Is MOBE A Scam Or Not? Shut down By FTC!

Is mobe a scam or a legitimate opportunity to learn how to be an internet marketer? This seems to be the question that pops up all the time from people that have come across this training platform.

I myself have an interest in quality training products in regards to learning how to be a better internet marketer and I am not necessarily opposed to paying to further educate myself.

But do you really need to pay thousands of dollars for training and attend $20,000 to $30,000 mastermind events?

Let’s take a look at this program to see what the benefit would be of becoming member.

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*** UPDATE 6-9-18: It appears that the rumors are true and the FTC has shutdown MOBE

MOBES websites are down and events have been canceled as well as a lot of their top earners alerting their customers of this take down.

Stay tuned for more details!


The Licensing Business Model

Lately I have been taking a deeper look at some of the more expensive internet training programs to see what the similarities are as well as the differences.

Now one thing that I did notice is that some of them are structured a little differently.

For example there are some with only one level. So in order to become a member of the training program you would only have to pay one price.

Then everyone you referred into the program as an affiliate you would earn a commission on.

I am not going to name these companies because that is not what the articles about but their price ranges are from $1,000 to $2,000 to join.

When you join MOBE which starts at $2,500 you’re buying into a license to market and sell their products.

There are multiple levels that range from $2,500 all the way up to $25,000.

The advantage of becoming a member is that when you refer somebody that signs up and starts the training you will earn a commission not only on the product that they purchase the first time but also any purchase they make from that point on.

So let’s run through an example here.

Let’s say you sign up and become a MOBE affiliate.

One month later you refer Sally to the training program and she signs up. She is just starting out so she joins in at the $2,500 level.

So you earn your commission based on Sally joining and you keep on marketing the opportunity to other people.

One year later Sally decides to upgrade so that she can keep going in the program. So she now pays in at the $5,000 level.

Once again you would earn a commission because you had referred Sally and she is your customer for life.

So it doesn’t matter whether Sally buys something the first day she signs up or whether she purchases something 5 years down the road you as the affiliate that referred her are compensated because of how the licensing works with MOBE.

Plus there are monthly fees that need to be paid and as an affiliate you will be making money off of these as well.

As you can see the system is setup so that you can continuously earn income just by referring one person that keeps making purchases for as long as they are active.


Why Do People Call MOBE A Scam

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of why there is a lot of negative publicity about the company.

First of all when you come across the opportunity there is no way to get any information as far as what the training products are that you’re buying into.

You most likely have come across what is called a landing page where they want you to subscribe with your email and pay a $49 registration fee.

If you sign up and you pay the $49 you are then given what is called the 21 steps which you need to follow and you will be assigned a coach.

All this is is a primer to get you ready to upgrade so that everybody can start earning money.



Typically when you hear “coach”  you’re thinking of someone that will teach and train you but that is not what the coaches are at this company.

The coaches are members that have paid in at the higher levels and they earn commissions on anyone that they talk into upgrading to more expensive levels.

This is where you start to hear a lot of complaints from people that joined.

Many people have complained that the coaches had no interest in actually teaching them marketing but rather tried to get them to find ways to get money to upgrade.

Even going as far as talking people into getting loans or borrowing money from friends and family.

This is one of the big reasons why people are calling MOBE a scam.


Once You Upgrade

For those that do end up upgrading for thousands they find out that they also need to spend the money in order to drive traffic in an attempt to sign others up.

Anyone new to internet marketing won’t realize just how expensive running paid advertising can be online until they start running their own campaigns.

A barebones advertising campaign using either Facebook or pay per click advertising will cost at minimum $300 to $500 per month.

It is possible to lose money for months until you figure out which landing page works to get people to sign up as well as getting your email sequence right to persuade people to open your emails and join the opportunity.

This is another reason why a lot of legitimate marketers consider MOBE a scam. Not only do you spend thousands just signing up for the program but you also have to spend thousands marketing the program with no guarantee of making money.

Some people have been known to max out their credit cards and go into debt because they believed what they were being told by their coaches.


The Dream Of Making Big Money Online

The reason that these types of high ticket training programs exist is because people believe that it is easy to make money online just buy buying into some type of system.

I see it every day where people sign up for training on different platforms and within a week they are in the forums asking how long it will take before they start making money.

If only they knew that it would take months to years before they would even see a dime they may reconsider trying to start an online business.

It took me one and a half years before I even made a cent with my blog but I knew that if I kept on working eventually I would be successful.

Even achieving success online doesn’t mean that you will be making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.


Is It A Scam Or Not

There are a few reasons why I consider MOBE a scam.

  1. The coaches aren’t really there to help new members learn skills. There purpose is to persuade members to upgrade and spend more money to reach the higher levels..
  2. Suggesting that members should use their credit cards and take out loans in order to buy into the higher levels or go to the mastermind events.
  3. The company has changed its name a few times?
  4. A lot of complaints with the BBB.

I find it truly amazing that so many people get caught up in the hype without doing the proper research before before spending $1,000’s.

If your goal is to learn affiliate marketing then stick to the basics and choose a legit training course that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Check out my #1 pick here.


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10 thoughts on “Is MOBE A Scam Or Not? Shut down By FTC!”

  1. This is the second time I stumble upon MOBE its seems pretty legit to me, a bit expensive but none the less the research that people have done like you indicate that is not a scam, but like you point in the article its take a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication, I see it when I do my boxing training, Imagine if I count all the steps that are in 6 miles right`? no, you just do what is required eventually you will see the results.

    • Hey Erick that for the comment.

      I just recently learned that MOBE has been shut down by the FTC so I guess they felt that the program was a pyramid scheme.

      Unfortunately even though they had actual digital products the main goal was to sign up as many people as possible and get them to pay $1,000’s in membership fees.

      Its better to stick to the basics and really learn how to do affiliate marketing instead of buying into some expensive dream!

  2. I have stumbled across MOBE once before and when I saw the price at the first level of membership, it was enough to have me clicking away from the website.

    It is just sad to see that people spend so much on this program and all the coaches can think about, is the money that they can suck out of these innocent people, who are only looking for ways to make some extra income.

    I am glad that I didn’t sign up at that time because if I had, then I would have had to kiss good bye to my business when they shut it down. Now all these coaches are out of the money they almost literally STOLE.

    • Yes it is a good thing that MOBE was shutdown by the FTC.

      What is ironic is the fact that they were suing everyone for copying them and calling them a scam. It basically thrust the company into the spotlight and the FTC probably took notice. 

      I doubt though that all those people who lost $1,000’s of dollars will ever get any of it back.

      Any program that costs $1,000’s of dollars to jump from level to level is most likely a pyramid scheme. Nobody was buying the course for the products, just the opportunity to recruit others.

  3. I lost an incredible amount of Funds to the fake Binary option Brokers, It all started from a phone call and after some persuasion I decided to invest, after months of constant investment I decided to ask for a payout this was the beginning of my turmoil, to my dismay I was still asked to invest more. Being a Single Mother of 3 kids this really affected me and despite all efforts to contact them failed.

    • That’s a similar story that I have heard over and over again Kate.

      There were a lot of people that lost money with MOBE due to the high pressure tactics used to get them to sign up and spend $1,000’s of dollars.

      The FTC doesn’t like people getting scammed in this way and I believe that you are going to see them going after more of these companies in the future.

  4. These brokers are terrible they took me for all I had, luckily for me I was introduced to this recovery website, they helped me recover all of my funds within 3 days, I am so happy to share this with all who have been scammed.

    • No more worries about the MOBE scam Nicole. It appears that they have been shutdown for good now and I don’t expect that to see them resurrected after the FTC is done with them.

      Its great that you recovered your money. Others weren’t so fortunate.

  5. can i get my money back to me?

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