Is 12 Minute Affiliate Legit? [ See Review ]

You might be wondering whether or not the 12 Minute Affiliate System is worth the price?

I know I did and so I decided to do a review to get you guys the information needed to make an informed decision.

Could it be a scam in disguise or is it a legitimate training program able to help launch your affiliate marketing business?

Well let’s take a look at what you get and the potential to make money after purchasing this program.

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Can This System Really Teach Affiliate Marketing In 12 Minutes

After coming across the 12 Minute Affiliate being promoted by some of the big affiliate marketers out there I was intrigued.

But I knew better than to believe that I could get anything done in just 12 minutes.

Just like you though curiosity got the best of me and I had to check it out.SystemJust like you though curiosity got the best of me and I had to check it out.

What I discovered is that this program is put together so that even a beginner can do it.

See this whole system is based around promoting digital products from the ClickBank Marketplace.

As a member you get access to the tools needed in order to get a head start with your affiliate marketing business.

No need to run around piecing everything together.

Which can take weeks or months to get up and running.


How Does The 12 Minute Affiliate System Work

You might be thinking this is some new ground breaking system never seen before.

But I’m here to tell you it is not.

Basically you get instructions on a few things which include:

  • Setting up your affiliate account with ClickBank
  • Getting an autoresponder to build an email list
  • Buying traffic to promote your affiliate offers

See nothing amazing just your basic affiliate marketing steps for an online business.

Is There More?

There is a reason that 12 Minute Affiliate is called a “system”.

Although affiliate marketing is a simple business model beginners usually get stuck on the small details and eventually give up.

But 12 Minute Affiliate includes some “done for you” tools as I talked about earlier.

With this system you also get access to:

1) Sales Funnels & Landing Pages

Included with your membership is the ability to use sales funnels already set up in specific niche segments such as home business, weight loss and personal development.

A funnel is a great way to turn warm prospects into buyers.

All you would need to do is add some personal touches to customize the landing pages and funnels.

2) Professionally Written Emails

Once a lead has been added to your autoresponder you can use the series of emails provided in the system.

This is helpful to beginners that have no previous experience.

You will get weeks of emails that go out to your list encouraging them to purchase the products that your promoting.

3) Facebook Group

Becoming an successful affiliate will also depend on the support that you get.

Networking with others and learning what is working as well as getting encouragement is accomplished through the Facebook Group.

4) Done For You Traffic

None of the tools in this system will work without traffic.

In other words if you aren’t getting people to see what your offering you won’t make any money.

In the back office you can get traffic with the click of a button.

Just set your budget of what you want to spend.


What Is The Price

Now lets get to the 12 Minute Affiliate price because there are a couple different cost options depending on what you want to spend.

Price of 12 Minute Affiliate System

Basic Price

The basic price level is $47 per month for 1 niche.

So you can choose from home business, personal development or weight loss.

When you first sign up the cost will be $9.95 but this is only for the 14 day trial.

After the 14 days your cost will go to $47 monthly if you decide to stay a member.

Gold Price

At the gold level the cost will be $97 per monthly and the only added advantage is that instead of getting one niche you get three.

Other costs

Along with the the two different membership levels there are some upsells you can purchase including:

  • 3x Your Results Blueprint at $39
  • Done For You Setup at $67
  • Lifetime Membership $397(1 niche) to & $797 (3 niches)

Pros and Cons

After looking over 12 Minute Affiliate its easy to see what makes this a good program for some while others might find it lacking.

So lets go over the good and bad here so you can make an informed decision.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Beginner friendly
  • Facebook group for support
  • Done for you system

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • Driving traffic can get expensive
  • Limited to Clickbank products
  • Limited ability to learn on your own

Is 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam Or Legit System

After looking over this affiliate system I believe this is a legitimate opportunity.

You get tools and the opportunity to network with other members in order get your business off the ground.

The pricing is reasonable although I wouldn’t call it inexpensive.



If your looking to get into affiliate marketing and don’t know where to start then the 12 Minute Affiliate might be what your looking for.

Personally though I believe there are better alternatives such as CB Passive Income as well as Commission Hero if your into selling ClickBank products.

What makes this system appealing is that it is “done for you”.

But this is also the biggest negative.

See as a new affiliate you want to be able to learn the steps in order to become successful instead of depending on someone else.

How will you learn to become a successful affiliate if the 12 Minute Affiliate system does everything for you?

The answer is you won’t.

You will just spend a lot of money sending traffic to a pre-built system that 1000’s of other newbie affiliates are using.

With no guarantee of success.

My suggestion is to invest in yourself and learn affiliate marketing by learning the skills.

Once you have the skills you won’t need to depend on any of these “done for you” systems.

Feel free to leave a comment below about your 12 Minute Affiliate experience or opinion!

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