Is Atomy A Scam or Is It A Good Company?

Atomy is an MLM company based out of South Korea that has a business opportunity promoting their personal care products.

Typically these types of products have high margins and if you have the skills there is a chance that you can make some good money selling cosmetics and the likes.

Does that mean that you should sign up?

Well some are calling the company a scam while others refer to it as a pyramid scheme.

I had to find out what the truth is and here is what I discovered.

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What Is Atomy About & How Does This Opportunity Work

Multi level marketing is the business model where you can sell products retail but to really be successful you need to recruit or sponsor others.

When you recruit others they become your very own sales force and you get to earn income from their sales.

This is a very popular business model for skin care products because these products have huge margins so its easy to pay out commissions.

Atomy takes advantage of this business model but they also have a lot of competition from others such as Herbalife, Arbonne and Nerium International.

They must be doing something right because they have been in business since 2009.

A lot of mlm companies don’t make it this long.

Currently the company sells its products world wide so if you are in any of the following countries you can take advantage of this opportunity:

  • Singapore
  • Phillippines
  • Thailand
  • Malaysa
  • Taiwan 
  • Cambodia
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Mexico


The majority of the companies products are for skin care and personal care.

For Both Men and women.

Some of the popular ingredients include herbal tea extracts, amino acids and vitamin E and C.

As with most skin care mlm’s they also have their own anti-aging cream.

But they also carry some household cleaning products and an herbal supplement called HemoHim+.

This herbal supplement is supposed to work at the cellular level to help fight cancer and boost your immune system.

Personally I am a little skeptical when it comes to companies claims of being able to change your health at the cellular level.

The products are typically expensive and it is hard to prove that they actually are doing anything.

Product Pricing

What’s interesting is that the pricing is fairly reasonable for the products compared to other skin care mlm companies.

Below is a chart to get an idea:

Atomy Products Pricing

This is probably one of the reasons that they have stayed in business for years.


Compensation Plan

As with most mlm companies there are going to be different levels and ranks.

The ranks are called dealerships and there are 5 different ones:

  • Member with 300,000 PV
  • Agent with 300,000 PV
  • Special Agent with 700,000 PV
  • Dealer with 1,500,000 PV
  • Excellent Dealer with 2,400,00 PV

To reach any of these levels you will need to accumulate the points shown.

What your dealership level is will determine how much you make in commissions.

Another set of ranks can also be achieved and include:

  • Sales Master
  • Diamond Master
  • Sharon Rose Master
  • Star Master
  • Royal Master
  • Crown Master
  • Imperial Master

Overall the Atomy compensation plan isn’t too complicated compared to others that I have seen.


Things To Consider

Overall the company has seen some success and it seems that the products have been well received as far as quality and price goes.

So what other advantages do they have for their potential consultant/distributor

1. No sign up fees

That’s right it won’t cost you anything to get started other than the purchase of some inventory for demonstrations and maybe stock.

2. Stocking inventory not mandatory

Most mlm companies have a certain amount of products that a consultant or distributor will need to buy on a monthly basis to stay active.

This is usually called autoship.

Atomy does not have this requirement which helps newbies get started.

3. Rewards & Incentives

Once you make it to the Masters ranks there is the opportunity to be rewarded with such things as car rentals, travel tickets, computers and other perks.

Overall this mlm doesn’t look too bad on the surface compared to most I have reviewed. 


Atomy Business & Distributor Feedback

You can’t always judge a huge company like Atomy by their distributors feedback because their are 1000’s of distributors and the only feedback your going to see will be the negative ones.

But what you can do is get a feel for the problems that Atomy distributors might be having.

So I set out to see what I could dig up.

Surprisingly I did not come across any distributor complaints.

Being from the US I did notice that a large percentage of the Atomy business seems to be in Asia which makes sense.

And maybe the Asian culture frowns upon voicing the negatives they may experience as distributors?

It may also be due to the company not having a sign up fee.

Unlike some of the US based mlm companies which do have sign up fees which helps to make their distributors earn commissions.


The Atomy opportunity is legit and not a scam.

They offer reasonably priced products and their compensation plan is easy to understand.

With that being said I decided to do some searching to find distributors for their feedback.

I didn’t really have much luck though which is a good sign.

It seems that even though this company has been around since 2009 they haven’t really caught on in the US or many other countries for that matter.

I would be interested to know why so if you have any experience as an Atomy distributor please leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Is Atomy A Scam or Is It A Good Company?”

  1. i am an agent of Atomy and would be happy to share to you my experience about the bsness. i would love to do the affiliate marketing through your guidance as you are proud of it i trust it must be a great one,
    regards to your wife and baby. i am always proud of parents who have special dedication to their children. thank you and May our God guide you always as you guide your kids to be some responsible ones someday. 😉

    • I am actually a stay at home dad and have been divorced for about 3 years now.

      Working from home has allowed me the time to take care of my son without having to worry about who will take care of him when I am not home.

      If your looking to get into affiliate marketing I must assume that the mlm business model is not for you and your not seeing the results as a an Atomy consultant?

      I can help you affiliate marketing for sure just go to and I will email you a free starter course.

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