Is Bizmo World Legit? [ Make Money With Life hacks? ]

Bizmo World is an opportunity offering to make you money connecting and helping people online. Before you get too excited you should know that this is a MLM company and you will need to do some recruiting in order to be successful.

So far I have not seen any MLM companies that had a legitimate priced product so will this be any different?

I set out to get the details and post them here in my review for you.

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What Is Bizmo World And How Does It Work

Basically this is an app that you can use to network with people around the world and get answers to any problems you might have in your daily activities.

In other words “Life hacks”.

So what exactly is a life hack you might be asking yourself?  Simply put it’s a way to do simple everyday things a faster and better way.

Typically these are some pretty simple solutions to annoying everyday problems that we have.

The company has broken these down into different categories including:

  • Health – Sports – Wellness
  • Gaming – Digital
  • Travel – Outdoors
  • Eating – Drinking – Cooking
  • Arts – Culture – Music
  • Love – Success – Money
  • Beauty – Fashion – Lifestyle
  • Pet’s – Gardening
  • Family – Living – Do It Yourself

So what are some examples of life hacks?

  1. Have a smelly dorm room?  Answer: tape a dryer sheet over the AC unit and turn it on.
  2. How do I waterproof my shoes?  Answer: rub beeswax lubricating compound on them.
  3. How to iron a button-up shirt? Answer:  turn shirt inside out and iron over button side.
  4. How to cook pancakes with no mess?  Answer: put batter inside a catch and squeeze out in pan.

How Much Does It Cost To Join

Being that the company is based out of Germany the cost to join will be in euros but you can currently join for free for up to 36 days.

After 36 day trial is up you will then be charged between 10 euros a month to 30 euros a month depending on how many categories you sign up for.

For example:

  • 10 EUR ( $12.10 US ) for access to 3 lifehack categories
  • 20 EUR ( $24.21 US ) for access to 6 lifehack categories
  • 30 EUR ( $36.31 US ) for access to 9 lifehack categories

After looking at these costs to join I started to ask myself how often do I need answers to lifehacks and can I really justify paying $12 to $36 per month even if I did have a need for the service?

Personally I think the service is a little expensive if you ask me.

How Much Money Can You Make

If this is anything like most of the other MLM companies the majority of the people joining are just in it for the money making aspect and the actual promotion of the service will rarely be mentioned.

So now let’s check out the compensation plan and just how it works.

They have a 5 x 9 Matrix that they call the Dynamic Matrix System and how much you earn will be based on what level of the matrix your on.

For example there is:

  • Basic which you can earn on levels 1 through 4 (5% to 15%)
  • Pro which you can earn on levels 1  through 7 ( 5% to 15% )
  • Elite which you can earn on levels 1 through 9 (5% to 15% )

In order to earn commissions you will need to be a paying member. So if you joined the free 36 day trial then you won’t be able to earn any commissions during this period.

What Is The Potential Of This Opportunity

The company is claiming to be the first ones to developing an opportunity  to make money around life hacks.

So I was thinking that maybe there was a reason for this.

I mean if you think about it how often are you really in a situation where you need a life hack and that you would actually pay for one?

With Google getting more sophisticated and now people using voice commands to find what they need on their phone  would people really pay for this type of service?

Just for the heck of it I decided to jump on my phone and do some quick research to find out what type of information I could gather just by doing some quick searches.

What I found is that there is no shortage of websites or YouTube channels specifically showing you life hacks.

For example here is a YouTube video I found just as an example:

Now there are thousands of different videos that you can choose from on YouTube and watch from your phone as well as thousands of millions of websites also displaying  life hacks.

So I personally don’t believe that this opportunity will actually catch on.

Final Thoughts

Bizmo World might be a new spin on the popular subject of life hacks but I don’t believe that it will actually produce any kind of real income for those that sign up to make money with this.

Now I could be wrong and that wouldn’t be the first time!

But if you’re looking to build a legitimate online business to make money then I believe you need to look at a better business model than what is being offered here.

For me I am just going to stick with what I know and that is the affiliate marketing business model.

Make money selling other people’s products and creating a true lifestyle business just working from a laptop from any location.

That is why when anyone asks me what is the best way to make money online I usually will show them my #1 pick.

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