How To Make Money By Listening To Music Online (Simple!)

When it comes to side hustles not all of them are fun or enjoyable.

But you can make money by listening to music online and writing reviews to help new and emerging artists.

There are other ways as well such as listening to commercials or being able to transcribe lyrics of songs you have listened to.

So if you looking for something to do in order to make money and you enjoy listening to music this may be just what your looking for.

At the end of this post I also give you what I believe is the most lucrative way to earn income as a music lover.

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Playlist Push

This is a great way to make money listening to music from emerging Indie artists.

What you will need to have is a playlist with Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music along with at least 400 followers in order for this to work.

If you already have these then just sign up with Playlist Push as a curator.

The potential earnings will be $1 to $12 per review depending on factors such as:

  • How long you have been on the platform
  • Your reputation
  • Quality of your reviews
  • How many listeners your playlist receives

If you can max out all these factors then you can expect to make the most money as a curator listening to music.

Website here



Listen To Music And Transcribe To Make Money On WeLocalize

By signing up with WeLocalize you get to choose music to listen to.

In order to make money with WeLocalize you need to have MacOS and an iTunes account.

Another prerequisite is having a Gmail account.

Then you have to transcribe the song in order to make money which will be $4 per song.

Can you transcribe 4 to 5 songs per hour?

If so there is the possibility of earning $16 to $20 per hour listening to music online.

Once you get your account set up and your active you can get paid on a weekly basis for any of the music that is transcribed.

There are different genres including rap and hip hop.

Website here



Make Money Listening To Music On SliceThePie

When you sign up with Slice Of Pie you become what is known as a “scout”.

Now your ready to start reviewing and rating songs to make some money as shown below.

Slice The Pie Dashboard

Unfortunately your not able to choose a song.

You will have to listen to whatever song is given to you by Slice Of Pie.

In order to get credit for your review and rating you will need to listen to at least 90 seconds of the song.

Your not going to make a ton of money here because your only getting paid a few cents per song.

You would also need to have at least a $10 balance in order to withdrawal any money in your account.

But the interface is simple to use and if your a music lover why not make something while helping out emerging artists get discovered.

Website here


Research FM

Get Paid Listening To Music On Research FM

Sign up at Research FM and start rating music clips to start earning.

You won’t make money in the form of cash but you will receive Amazon gift cards for compensation.

Another great feature is that you can be located outside of the US and still have the ability to make money listening to music with this company.

Website here



Make Money Online Listening To Music With HitPredictor

Another website where you sign up to listen, rate and review music for compensation.

I say compensation because your not getting paid cash for listening to music your earning points which can be used towards prizes.

3 points per song to be exact.

Another way to earn with the site is by referring other that set up an account and listen to at least 5 songs.

You would then earn 25 points per referral.

Signing up and using HitPredictor is easy but I am not sure it even makes a good side hustle.

You need 1000’s of points just to be able to earn a prize.

Personally if I am going to be making money listening to music online I’d rather be paid cash directly to my bank account.

But it is another option for you.

Website here



Make Money With Musicxray

This works similar to survey sites where you sign up and then start receiving invites to listen and rate music.

The invites are based on your on the different types of music that you would enjoy listening to.

You will get paid up to 10 cents per song and you need at least $20 in your account before being able to make a withdrawal.

You will need to have a PayPal account set up in order to receive your earnings.

One nice thing about Musicxray is that you don’t need to be US based in order to make money with this company.

Website here


Tips For Getting Paid To Listen To Music

There are quite a few websites that will pay you for your reviews and ratings.

But in order to make the most money you have to spend a little time and put forth some effort to make the most of this opportunity.

When it comes to doing music reviews make sure that you write out a fairly long and accurate opinion on your likes and dislikes.

Don’t just right a bunch of one liners so that you can move on to the next song.

Same goes for giving ratings.

Be honest because these rating not only help the websites with the music but also the artists as well.

In order to earn the most money your going to need to join multiple websites.

Some will have a limited amount of reviews that you can do while others just don’t pay that well.


Earn Income Listening To Music Online With Your Own Website

As I stated at the beginning of this post I would give you a more lucrative way to make money by listening to music.

That way is to build your own website and do music reviews.

Just to give you an example of what I mean let’s take a look at a website called Pitchfork.

Pitchfork Website Example For Music Reviews

Pitchfork is a blog dedicated to the music industry.

When you land on their homepage you will see that they have some different categories at the top including one called “reviews”.

There are all different genres of music reviewed on this website.

So you might be wondering how to make money with your own music review website such as Pitchfork?

If you look closely there are some advertisements on both the homepage as well as the review pages.

Example Of Advertisement On Pitchfork Blog

The image above shows the advertisement on the right side on the review page.

This is how they make their money.

Visitors click on the ad and Pitchfork earns some money.

There are other ways as well to get paid listening to music from your own website.

  • Advertisements
  • Selling physical products
  • Affiliate marketing

In order to make money from any of these methods you will need to create content.

Reviews are a great way to get traffic to your own website but they are not the only way.

Any music related content can be beneficial such as news articles or event notifications.

The advantage of making money with your own music website is that you could generate significantly more money than you could listening to music from music review websites that I listed above.

But it won’t happen overnight.

There is more to getting paid listening to music and doing reviews for your website than just writing content.

You need to stay up to date with your social media presence and current marketing methods.

That is why if you decide to build your own website I suggest getting the right training.


Final Thoughts

If your a music lover and looking to make some extra cash then making money by listening to music online can make a good side hustle.

But you will need to join multiple sites and spend a lot of hours doing reviews and ratings to make pocket change.

If your looking to get paid what your worth and create a solid income as an online entrepreneur then its best to build your own music review website and online business.

This way you can control the income that you earn by the effort that you put into.

There are companies and training programs out there that can teach you how to do it.

I learned how and I am interested in showing others how to start their own online business as well in 5 easy steps.

4 thoughts on “How To Make Money By Listening To Music Online (Simple!)”

  1. Awesome. I’m glad that I came across this wonderful article. I never heard of it before, you’re the first one to tell me that listen to music can earn you money.

    You have suggested wonderful platforms. I’ll also look for such a platform for Hindi or Punjabi Music.

    How much money can I make listening to music online do you think?

    • You will have to look through the different platform to see which of the companies will pay you if your located outside the US.

      I will be adding more as I come across them so keep checking back.

      There are different factors as to how much money you will be able to make such as how many hours a day you work it, how many songs are available for review and rating as well as what you are getting paid.

      That is why I suggest starting your own website and doing your own music reviews as a way to get paid listening to music instead of relying on other companies.

  2.  I was always wondering if something like this existed and I am so happy it actually is. I can not imagine starting my day without a music and earning money while listening to some cool tunes seems so awesome to me.

    There is also a nice number of websites to choose from.

    I am would also be interested in starting my own website as you suggested and will sign up for your course.

    • I will be updating this post with other websites that I come across where you can get paid for listening to music so stop back.

      Glad your looking to do your own thing as well. I look forward to helping you start your own online business.


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