Is 7 Figure Franchise A Legit Opportunity? [ What You Need To Know! ]

7 Figure Franchise is an opportunity that is being promoted as a way to make money online even if you’re a newbie. The founder Michael Cheney even goes as far as saying that his system basically forces you to make money whether you like it or not.

There are definitely some exaggerated claims being made on the website (commissionology) so I thought I would check out this opportunity to see if it was legitimate and if there were any complaints.

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What Is 7 Figure Franchise About

First thing I needed to do was figure out who Michael Cheney was because I hadn’t heard of him before.

After doing a little research it appears that Michael has been an online marketer since the late 90s and he promotes quite a few products as a affiliate most of which he has created.

Many of these products he created have been listed on JVZoo and the ClickBank Affiliate Networks.

Now the opportunity that Michael set up here is what he is called a franchise.

Basically what that means is that you will be paying him an upfront fee in order to have access to all the products that he has created by way of his sales funnel.


How To Make Money With This Opportunity

So in order to become a franchisee and start promoting the products to make money you will need to buy a license.

The cost of the license is going to be $1,997.

Now this might seem like an astronomical amount of money but the advantage of this franchise type of system is that all you need to do is drive traffic to a sales funnel that is loaded up with Michael’s products and when someone makes a purchase you get a commission.

The commission on any front end sales will be 100%.

So for example let’s say one of the leads that you generated purchases “Commission Black Ops” which is one of the products that Michael has created you would earn 100% of whatever the selling price is.

Let’s say that same lead makes another purchase two months later for another product you would then earn a 50% Commission because that is on the back end.


How To Make The Big Money

Most of the products that are going to be available are under $100 so it would take quite a few sales to generate a serious income.

When you become a franchisee of the 7 Figure Franchise system you can promote the opportunity two others as a way to earn big ticket commissions.

Say that you refer someone and they sign up and pay $1,997 for their license you would earn a commission of $1,000.

Not a bad payday right?

This reminds me of a similar license system that I reviewed a while back by Sarah Staar.

The advantage of these  opportunities is that the marketers have done all the hard work on the back end by creating the products and the sales funnels to promote the products.

All you need to do is drive the traffic to the sales funnel to make money.


Other Costs To Keep In Mind

Once you buy into this opportunity you now have ownership of the products as well as and all done for you sales funnel.

But in order to make any money with this you’re going to need to do advertising and get people to sign up that are interested in the opportunity.

Advertising is not cheap and will be an additional cost.

For example one of the best ways to generate leads is to use solo ads. a good solo ad provider will charge anywhere from $0.35 to $0.60 per click.

So for every 100 people that you send to your sales funnel it will cost you $35 to $60 roughly. The thing is that you’re going to need to send much more traffic than just 100 people.

Ultimately you’re probably going to be spending $200 to $300 per month minimum when you get started.

Another thing to think about is all the leads that you will be generating now become his customers.

You spent the money advertising to get all these leads into the sales funnel and now Michael has the names of your leads which he can market to over and over again on his list.


Can You Make Money With This Opportunity

There are a lot of people online asking if this is legit and can you really make money with 7 Figure?

There is no doubt that anybody that has enough money to buy traffic and send it into Michael’s sales funnel we’ll get some sales.

The problem is that most of the products that are being sold aren’t of much value to you when it comes to learning how to generate money by building your own business.

After all he has created all the products and he has the sales funnel all done for you so although it sounds like the ultimate opportunity you really aren’t developing your own marketing skills other than finding traffic.

If Michael were to decide to shut down 7 Figure Franchise then the money you invested would be lost.


Is 7 Figure Franchise A Scam

I wouldn’t call this opportunity a scam because you are getting actual products that you can market and make money from.

What happens is that many people that might get involved with an opportunity like this and spend $1000’s think that they will start earning an income just by buying into the system.

When they find out that they also need to spend more money for traffic they begin calling it a scam.

There is more to having an online business than just plunking money down and having someone else do all the work for you otherwise everyone would be doing it.


Final Thoughts

7 Figure Franchise seems like the ultimate business model for newbies looking to get started with internet marketing and making money online.

Although you get a lot of products to market along with a “done for you” sales funnel the over all cost of $1,997 is a little steep and there is no guarantee of making any money.

If your plan is to make a living from an online business then it is better to learn a skill that so that you can create your own products, traffic and sales funnels. This way you will be in control of your own destiny.

When I got started a couple years ago I was lucky enough to find an opportunity that taught the needed skills along with giving me access to the tools needed to be successful.

With that being said keep in mind that it takes hard work to learn how to make money online and you need to treat it as a business .

If your ready to take the next step and get started with your own online business then you should check out my #1 pick and set up your free account to try it out today.


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2 thoughts on “Is 7 Figure Franchise A Legit Opportunity? [ What You Need To Know! ]”

  1. 7 Figure Franchise sounds great in name, but the starting price is pretty high, almost $2k. Having said that, it does sound like the potential for big commissions is pretty high.

    To me this sounds okay and it sounds doable, but is also sounds like a person will need a bit of money to start with to buy in and then pay for enough advertising to make this profitable.

    • I have never used any of Michael’s products myself so I am not sure of what to expect for quality. I have seen different people online give conflicting information. Some saying that his products are good while other calling them junk.

      Personally I am not into spending close to $2,000 to find out so I will stick with what know works. If you want to learn how to make money online then you need to sign up with a legit company.

      The one that I got involved offered a cost sign up so that I could see what I was getting before joining and the cost is as low as $30 monthly instead of $1,000’s!

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