Is Drop Ship Lifestyle Legit or Scam? [Anton Kraly Course]

Millions of people go online every day to make a purchase for something that they need. E-commerce is booming and there are tons of entrepreneurs wanting to learn how to take advantage of this phenomenon.

So Anton Kraly developed a course called Drop Ship Lifestyle that teaches how to start a online business selling products using Shopify.

When it comes to dropshipping courses there are quite a few out there and I have done some reviews to see which are legit and offer the best price.

So now its time to check out Anton’s course to see what it offers and if its worth the cost.

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What Is Drop Ship Lifestyle & Who Is Anton

Anton Kraly Sitting In His Office

DSL is a training course that teaches you how to do drop shipping successfully.

You learn what tools to use such as the Shopify E-commerce platform, where to find products to sell as well as advertising methods to drive traffic to your store front.

But before I jump into the details of what is included in the course lets take a look at the founder.

Anton Kraly started his journey back in 2006 selling on Ebay.

He imported large quantities of products from China which they could sell for a great profit.

As the story goes the profits were reinvested back into the business in order to grow faster which worked because the sales took off.

Importing products from China can be a real drag as many online sellers have found out.

There is a lot of red tape, hoops to jump through and quality control issues to deal with.

That is why they got into the dropshipping business model.

Much easier to start and run without all the overhead and they were hooked.

At the height of their drop shipping business they had a revenue of 1.8 million dollars in their 3rd year of operation.

In the 4th year Anton and his partner sold off the business.


The Drop Ship Lifestyle Course Was Born

Having built a e-commerce business from the ground up Anton now had the experience and skills that he knew were in demand.

So he created his course that would teach others how to get started without making the same mistakes he did.

There are other gurus as well with dropshipping courses such as Kevin David, KT Nine and Alex Becker so what sets this course apart from the others?

Lets go over what is in the training.

What Is The Cost

There are 3 different levels and they range in price:

  • Basic ( cost $1,297)
  • Premium (cost $1,497)
  • Done For You ($4,997)

As you can see the cost for Drop Ship Lifestyle is not cheap.

And the pricing tends to change every so often so its possible to get a discount depending on new product launches or course updates.

If you decide to get the training your going to be shelling out thousands of dollars either way.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing if Anton delivers with quality content.

Here is what is included at these different levels:

Basic Level ($1297)

  • Drop Ship Blueprint – learn how to get set up step by step
  • Learn to use Adwords to get traffic
  • Steps to set up your store front using Shopify
  • Get a custom Drop Ship Lifestyle theme
  • An app to help you run your online business
  • Access to the forum to network with other members

Premium Level ($1497)

At this level you will receive all the basic level training plus what is listed below.

  • Advanced Support
  • Learn how to sell your store
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Product sourcing with a supplier directory
  • Outsourcing training
  • Working with over seas suppliers

Done For You Level ($4997)

For those looking to get a jump start without going through all the initial steps at the basic and premium levels.

  • Get a Shopify store all set up and ready to go
  • A social media account set up
  • 1 on 1 private coaching
  • Free access to the yearly retreat to network with other members as well as attend workshops

Are There Any Drop Ship Lifestyle Complaints

I couldn’t find that many complaints from actual members although I am sure there are some out there.

But I did find a Reditt thread where there were quite a few people voicing their opinions regarding Anton.

The complaints mostly were coming from people that felt Anton made most of his money promoting his course and earning commissions from referring students to Shopify.

In reality this is most likely true.

But then again that is what most gurus do when they master a certain business model.

They create training to show others how to duplicate their success.

Then they charge a premium price based on what people are willing to pay.


What Is The Refund Policy

If you buy Drop Ship Lifestyle and decide that it is not for you within the first 30 days you will be able to get a refund.

Keep in mind that in order to get a refund you need to show that you went through the steps of the training

To be honest though this is not nearly enough time to evaluate a course.

I would also bet that a lot of people that buy the training course never actually follow through with the steps.

Which means that very few refunds are ever issued.


Pros & Cons

Let’s recap what the good and bad are of this course this way it makes it clear as to whether or not its for you.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Anton Kraly is an experienced dropshipper
  • The course covers the important topics
  • Affiliate program so you can make money promoting the course to others
  • No monthly fees
  • Free webinar to see what its about

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • More expensive than some of the other dropshipping courses out there
  • Cost of course increases with every new version
  • Could be more comprehensive for the cost

Is The Dropshipping Business Model For You

Having started and run my own dropshipping business from 2009 to 2014 I can tell you that things have really changed since then.

The costs have gotten quite a bit more expensive for everything when it comes to shopping carts, credit card processing and all the other little infrastructure things needed to get online.

And the competition has become cut throat.

Just because you set up a storefront on the web doesn’t mean that your going to sell anything.

The most important aspect of selling online is going to be the niche that you choose.

Fortunately Drop Ship Lifestyle offers some training on this in their course.

You don’t want to choose products that you will be in competition with the big retailers such as Walmart or Amazon.

I see this too often.

So don’t plan on being successful as a drop shipper if your selling the same things as Amazon unless you can compete with their pricing and service.

Also keep in mind that you need to budget for advertising.

So your total costs are going to be something like this:

Drop Ship Lifestyle Training Course $1297 to $4997 depending on what level you join plus the monthly costs of your Shopify store $29 to $299 per month and finally your costs to advertise for traffic which will add another $200 to $300 per month at least.



If your a beginner it may appear that drop shipping is an easy way to make money online.

But in reality its a business model that is very competitive.

Especially when it comes to choosing a niche where your not competing with the big retailers.

The course that Anton Kraly put together called Drop Ship Lifestyle is legit and not a scam.

But like any course you still have to adapt and think outside the box in order to be successful as a dropshipper.

The course is just a blueprint and outline to get you started in the right direction.

I found dropshipping to be too time consuming and all the niches that I was really interested in too competitive.

So I myself left the business model to try affiliate marketing which I do now.

Thankfully I found some good training that didn’t cost $1000’s of dollars.

You can even check it out for free here!


Feel free to leave a comment below with your experience or opinion on Drop Ship Lifestyle!

8 thoughts on “Is Drop Ship Lifestyle Legit or Scam? [Anton Kraly Course]”

  1. I have tried working online with drop shipping before but I just couldn’t get the hang of it to be honest and I know that the business as a whole is not a scam but this course is new to me so I needed a bit more info before I signed up

    I know if I am going to make it with drop shipping I need the advice and support from someone who knows who they are talking about but I’m not sure I am willing to pay so much for something that might not work for me

    Do you have any cheaper suggestions for something like Drop Ship Lifestyle?

    • There are a bunch of courses out there I just started reviewing different ones.

      I have yet to run across a decent one for the money but if you keep stopping back I am sure to have some good dropshipping courses reviewed that would interest you.

      Drop Ship Lifestyle doesn’t look like a bad course its just on the expensive side.

  2. Hey

    That’s an awesome review of drop ship lifestyle. Personally, I haven’t ever tried drop shipping due to the initial costs but it is something that interests me. Drop ship lifestyle seems legit though it is quite expensive. I don’t see the point of a done for you thing. I mean yeah, it is something which many people might choose but then I feel it is useless and a waste of money. 

    Thanks for sharing this review.

    • There are pros and cons to learning everything yourself or getting something all set up and ready to go.

      The thing that I like about Anton is that unlike some of the other gurus out there he sticks with what he knows and that is drop shipping.

      Some of the other guys promote everything money making opportunity under the sun. 

  3. Hi Chris!

    You are so right.  Fortunately I was turned down for a £12,000 loan for travelling to the States for  a 5 day seminar with Anik Singal.  The interest on the loan would have amounted to an extra £11,000.  And the whole amount was in British pounds as well!

    This was money I did not have.  So I sat down and set my goals, listing the things I need to do to earn that amount in a given time-frame.  It seems as people who succeed with online marketing and selling have seen the light and realise they can make money on a grand scale on autopilot.

    But then, they did not reckon on people like yourself who write in-depth reviews scrutinising their programs.  

    I wish you much success.

    • I think that getting turned down for the loan was a good thing!

      You don’t have to waste that kind of money to learn drop shipping or affiliate marketing for that matter.

      Most training courses are all online so no need to attend pricey seminars.

  4. Drop shipping business model is quite simple on the first look but are very complicated when it come to the fees and monthly charges. This e-commerce business model didn’t requires inventory and shipping on the part of shop owner which is good.

    In order to get traffic to your shop, you need to spend extra bucket for advertising like Google ads, Adword, Facebook ads, etc. Besides, niche competition are very high.

    I did not mean drop shipping is not an ideal business model. It depends on how you handle business in different ways.

    • What you said is true and most people looking to get into drop shipping don’t realize what it involved.

      I think Anton Kraly is a decent guy and he puts out a ton of good content.

      But probably most people don’t follow along with the training and end up failing which is unfortunate.


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