How To Do Affiliate Marketing On A Budget ( Get Started FREE! )

If your wondering how to do affiliate marketing on a budget and be successful then don’t worry because this post will help you with any questions you may have. If your a beginner looking for step by step training that teaches how to build a website, use Facebook or YouTube and find affiliate products then the good news is that it can all be done within your budget.

I personally started as an affiliate with a free account and learned the business. I will show you how to get a free account that you can use to build your affiliate marketing business including hosting.

There is no need to shell out $1000’s of dollars on expensive affiliate training and tools especially when there are better options including some that are free!

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Why Do Affiliate Marketing

There are some great reasons to become a affiliate and I will go over them here. This is a quick list to reference and I will go into more detail about the benefits:

  • Simplicity – in order to get started with your affiliate business the only things needed are an internet connection and a computer. I use a $75 used Chromebook to run my business, half the time in my pajamas!
  • Work From Anywhere – you won’t be locked to one location. Pack your computer up and go wherever you want to work on your business. Even without an internet connection you can still do the work until your able to get back online and upload.
  • No Inventory or Returns – great thing about the affiliate marketing business model is that you don’t need to stock or ship products.  The other added benefit of no products is that you won’t have to deal with returns and irate customers.
  • Schedule – structure your time around things you need to get done. Work at night or during the day while the kids are at school. Even take vacations and trips and pick up where you left off when you return.
  • Passive Income – do the work once and get paid over and over again. One page on your website could actually bring in income for years to come by targeting the right keywords.
  • Cost – getting started as an affiliate is one of the least expensive ways to start making money online. The basic costs are computer and internet connection which everyone already has. Then hosting for your website and your ready to go.

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How To Do Affiliate Marketing Effectively

There really are no tricks or secret methods to being a successful affiliate marketer.

There are some basics that should be followed though and the successful affiliate marketers use these basic techniques to grow there business and make money.

Do Affiliate Marketing Following These Steps
  • Personalize – treat your visitors as you would like to be treated. Show your visitors they are dealing with a real person behind the website. Give a little of your background information and build trust making a connection.
  • Quality Content – visitors to your website are there because they have a problem and they are looking for an answer. Before you can make a sale it is important to give them the information they need then it will make it easier to ask for the sale. Don’t try to sell them with thin content and advertisement plastered all over.
  • Promote Quality Products – in order to grow an affiliate marketing business its important to only market or promote products that you would be comfortable using. The goal is to earn trust and get repeat sales. Why would anyone want to buy from you if your just out for a quick buck?

Most beginners looking to do affiliate marketing will fail if they don’t keep these simple principles in mind.


Getting Started

There is a learning curve when it comes to getting started as an affiliate, but with the right step by step training and guidance it can be overcome fairly quickly.

The whole process can be summed up in 4 steps:

  1. Choose a Niche or Interest
  2. Build A Website
  3. Get Visitors
  4. Make Money

If your looking to do affiliate marketing without a website then you will need to have a good chunk of money set aside for advertising.

Building a website will attract organic traffic which is free, but it will take some time to get established. It is also the most budget friendly way because your trading your time instead of money.

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There are 2 options to get your affiliate marketing business started that include Free and Premium.  I will go over them here.

Free Account (forever)

Yes you can do affiliate marketing with a free website.

The free starter account gives you access to 10 lessons and you will also get access to hosting which can be used to build 2 free websites on a sub domain.

You will also have access to the forum, keyword tool, live chat, and live video training for 7 days to try out.

You can stay a free member for as long as you wish and work on your 2 free websites.

Premium Account

The premium account gives you full access to all the tools needed to do affiliate marketing effectively at a price that is unmatched in the industry.

Once you have chosen a niche and purchased a domain name then it is time to start building your website using WordPress.

Building a website is simple as shown below, it literally only takes a minute as shown below.

Buiild A Affiliate Website In Seconds

As a marketer your going to want to spend your time on the productive things to grow your business and make money, not messing around with the back end of your website hosting account.

The free and premium accounts allow members use the page builder to get WordPress set up with just a few clicks. There is no need to have any technical knowledge.

Adding Content For Free Traffic

The advantage of using a WordPress blog is that the content you write will attract visitors which in turn creates an income stream all for free.

To do affiliate marketing on a budget requires your time instead of wallet and creating targeted traffic is done by researching keywords.

A keyword is what visitors type into the search box when using Google or Bing to find what they are looking for. So using a keyword tool will help you to find the “money keywords”.

As a premium member you will have access to a easy to use keyword research tool as shown below.

Keyword Tool For Affiliate Marketing

Instantly find what keywords have the least competition and what variants can be used to get your posts ranked fastest.


Why Do Affiliate Marketing With A Website

The main reason that I started as an affiliate using a website was because it is the most budget friendly way. I didn’t want to lose a lot of money trying to use landing pages and pay per click advertising.

I had tried it in the past and it takes a lot of time and upkeep to run paid advertising.

Plus you can blow through a ton of money quickly with no positive results. So I decided to build a website and use content to attract visitors and create more of a passive income stream.

Reality Strikes

Just recently I realized another very important reason to have a affiliate website other than just being budget friendly.

It’s mine and I own it along with all the content that I created.

You see having your own domain and website is like owning your own house that is on a piece of land that you own as well.

Why is this important?

The reason is that there are other ways to make money using affiliate marketing including social media such as Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube.

Unfortunately though you have no control over what these companies do, so they can change the rules and ways that you can use their services. Resulting in a lose of income or maybe shutting down your business.

So if you want to do affiliate marketing with Facebook or YouTube it is still a good idea to have your own website to fall back on as the foundation to your affiliate marketing business.



If you had any doubts on how to do affiliate marketing on a budget, I hope that I have given you some things to think about.

It is possible to get started for free and you can get awesome training and tools for as low as $1 per day if your really serious about growing an affiliate marketing business.

I think this is one of the best business models for making money with the least amount of risk and one that can be started even if your technologically challenged.

With that being said I want to point out that this is not a get rich quick program and it will take some dedication as well as commitment.

Don’t just do affiliate marketing for money, do it because you want to build a business and create a lifestyle where you can work from home and have the time to do the things that matter.


Let me help you get started the same way that I did by setting up a free account now and click here for my FREE 5 Step Course!


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  1. This is one of the best guides to do affiliate marketing on budget. As per my knowledge the involvement of cost is very minimal in affiliate marketing if one really works by himself. After starting one free website, one needs to invest time in writing quality content for that website. Quality and SEO friendly content bring more traffic. And more traffic means more money. And to learn all things related to affiliate marketing there is one online platform- Wealthy Affiliate. I definitely suggest newbie affiliate marketers to learn ABCD of affiliate marketing from Wealthy affiliate.

    • I appreciate the comment Himbru.

      A lot of people are afraid to do affiliate marketing believing that it is expensive, but in reality you can start very inexpensively. 

      I show newbies how to get started for free and see what is involved at no cost, that way if they like it they continue on and if they don’t then they can try something else.

  2. Great post to understand affiliate marketing and its an encouraging post for newbie who are afraid regarding budget and loss. After digging into this post I get to know affiliate marketing requires not much budget but it requires hard work and a lot patience. After reading this post I am also thinking to make an affiliate website like coupons or cashback because I have some basic information about these affiliate marketing types and now I wanna make a website on one of them. One of my friend recommend me revglue’s revembed technology for this purpose as its a UK base registered company but I am little confused while using it because its a new website. Anyone has a experience with it. please help me in this respect. Waiting for your response and thanks in advance.

    Thanks for sharing this great article.

    • Sorry Alex I have no experience with the company that you are talking about.

      My main goal with this article was to encourage people who may be on the fence about starting their online business to give my free option a try.

      If I can help you with affiliate marketing in anyway let me know and I would be happy to work with you.


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