Initial Outfitters Review (Can You Make Money?)

Initial Outfitters Home Business

Initial Outfitters is another home based business selling bags, jewelry, knives and other personalized gifts through the multi level marketing business model. You also host parties as a way to sell the products. All you need to get started is to buy  a starter kit (see below) and you are in business. The question is can you make money with Initial Outfitters and should you join? Well lets review and see.

What makes it unique is that it offers to put your initials or name on the products that you purchase.

The company Intial Outfitters got its start in 2006 after two of its founders Jim and Alicia Storbeck found themselves out of work. They had seen the writing on the wall as the company they worked for had been downsizing and they new that they wanted to start their own business. The third founder was Beth Reeves, who had joined the Storbecks first company and helped to start Initial Outfitters.

Now if your a stay at home mom or somebody that has the need to earn money working from home then this might be an opportunity that would peak your interest.


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Initial Outfitters Consultant Opportunity

Would you be interested meeting new people or hosting parties at your home? If you said yes, then your showing an initiative to start your own business and there is an opportunity to make money as a consultant.

Although this looks like an easy make money kind of opportunity, you must realize that hosting parties and direct selling products is time consuming. It can take a chunk of time from your everyday life, so if your going to venture into becoming a consultant keep this in mind.

Initial Outfitters Consultant Starter Kit

To get you started as an Initial Outfitters consultant, you will have the opportunity to choose a starter kit. There are 3 to choose from and range in price:

  • You Know You Love Starter Kit For $79 – with this you basically get the business tools and supplies. You won’t get any of the products to show off.
  • More To Love Starter Kit For $129 – with this kit you get some of the actual products ( $300 retail value ) to show off and market to your potential customers. They will come with your name or initials on them. Also included is the business tools and supplies.
  • Love It All Starter Kit for $199 – this is the largest is the largest of the kits showing their best sellers. Its is said to have a retail value of $730. Also included is the same business tools and supplies as the less expensive kits.

Initial Outfitters states that most of their products range in retail price from $12 to $50 and that home parties typically generate about $150 to $200 on average for their consultants.

Now looking at these claims by the company, you have to ask yourself how many parties would I need to have monthly to obtain an income to make this opportunity worth it?

I think the best way to utilize the Initial Outfitters hosted party plan would be to meet new people and get them aquainted with the products and not necessarily use it to make a living. This way as a consultant, you would get repeat business by these new customers coming back to you for future orders.

Initial Outfitters Commissions

Initial Outfitters consultants start out with a 20% commission on their direct sales. Once they reach the first $1000 in sales they will earn an extra 5% for a total of 25% going forward.

Although a 20% commission may seem good on the direct sales and hosted parties, looking at the long term picture. A consultant must sell a lot of products to reach a level that the 20% would actually amount to a signifcant income.

Initial Outfitters is a multi level marketing company so by recruiting others and building a downline of consultants, you will be able to earn another 7% to 14% commissions off of their sales.

Can you build a team?

In order to make a residual passive income, one must build their team. This isn’t as easy as most multi level marketing companies make it out to be.


Initial Outfitters has a unique idea with its personalization of the products that its customers purchase. There is also a decent amount of products to sell.

If your one of those people that is outgoing and likes to mingle with the neighbors and others, then the consultant opportunity might be a good fit for you.

The downside of this opportunity in my opinion, is that if your looking to support a family or make a substantial income being an Initial Outfitters consultant then it would would probably not be what your looking for.

Based on the average amount made at house parties and the percentages made off of your downlines, one would need to do many house parties which isn’t realistic.

How many house parties can yo have before people become tired of it and stop coming? Same goes for your downline.

In my opinion, the Initial Outfitters opportunity would be great for people looking to supplement their income, not get rich or replace a good salaried job.

Better Opportunity

If your looking for a way to make money from home and not have to deal directly with customers or buy and stock inventory, then affiliate marketing may be just what your looking for.

You can start here!

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2 thoughts on “Initial Outfitters Review (Can You Make Money?)”

  1. This does seem like a legit business but you’re definitely right when you say that they make the sales sound really easy. Yes people do become successful with this but only a very small percentage make a full time income from this. I know because I’m an Avon Representative and have been for over 3 years. However, over the years, I have realised that it was getting me nowhere and now i only keep my representative account to benefit from the discounts myself. It has not grown a lot since I started. Maybe it’s just not for me. I will definitely check out your recommendation though. Thanks!

    • Hi Reyhana,

      Overall I don’t think Initial Outfitters is a bad program. Once you have a starter kit, your ready to start selling.

      It’s just that having house parties isn’t going to get you a full time income or probably not even a part time income. Then how do you get the products sold? Door to door or doing little shows?

      Also everyone knows that getting a team set up and selling by the multi level marketing business model is hard and most don’t make money this way either.

      There are better ways to make money online with no need to stock inventory or having to host parties.


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