Is Real Money Streams A Scam? Can You Make $1000’s?

When it comes to making money online we are all looking for that product that teaches us how to do it fast and easy.

That’s why when I came across Real Money Streams I had to check it out.

$500 per week or more is what you can earn if you sign up so it sounded halfway legit.

So what were these good paying online jobs and what’s the real cost to get started?

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What Is Real Money Streams About

If you’ve been looking at different ways to work from home chances are you have come across a number of different types of business models and courses teaching you how to do it.

Some of these business models include side hustles such as online surveys or actual online jobs such Amazon Mechanical Turk jobs.

And there is also the freelancing business model where you can use your skills as a writer, teacher or any other skill for that matter to make money through specific freelancing websites.

You might not know where to start or even how any of these opportunities work.

Well that’s why this system was created.

It sets out to show you the steps needed to take in order to be successful with the different business models.


What Do You Get When Signing Up For This System

When you sign up for Real Money Streams you will get access to a series of e-book guides broken up into different sections.

Each section will go into a specific business model with examples and different programs that you can sign up for.

These are different ways to make money online.

Let’s break down the sections:

  • Get Paid To Surf The Net
  • Beginners Guide To Working Online
  • Quit Your Job & Work Online
  • Secret High Paying Online Jobs
  • Learn How To Blog
  • Using Google Adwords & Adsense
  • Get Paid Using Twitter
  • Get Paid As An Amazon Affiliate
  • Selling On eBay
  • Making Money With Domains

There is also another avenue that you can take that involves working offline doing tasks.

Your shown companies that you can sign up with and get paid to perform certain tasks.

Many companies rely on the gig economy to get things done by hiring people to do small tasks for them.

Real Money Streams will refer you to these companies.

As an example one of the companies is GigWalk.

Big name brand companies use GigWalk to track how stores display their products.

GigWalk does this by paying people like you and me to go around taking pictures of these companies products in different stores such as Walmart, Target etc.

All you need to have is an iPhone or Android phone so that you can download the app.

The app will notify you with gigs in the area that you can do and get paid for.

Below is a video of how it works.

Now it should be said that there is no guaranteed income with any of these different ways shown in this opportunity.

But they are legit and can produce income based on your efforts.


How Much Does Real Money Streams Cost

If you decide to get this this product the cost is going to $37, but if you attempt to leave without purchasing you will be offered a discount so the actual cost can go as low as $17.

Reasonable price you might be thinking but eventually you will get hit with some upsells as well.

And there is a monthly fee of $17.


Is This A Legit Product & Should You Buy It

After looking at this and going through the different things that were being offered I can say that its not a scam.

All the different ways to make money that Real Money Streams talks about are being done everyday by regular people.

There is nothing new or ground breaking regarding what they are showing their members.

And there are some things that you need to consider.

Low potential to make money

Most of the different ways that they show to make money are just side gigs. Meaning that they will never add up to a full time income.

So its important that you not get your hopes up that this is the “system” that is going to make you rich.

It also shouldn’t be your long term strategy for making money online.

When it comes to side hustles and gigs things change and the competition will eventually mean no one can make money doing these things.

Outdated material

This product has been on the market for a number of years now going back to about 2013 so there are some recommendations for websites that are no longer in existence.

I don’t know about you but if I’m paying a monthly fee I would like the material to be up to date.

Which brings me to the next point.

Your paying for a directory

When you sign up for this program your essentially paying for a directory.

A bunch of links to specific survey sites and job sites.

These are all available for free on the web if you just spend some time looking for them.

What little bit of actual training material you do get in the e-books is general and has very little actual value in showing how to get started.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to the Real Money Streams program some are going to call it a scam while others like myself consider it legit.

But as you can see I listed the negatives.

I don’t believe that it is worth the money even though they are listing legitimate ways to make money.

I do agree with starting a blog and using the affiliate marketing business models that they mention.

Because I have had success with that myself.

It takes some time and work to create a successful business with affiliate marketing but its a long term business unlike what is being offered in RMS.

Plus there is legitimate free training you can find online.

That is how I got started.

So if your ready to build a real online business with some good income potential then start here.


Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts or experience regarding Real Money Streams.

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