in business for as long as they do is mainly because of what is called auto-ship which I will discuss later in my post.

Although the company is based in United States they do have a presence around the world including Europe and Asia.


I’m not really a health nut but I do work out 4 to 5 times a week at the gym and I try to eat healthy as well as keep an eye out for advances in nutritional supplements.

So I was interested in what the company was promoting.

The categories include sport and nutrition, weight management, heart health, Digestive Health, Bone and Joint as well as some personal care products.

They don’t list any retail pricing on their site so it’s hard to get an idea of what the price ranges are for the products.

I took a look on Amazon and eBay to see if there were any consultants selling on these marketplaces. I did find some so now I have a reference point of what the products retail for.

One of their core products is a shake that contains an assortment of amino acids and is said to be all natural. It is retailing for about $58 to $70 in a 22 oz size.

Another one of their core products is Pro Vitality which is supposed to help you at the cellular level.

This retails at $75 to $80 for a 30-day Supply.

There are a few other MLM companies that also claim that their products can help you at the cellular level such as Waiora, Usana and LifeVantage.

When companies start talking about their products being beneficial at your cellular level I personally believe this is more hype than actual science.

One reason I say this is because most bodybuilders will tell you that it’s better to eat regular food than it is to take supplements.

Bodybuilders go to the extreme when it comes to supplements, food and drugs to give them an advantage in competition.

Also most nutritionist recommend eating the right foods versus taking supplements as a way of staying healthy and losing weight which is the view of the NIH.

The NeoLife Business Opportunity

To get started as a distributor you will need to purchase a start up kit which will cost from $49 to $1,666 as shown below.

  • $49 Distributor Kit
  • $483.00 Business Builder Kit
  • $853.00 Manager Kit
  • $1,666.00 Senior Manager Kit

The more expensive the kit you buy the higher the potential commissions you can earn.

You can sign up on the company’s website and have another distributor call you to enroll you in the program in which case you will now be in their downline.

If you made the leap and decided to try the opportunity then getting the proper help and training is what will make or break you.

Although it seems simple making money with mlm is very difficult and the majority of people never actually earn any income as consultants or distributors.

One reason for this is due to not having the support of a sponsor who actually knows how to make money in the business.

The majority of distributors put the emphasis on just recruiting instead of training and what happens is you get a bunch of people who become frustrated and eventually drop out.

So it ends up being a never ending cycle.

How Much Money Can You Make

In order to make money with NeoLife you will need to sign up new customers and sell retail as well as recruit other distributors.

Although a lot of consultants like to throw around the words “passive income” by building a big down line it’s not really what it seems.

Due to the fact that the large majority of people that sign up to make money with this opportunity will never actually get started so distributors are constantly in the recruiting mode trying to find that needle in a haystack consultant that they can earn commissions from.

The compensation plan is fairly complicated and how much you make depends on a number of different things.

Making Money With NeoLife Compensation

Before you can even consider making any money you have to meet certain personal volume requirements and the percentage that you earn is based on the volume plus that of your team volume.

There is also different levels of team volume that you can earn from.

On the retail side you can earn between 3% to 20% commissions depending on the monthly volume that you’re doing as shown below:

  • 250 GV a month = 3% commission
  • 500 GV a month = 5% commission
  • 1000 GV a month = 10% commission
  • 2000 GV a month = 15% commission
  • 4000 GV a month = 20% commission

As with most mlms there is a bonus structure as well depending on what rank you are and the commission’s range anywhere from 1% to 4%.

Is NeoLife A Scam or Pyramid Scheme

I definitely don’t think the company is a scam and in order to be a pyramid scheme emphasis would need to be placed on recruiting versus actually selling products which the company doesn’t do.

Now there are some people that will claim but the supplements don’t do what they’re advertised and call it a scam.

The problem is it’s very difficult when it comes to supplements and their overall effect.

It’s possible that they work for some while not for others but the big thing is it is really hard to know unless you place yourself in some scientific setting for years while being monitored.

What these supplement companies do is find ingredients that have been proven to have some health benefits and then mix them with other ingredients and call it their proprietary system.

Overall I did not find how many complaints at all regarding the company from customers or distributors which is remarkable for a company that’s over 70 years old.

Final Thoughts

NeoLife has had success competing in a crowded space with other nutritional mlms so they must be doing something right.

With that being said everyone knows that nutritional products have an extremely high markup and many people that are consuming these products probably could see the same benefits if they just adhered to a proper diet.

But distributors probably feel they need to justify the products because they are spending hundreds per month on the auto ship.

This is one reason I am not a fan of mlm.

It only makes sense that the company’s success is based around automatically shipping a certain amount of products to each of their distributors every month.

Distributors need to consume volume in order to get paid boosting the company’s sales.

For me I would rather have the freedom to pick and choose which supplements I want to consume as well as which ones I would like to promote.

You can’t do that with the mlm business model because companies don’t allow you to cross promote.

Fortunately I learned that affiliate marketing gives me the opportunity to promote a multitude of products without being locked into one.

Best of all I don’t need to do any recruiting or deal with auto ships.

All I need is a computer and an internet connection to make it work. So if you’re exploring ways to make money online and you are considering getting started with very little overhead then check out my #1 pick that can help you do just that.

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  1. How can I join this company

    • I am not associated with NeoLife but you can visit their website and sign up.

  2. Can I promote neolife product in that website

    • I am not sure what your asking.

      You could become a NeoLife consultant and start promoting it with their tools and you could also set up your own website if you choose to.


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