Can Infinity Profit System Make Money – Review

Scam or legit? Check out my Infinity Profit System review and see what you think. Is there value in the products for what they cost and is this a long term business with a future? Often times these types of programs have very little actual learning material and promote the get rich quick mantra luring people in. So can the Infinity Profit System make money for its members?

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What Is The Infinity Profit System

The company itself is run by Dale Payne Sizer (DPS Marketing Group) out of Pennsylvania.

Looking at the company products it is apparent that they set out to put together a system where a person can get everything they need to market themselves.

The products are marketed using the MLM business model.

I believe this will be a continuing trend in the multi-level marketing world. You will be seeing more MLM’s marketing digital products and “business in a box” type of products.

Infinity Profit System Products

When you invest in a program and pay a monthly fee it is important to get products that have value and help you to grow your business.

  • Starter $25 per month – what you get here is the blogging system and a course to teach branding. This is a little confusing because typically a business coach doesn’t usually worry about branding in the beginning stages of a business. Maybe they are talking about personalizing the business?
  • Basic $100 per month – at this level their focus is to teach how to automate your business. This is an important step. Once the basics have been learned the next step is to scale up and this should be done with automation.
  • Corporate Partnership starts at $997 – this package appears to offer a way for a company to monitor their associates progress. There are some other things included as well such as a data importer and business manager software.

There is also a $10 monthly administrative fee that is not mentioned on the website.

Looking over the products it doesn’t mention anywhere how to actually recruit or build a team? Hopefully this is included, otherwise newbies are going to be lost and the company can expect growing pains.

Infinity Profit System Compensation

The compensation plan is structured as a “1 up”. If your not familiar how that works then pay attention and I will explain it.

Once you join at the starter or basic level, your now able to start recruiting others into your downline. Now the 2nd person that you recruit, their payment goes to your sponsor. This is called pass up. Still with me?

This will happen again on the 4th person that you bring into your downline as well. Their payment will go to your sponsor.

So, of the first 4 people that you bring into your downline, you only get paid on the 1st and 3rd. Then after the fourth all the commissions are yours.

Ok, so now that that is out of the way, lets get to the numbers.

There is the $25 and $100 level. Which one you joined at is going to be important and here’s why. With the Infinity Profit System compensation plan you only get paid commissions on the level your on.

So, if you are at the $25 level and recruit someone and they go to the $100 level, then your out of luck.

Infinity Profit System Rotator

Some people have come out and said that traffic was dying down for this opportunity and that is why a rotator was added.

If your not familiar with how a rotator works, then read on.

When you join your put into whats called a rotator. Once in the rotator you will receive a certain amount of traffic. Hopefully some of the traffic joins under you and helps build your downline.

The advantage of the rotator is that you get traffic and an opportunity of sponsoring new members that you may not have if you were trying to generate your own traffic.

Are people having success with the Infinity Profit System Rotator? Hard to say, as I don’t see many people talking about it.

Who is the Infinity Profit System For

Unfortunately this is an opportunity that really isn’t for anyone looking to build a legitimate long term business online.

These types of programs run for a couple years then lose there “shininess” when the money runs out and people start to realize it isn’t a long term play.

So if your considering testing this mlm out, then make sure that your using money that you can afford to lose, because chances are you aren’t going to make money with this.

Final Thoughts

When arriving at the website, it seems kind of generic as to what your paying for. There are no descriptive images of the blogging system or how it works.

You can’t really call it a scam because their are training products, although it seems the main focus is to sell the opportunity to make money.

Also there is no information on how their training is going to help newbies get traffic. If there is a lot of new people joining and unable to recruit others into the program, then Infinity Profit System is not going to last very long.  There will be a lot of unhappy people who lost money.

I wouldn’t consider this a long term business opportunity.

I have reviewed a lot of opportunities but I still keep going back to my #1 Pick here!

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2 thoughts on “Can Infinity Profit System Make Money – Review”

  1. I have dealt with many MLM systems and have learned about the different methods that they use. There compensation plans are always set up to avoid a pyramid scam by inserting some form of loophole to make them legit. The biggest problem with them, as you have addressed, is recruiting people to join. That is the number one problem with all MLM systems.

    I do not bother with getting involved with them due to that and look more to opportunities such as your number one recommendation.

    • There are a few similar type of mlm opportunities such as Infinity Profit System floating around. They have the Infinity Rotator that is supposed to help you get new recruits in your downline, but it never quite works out that way. It is not a long term opportunity in my opinion and there are better alternatives.

      Affiliate marketing offers a true way to build a passive income and can be started for very little start up costs. That is why I recommend it for those looking to get their online business going.


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