Is Fullstaq Marketer A Scam? Keala Kanae Reboot? [Review]

A new training program called Fullstaq Marketer will be launching soon from Keala Kanae.

It is supposed to help beginners become profitable and start making money online using his new system.

This is the time a year you start to see a bunch of new product launches with promises of making their members rich internet marketers.

Is this another one of those expensive “too good to be true” courses?

Let’s review some things you should know!

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What Is Fullstaq Marketer About

Before you consider jumping in on this opportunity its a good idea to get familiar with who Keala Kanae is and why he is launching this new course.

He had another online course called AWOL Academy that taught how to make money as an internet marketer.

There were different products in the course and the total course topped out at about $15,000.

Yes it was expensive.

The claim was that if you went through the training you would be successful.

Unfortunately Keala had to admit that even though his students were paying $100’s to $1000’s of dollars only 3% had success with the course.

Sounds crazy right only a 3% success rate of all his members.


The Solution

Now reason for starting the new company Fullstaq Marketer is to re-organize the content into a way so that members can follow along in a more step by step approach with some accountability.

This is done by breaking up the course into modules.

At the end of the modules you will be answering some questions to verify that you understood the training.

Then you can proceed on to the next training module.

Need A One on One Coach?

Maybe your not the type of person that can stay motivated or have a hard time getting through the training.

Well don’t worry they got you covered.

But its going to cost you more money to get from these “certified trainers”.

What are certified trainers?

These are members that have already gone through the training successfully.

You will be able to pay these trainers for coaching sessions.

High priced coaching has become a big thing these last few years and it looks like the Fullstaq Marketer coaching program has jumped on the bandwagon.

Done For You System

Would you like to get a fully set up system for you all plugin play?

In other words all the work is done for you.

Well they got you covered here as well.

They will set up your marketing suite of products including websites, funnels and content marketing so you don’t have to.

There is only one problem with this method.

Ultimately you will fail in the end because you didn’t learn the basics of doing it yourself.

No one is ever successful with a “done for you system”.


Affiliate Program

Most internet marketing training programs have an affiliate program.

The Fullstaq Marketer affiliate program is going to be one that is promoted heavily due to the large commissions that it will generate for its affiliates.

So if your a newbie its important to take all the positive reviews with a grain of salt.

Most affiliates are going to be struggling just to earn back their investment in the program so they will be pushing it hard.

Don’t believe the hype or sign up just to make money referring others.


Is Fullstaq Marketer Legit Or A Scam

Here is the thing that I find interesting.

There were a lot of complaints with Keala’s old course because members didn’t believe that it was worth the high cost that he was charging.

Here are just a few that I came across:

“MONEY BACK FOR FAULS CLAIMS This is all a scam. You pay $99 buck to learn how to make money by posting ads online and nothing a such was learned.”

“Awol is a scam. I was pulled to the get rich quick scheme and yes they do a good job in selling it; however, you don’t get half of what they promise. I was intrigued and paid the $99 14day money back guarantee. Then a “coach” who’s really an up sells person calls me. It was like being in a car dealership where you cant help but buy. After going through the program and trying to implement their training I realized I had been scammed. When I tried to ask for my money back they said it had been over 14 days however it had only been 12 days. If they had just given me my money back I wouldn’t have gone to this extent as to warn people after me about these predictors.”

“Awol Academy is an online bandit! DO NOT join ANY of their programme! I do not belong to any other platform but their consumer and they have cheated me MORE THAN $10K!!!!!”

These are just some of the complaints that I came across.

Its important to note that a lot of the complaints had to do with the members that joined but didn’t feel that the course material was worth the money.

They then had a hard time with the return policy and getting their money back.

So it will be important to keep an eye on the Fullstaq Marketer BBB rating to see if there are similar problems with his new course.


Final Thoughts

I can’t help think that with all the marketing that Keala did with his first course and the expensive cost he should have had a better success rate for his students.

So the question is going to be what makes the Fullstaq Marketer course any better?

It surely not going to be the price.

Because its going to be more costly than his first one.

I personally think this is going to more of a money grab and ultimately the success rate of the members is going to be no better with this new course than it was with his first course.

There are many alternatives that cost a lot less and teach the same types of things including my favorite training program here.


Feel free to leave a comment below with your Fullstaq Marketer experience or opinion below!

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