Is Affiliate Evolution from ODI Productions Worth The Money?

Everyday there are new courses popping up with the claim that they can teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Evolution is one of the newer courses that was created by ODI Productions.

He is a successful affiliate that you will often see promoting his training on YouTube.

This isn’t his first training course though.

So the question is will you learn anything new from his latest course or is it just another money grab?

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Who Is ODI Productions – Affiliate Evolution Review

When I first ran across this guy a couple years ago he was just moving into a swanky Chicago condo and he was starting to promote his first affiliate marketing course.

I watched a couple of his videos but never really had an interest in what he was promoting.

Then I started seeing him driving around in a Porsche and Lamborghini!

That’s when I started to look into who this guy was and was he legit?

It turns out that he was a successful affiliate that got started promoting products on Amazon as well as web hosting where he earned affiliate commissions.

The video below does a good job explaining what he was doing.

As you can see by the video he was selling some lucrative products and services.

Web hosting and Beats Headphones are expensive and the commissions are good so at least I knew that ODI wasn’t some fly by night marketer.

He knew how to pick the products and how to market them for maximum exposure.

Being in the trenches and knowing how things work gives him street credit in the affiliate marketing space.


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What Is In The Affiliate Evolution Course

When it comes to affiliate marketing in order to be successful you need to create content in some way shape and form.

Whether it be through a blog, social media or YouTube videos.

These methods won’t generate a lot of traffic in the beginning so many affiliates rely on paid advertising to get visitors to their offers.

So that is the main focus of ODI’s new course.

The good news is that he gives you 2 case studies to show the potential and what to do in order to make money with different techniques.

Case Study #1How I took an Affiliate Product from ZERO to $4,000 Monthly Recurring Revenue (BEHIND THE SCENES) – $4,000 Value

Case Study #2How I Turned My PASSION and $100 into a $3,000/Month Passive Income (BEHIND THE SCENES) – $3,000 Value

You will also learn what ODI is currently promoting to make big affiliate commissions.

All this adds up to a total value of $8,582 according to the website.

Things To Know

Case studies are a great way to learn things but typically they have an agenda behind them.

So if your paying for case studies its best to make sure that whoever is selling them is a neutral party.

Meaning that they get no financial reward.

That can’t really be said here with how ODI put together this course.

Because it is used as a promotional tool in order to get you signed up with newest affiliate product that makes big commissions.

That product is Clickfunnels.


Is This Course Really Beginner Friendly

You often here marketers telling you that its important to have a sales funnel.

This is true.

But a course for beginners that teaches sales funnels and promotes Clickfunnels is sure to be doomsday for a newbie.

For starters the cost of Clickfunnels will run $99 per month.

To make it work you have to drive a lot of traffic to the funnels that you set up with the software.

So hundreds of dollars per month will be needed for advertising on top of the monthly cost for Clickfunnels.

Don’t forget about the cost of the course as well.


How Much Does The Course Cost

The Affiliate Evolution cost comes in at $997.

Not exactly the cheapest affiliate marketing training that you will find.

Throw in all the other added costs that you will need to factor in and your talking quite a bit of money.

Now if you have that kind of disposable money and you are the type that can learn on your own as well as think outside the box this might be worth it.

But for the majority of people looking to get started online as an affiliate this is too expensive for what you get.


Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online but its not as easy as most gurus make it out to be.

Although ODI was in the trenches at one time making money selling regular affiliate products and services it appears he is focused on selling courses now.

There are a lot of people that say ODI Productions makes all his money off of selling courses.

And this is most likely true.

You don’t get to drive around in expensive cars and live in a mansion from selling headphones and web hosting.

What is looks like is that this course was set up to funnel members into ODI’s new money stream which is Clickfunnels.

Not exactly newbie friendly or for beginners in my opinion!


Comment below if you have an opinion or experience with the Affiliate Evolution Course!

8 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Evolution from ODI Productions Worth The Money?”

  1. This is a great article on what I am finding to be a ever expanding abyss of online marketing.  I only recently started to explore the affiliate marketing space.  Even newer to me is learning about Click Funnel, something that i fully intend to explore.  I am learning about the power of SEO in regards to affiliate marketing now, and am really appreciating Wealthy Affiliate’s take on educating an entrepreneur like myself while not charging me an arm and a leg.

    I love that you dissect this topic and the video review helps even more.  I just cannot get behind spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on these courses that are not a sure thing, and honestly, much of the content can be found for free or for way less through people like yourself, other Youtubers and websites like WA.

    I’m adding some of the companies you discuss or the video discusses on top of Click Funnels into my “to be researched” list.  

    Thanks and great job!

    • The first couple courses that ODI Productions did didn’t seem to offer the value that he was asking for them. A lot of people that bought the courses said they weren’t worth the money.

      That is why I was interested to see what was being offered in Affiliate Evolution?

      It just looks like a cleverly disguised sales funnel to get people subscribed to other services that he is promoting. 

  2. In my opinion, the course/training is valuable, but I think nearly $1K is too much for it. In my opinion, it should be charged at half that price. But I will say this, ODI does provide a ton of useful tips and advice for free, and I do class him as one of the top and most trustworthy marketers out there, But yea, that price needs to come down! 

    • No doubt he is a successful affiliate.

      There are better alternatives to Affiliate Evolution though that are about a quarter of the cost and provide more value than what is being offered here with ODI’s course.

  3. I agree with you that promoting funnels or how to market funnels to newbies is not that effective. I have tried that myself and it’s really hard. Those people making money out of promoting Click Funnels, they are promoting to fellow experienced marketers. It’s like you, experienced marketer, was the first to know CF and you decided to promote this program to your fellow experienced marketers by sending emails via your list. So, as you can see, all of you guys are experienced and not beginners. Plus, only experienced marketers especially those who are already making money are the ones with the guts to spend money in paid advertising. These are the reasons why I agree with you that these gurus are trying hard to make it appear it’s easy.

    • I see a lot of the top affiliates like ODI Productions encouraging their followers to buy into expensive products in order to start their online business.

      If your brand new to marketing signing up for expensive tools is not the way to get started.

      Unfortunately that is what is shown in the Affiliate Evolution course and why most of the people that buy into this course aren’t going to see success.

  4.  I had heard about ODI but I didn’t realize he charges so much for his training.

    First thought after reading this: I’m not gonna give away $997! From what I researched online, ODI’s Affiliate Marketing Class is now $5997 in value , One on one email support is $1997, Guide to SEO Ranking is $997, – it goes on and on. The total would be $10982.

    The problem with these marketing gurus is that they they’re all claims but don’t really share the strategy they did to come up with the earnings they’re bragging about. It’s like enticing and  putting their followers deeper and deeper into the well but there’s nothing really to see at the bottom. 

    Even if I have the money, I’m not gonna go for this. I’m still gonna hold on to my $997!

    • I’m not sure about the extra costs but I know he likes to funnel his students into other services that he earns commissions on.

      There are better alternatives to Affiliate Evolution that don’t cost as much.

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