Is Power Lead System Legit? [ Does it work? ]

Have you seen marketers promoting Power Lead System as a way to make money online and wondered what it is?

Well for starters this is geared towards those that would be interested in mlm or affiliate marketing.

There is a compensation plan that pays on multiple levels.

Plus a built in sales funnel called Lead Lightning that offers a way to earn commissions over and over again by recruiting others.

In this review I will go over all the specifics including the cost, features, how to make money with it and alternatives.

So before you sign up for a membership make sure to read through my review to see if its legit or not?

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What Is Power Lead System – Review

Its basically a digital marketing platform that will help you make money selling your own products or services and the PLS opportunity itself if you want to.

What you get as a member if you sign up are a suite of tools or “business in a box”.

These tools can be used by any marketer looking to capture leads and automate the sales process.

As we all know its important to get a steady flow of traffic to our offers in order to make money online.

This can involve piecing together different tools from different companies.

For example you would have a WordPress website, an autoresponder, sales funnel software and landing page builder just to name a few tools from different companies.

In some instances it can be difficult or time consuming making them all work together.


How Does PLS Work

Well PLS includes all the marketing tools that you need in one place.

  • Build websites for blogging
  • Create landing pages
  • Built in autoresponder
  • Capture forms
  • Create and share sales funnels
  • Video presentation pages
  • Affiliate program – promote & make money

As you can see this is an extensive set of online marketing tools and the best part is that they are all from under one company.

So there is no need to run around trying to piece together a bunch of different products.

Who is this system good for?

Just about anyone because you can use it to promote any type of product or service.


How To Make Money With PLS

As a marketer its important to stay aware of all the different opportunities to make money online because some are easier than others.

Some also require less investment than others as well.

Which were the reasons that I wanted to check out PLS.

So how to make money with Power Lead System?

One of the aspects of the system is called Lead Lightning.

What Is Lead Lightning?

Its actually a whole separate product that is in PLS.

This is what you would be using to generate leads because it is the marketing funnel that captures leads.

All you do is introduce your traffic and have them sign up to watch a free video that shows how to make money promoting the Lead Lightning marketing funnel.

If your confused don’t be.

Lead Lightning had been around for many years even before PLS was created.

But the creators decided to combine Lead Lightning and Power Lead System together.

To be honest its an easy sell to get people signed up.

Because it only costs $7 in order to start promoting Lead Lightning by itself.

Once your a member you can now start referring others and earning commissions.

Which brings me to the compensation plan.


The Power Lead System Compensation Plan

Now lets take a look at how much money can be made with PLS.

Lets start by looking at the different levels that you can sign up for.

Starter Level Membership – the cost is $7 and the commission will be $6.

Silver Level Membership – the cost is $29.97 per month and the commission will be $15 monthly.

Gold Level Membership – at a cost of $53.97 per monthly and a commission of $20 monthly.

Diamond Level Membership – this is a one time cost of $147 and a commission of $100.

Platinum Level Membership – the cost is $497 one time with a commission of $400.

So there you have it a simple compensation plan that everyone can understand.

But this is also set up in a different way than most other compensation plans.

When you refer people into the system every other one goes into your immediate downline.

For example the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and so on.

Basically all your odd referrals are on your first level.

All your even number referrals get passed up to your sponsor.

This works the same for all your recruits.

You will get all their even referrals which can be lucrative if you get some superstars in your downline.


What Are The Pros and Cons

On the surface everything looks great and it seems like the ultimate system to get involved with. But with any opportunity there are always some good and bad things to consider.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Established company
  • Simple compensation plan
  • Get started for only $7

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • Not everything goes together seamlessly
  • Antiquated and outdated compared to alternatives
  • Marketing system designed to promote itself

Who Is This Opportunity For

If your a serious marketer looking for the best tools to start and grow your online business then Power Lead System is going to fall short.

There are better alternatives that I will go over next.

But if your looking at this from a perspective of making money then there is a lot of potential.

The commissions are good and if you recruit good people you will get their referrals passed up to you.

Another aspect to consider is that both free and paid methods could be used to generate traffic and earn some income.

So if your a blogger or YouTuber then you should be able to generate a few hundred dollars a month with little effort.

If you have the money to buy traffic and build an email list its possible to scale this up to $1000’s per month.


What Are Some Power Lead System Alternatives

There are a lot of products out there that help marketers to capture leads and funnel them through to specific opportunities.

So lets take a look at some alternatives to PLS.

When you compare the above alternatives to what is being offered with PLS its clear that PLS main focus is not as a marketing platform.

Instead it is more focused on recruiting and promoting its own products as a way to make money.



After looking at what Power Lead System offers its apparent that its a money making opportunity and nothing more.

So if you were looking at it for its marketing tools you will be disappointed with what you get.

As for being legit.

Some are calling it a pyramid scheme because of the emphasis placed on getting referrals and building a big downline.

Did I sign up?


I have to pass on this one it just fit my idea of an online business with future potential.


Feel free to leave a comment below with your experience or opinion on Power Lead System!

6 thoughts on “Is Power Lead System Legit? [ Does it work? ]”

  1. There are a lot of different systems for marketers that try to be everything to everyone. It looks as if PLS is one of those such products.

    As a newbie marketer this is very enticing especially since they have a built in way to make money promoting it.

    Thanks for doing this review and making some good points.

    • I wouldn’t call Power Lead System the best marketing platform because the alternatives that I listed are better suited for serious marketers.

      One reason that it is popular and gets as much attention as it does will be the referral program.

      Combine that with their basic marketing tools and it can be a good way to make money by driving traffic into their sales funnel.

  2. Hi!

    I have seen people promoting Power Lead System before but didn’t know much about until I came across your review.  It doesn’t seem like a very bad option compared to other MLM business. I get why people may call this a pyramid scheme, but I can’t tell whether it is or not. As long as they don’t try to trick people to buy the membership, promising something impossible to happen, which many pyramid schemes do, then I think it’s worth giving it a try, besides that the starter level membership isn’t very expensive.



    • If your looking at it as a opportunity to make money then yes it doesn’t look bad from that standpoint.

      Realistically though you need to buy into the higher levels in order to have any success with it.

  3. I been using PLS since its launch (and not only for earning purposes as an affiliate), yes, I work with it as a marketing platform, to promote other affiliate offers and works both ways for me. I have payment proof as well for those who think is some kind of a sc@m—-

    Im not sure what this review is about, seems to me like a clickbait for Wealthy Affiliate

    In any case, test drive PLS for a 7 day instead of reading these kind of reviews, because that way, you will be your own judge…

    • Thanks for the input Bruno.

      I did look over the opportunity but the focus was on recruiting instead of the the actual tools that come with the program.

      I learned how to blog and set up an autoresponder on my own so I don’t really need what Power Lead System offers.


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