How To Make Money By Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

How to make money with affiliate marketing is a question that continually gets asked over and over again. You would think that with so many people looking to earn an income with this business model that the answer would be easy to find.

Well there are some considerations that you need to keep in mind if your going to work on becoming a successful affiliate.

So lets get started and go over what it takes to make money as a marketer and what you can expect on your journey to becoming an online entrepreneur.

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Is Affiliate Marketing Really All About Making Money

The short answer is “yes”!

After all if were going to be spending hours per day in front of a computer writing blog posts, doing videos or setting up advertising campaigns then we want to get paid for our efforts right?

But to ultimately be one of the successful affiliates that actually earns a full time income you need to realize that before any money can be made you will need to be a problem solver first.

This is one of the most important elements that gets overlooked by most beginners when starting out.

Think about it.

When you go online to make a purchase typically you first try to find out as much as you can about a product or service to make sure that your making the right choice.

You look for people that have used it and can offer some insight as to why they believe it is worth purchasing. They may do a write up or video giving the pros and cons.

This is valuable and can really help someone to make a decision in the buying process.

As an affiliate you need to provide this value to your potential customers any way you can in order to have long term success. Otherwise your just one of the thousands of other marketers out there just trying to make a buck in the eyes of your visitors.

So when you consider how to make money by affiliate marketing always keep the idea of adding value and helping people first before looking for the financial reward.

This is the secret sauce to success!


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Choosing A Niche

This one really stumps a lot of people in the beginning because we all want to choose the best one that offers the most earning potential.

So what happens is that we may choose too broad of a niche in which there is a lot of competition and we don’t have a clear audience to help.

As an example lets say that you choose weight loss as your niche because you know that it is very popular.

You go online building your affiliate business but as time goes on you start to notice your not really getting a lot of visitors to your website or you are spending a lot of money on advertising with few sales.

Chances are that you have not defined your audience.

Niche Down

It would be better to “niche down” and get a more specific targeted audience.

Here are just some ideas of what I am talking about:

  • Weight loss for men over 50
  • Weight loss for women over 50
  • Weight loss for divorced women
  • Supplements for weight loss for men
  • Weight loss for women with osteoporosis
  • Weight loss for men with diabetes over 40

As you can see by the examples above these are more targeted.

There are literally millions of niches to choose from when starting your affiliate marketing business.

Other possibilities include niches that you may be familiar with and enjoy doing such as camping, photography, cooking, construction, gardening, sports, yoga etc.

Just remember to try and laser target your niche so that you can dominate it instead of going too broad and competing with everyone else.


How Are You Going To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

There are different ways to promote affiliate products for your niche and they include free as well as paid methods.

Build A Website

My favorite way to make money by affiliate marketing is with a website.

For me I feel like I have a piece of real estate on the web that I can call home base.

I own it and all the content.

With content marketing you will do keyword research to find the terms that people are searching for within your niche and then write content around it.

If you do your keyword research correctly then you will find your articles ranking on the first couple pages of the search engines.

This is where people searching for information will eventually make it to your website where they will have the opportunity to get the help they are looking for. If you have provided the value I talked about early on then you can expect to earn income from these visitors.

Paid Advertising

With this form of marketing its typical for affiliates to set up what are called landing pages.

A landing page is just another term for sales page.

In order to get visitors to the landing page where they can learn about a product or service you will need to do some form of advertising such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads just to name a couple.

People searching for information will click on your ad and be directed to a landing page where they will opt in to your email list and then you will start promoting your offers using an autoresponder.

If you are going to make money by affiliate marketing using paid methods then plan on having some money set aside for an advertising budget.

Depending on your niche it can get quite expensive and you may actually have to take a loss until you figure out what works by doing a lot of testing using different landing pages.

Use Multiple Methods

Of course you can use more than one method.

For example I write blog posts weekly for the free organic traffic and I have just recently started doing YouTube videos.

Both of these methods are free other than my time but they are a form of passive income.

Write an article or do a video and they will be in the search engines for years bringing in organic traffic.

I have also experimented with some paid advertising and plan to do more of it because it allows me to reach people that may have never found me through organic search.

Then of course there is social media.

The important thing is to master one thing before moving onto another otherwise you will become overwhelmed and see little growth.


Finding Products For Your Niche

Due to affiliate marketing becoming more and more popular companies have been setting up their own affiliate programs including some major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Sears and Home Depot just to name a few.

There are also millions of smaller online stores that have their own affiliate programs.

In order to locate a merchant in your niche that you can be an affiliate for just do a search using  “your niche” + affiliate program as shown below.

Search For Affiliate Programs

This will bring up a list of merchants that you can sign up with to start promoting products.

Affiliate Networks

Another alternative would be to sign up with one of the many affiliate networks.

These networks have lists of merchants categorized so that you can easily find the ones related to your niche.

Some of the more popular networks to consider are:

Amazon has become one of the more popular affiliate programs for beginners due to the amount of products being offered as well as the tools they have making it easy to get started.

ShareASale is also newbie friendly so once you get all set up you may want to go sign up and check out the different products and merchants available in your niche.


Having The Right Mindset

If your going to make money by affiliate marketing in this competitive environment then you need to be mentally prepared.

What I mean by this is that many people jump into the business with good intentions but ultimately fail because they thought it would be easy.

There is more to it than just setting up a website or spending a bunch of money on advertising to drive traffic to your offers.

Realistically your not going to be making any money for months because it will take a certain amount of time to get set up and learn the ropes. Of course if you are getting the right training it will speed things along but still this is a business that your growing.

No one starts a business and has overnight success.

It takes time and hard work.

Most of the successful marketers online have been doing this for years and make it look easy. If you were to ask them how their first couple years were they would probably tell you that they failed many times.

What sets them apart is that they never give up and always find a way to make things work.


Final Thoughts

If you plan to make money by affiliate marketing then there is no better time to get started than now.

There are tools that streamline many of the different things you will need to start your business and currently the affiliate marketing business model is experiencing exponential growth.

If your just a beginner and need a place to start I recommend getting the training that will teach you the step by step process in order to get up and running.

Look for a training program that offers the support needed and is cost effective so that your not wasting money.

When I got started a couple years ago and decided that I wanted to make money by affiliate marketing I chose what I consider to be one of the top training programs online.

I am currently still a member as well.

So if your like me and ready to get serious about earning a full time income online as an affiliate check out my #1 pick here.


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  1. Hallo there Chris,

    I have to really appreciate the effort you have put in educating us about making money online. This is the kind of information I was looking for.

    You have answered all the questions I was having and have offered more. I am going to read your post two more times when I get home so that I can understand it well and get started right after.

    • Hi Dave I am glad that you enjoyed the article and I encourage you to try affiliate marketing because it is a great way to make money online with its low overhead costs (only need computer & internet connection) and the ability to work anywhere.

      If your just a beginner then get the right training from the start instead of trying to piece everything together like I did.

      If you would like go here and sign up on my list and I can guide you along with my favorite training program.


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