Is My Mobile Money Pages Legit? ( $547 per day? )

My Mobile Money Pages may have caught your eye as a way to make easy money and now you want to know if the claims of $547 per day are for real?

Seems too good to be true right?

So I will take a look at this automated software to see just how it works and what you can expect if you were to buy into it.

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What Is The My Mobile Money Pages By Andrew Davidson

Many people want to get started building an online business in order to make money. Most don’t have a lot of technical knowledge so they look for a done for you type of system.

Just pay then push a few buttons and Wallah you’re in business!

Unfortunately in the real world things don’t work that way but there are people and companies out there that take advantage of newbies by offering products that claim to automate all the hard work.

First off if you have ever built a website and needed to add content to it on a regular basis then you would realize that it is a real grind.

So apparently Andrew had the idea that he would come up with the software that would pull the information from the World Wide Web and put it together in a website for you.

Not only would it provide the content but also the means to build the website itself which could be used for many different niches.

Now you might be thinking something as sophisticated as this software claims to be it would cost an arm and a leg.

But believe it or not it is only $39.95!

Let’s just do a quick recap here.  For $39.95 you can get your hands on My Mobile Money Pages software that will build you a website pull content from the World Wide Web and then format it and populate your website for you.


Problems With This Product

There are some major reasons why you would not want to buy this product including blackhat SEO methods.

The Actual Websites

Although the cost is only $39.95 which might sound like a killer deal to build a website for you automatically there is already free software available called WordPress you can use that is way more advanced.

So really the cost is no great deal in this regard.

You get a cheesy looking website that visitors would not be attracted to because most likely it wasn’t designed to be search engine friendly in the first place.


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Scraped and Spun Content

Another problem is that the software scrapes content from other legitimate sites and then rearranges it and puts it on your website.

Scraping and spinning content is not a good idea.

You may have come across spun content and you thought something was wrong with the person that wrote it because there will be some sentences that makes sense while the majority will look like the author was drunk when he wrote it.

If a visitor does end up stumbling across your website and tries to make sense of any of the spun content it won’t take them long to see that something is wrong and they will click away.

Google’s search algorithm is too advanced to get fooled by spun content  and whatever articles that you have automatically written will never get any traffic from the search engines.


Another big problem with the software is the fact that it goes out on the web and creates backlinks to your website.

Over the last few years the search engines have been putting less emphasis on ranking websites that have a lot of backlinks so this is no longer a relevant tactic to get better rankings.

As a matter of fact it’s even possible that when your site has a lot of backlinks from low quality sites it will lose ranking.

Updates and Customer Service

Apparently it looks like the software hasn’t been updated since it was originally released in 2011. If that is the case then this is really bad news because you’re paying for something that’s not going to work.

Plus I have seen many people on different forums complaining because they have requested help from customer service and not received any replies.


Is My Mobile Money Pages A Scam

As I said earlier the techniques used by this software by scraping content and spinning articles are considered blackhat SEO.

The owner of the software would only have a couple different people in mind when creating this product.

The first type of person would be someone that really wasn’t interested in building a business but rather out to make some quick money by littering the web with low quality content and trying to rank for it using the automated backlinking.

Now the second type of person that this software may be targeting would be newbies that don’t know how things work in regards to building websites and getting them ranked in the search engines.

When your new and just getting started there is a lot to learn and it can take months to put everything together.

If your newbie just remember that there is no way to make fast and easy money online. These types programs use psychological manipulation to convince their visitors that they have something that no one else has.

Unfortunately though once you purchase the product you realize that what they claim is never going to materialize and your out time and money.

This may not have been a scam back when it came out in 2011.

But selling this product in 2018 knowing that it won’t work with the search engines and not providing customer support or updates really looks like a scam to me.



My Mobile Money Pages had the feel of a cheap quality sales pitch as soon as the video started playing. Match that with the false claims of making $547 per day and I already knew what to expect before even looking over the opportunity.

If it seems too good to be true then keep your money in your wallet until you find a more legitimate program.

If your going to be spending money and time that is valuable to you then it is important to work towards long term goals of building an actual online business instead of money making hacks like My Mobile Money Pages.

If your really looking to do affiliate marketing with a website then I recommend you check out my #1 pick. Its a solid program that has been around for years with many successful marketers willing to help.

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