How To Choose The Best Autoresponder Software

Whether you have an online business or off line business email marketing should be one of the ways that you grow your business.

Its inexpensive and can be easy to implement as well.

Even for newbies.

So you might be wondering which is the best autoresponder software for you?

Let’s go over what to look for and what the different options are.

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Email Marketing Software & Why You Should Use It

I am a big fan of controlling as much as you can when it comes to your marketing.

Doing email marketing and using an autoresponder is one of your best solutions.

Cost Benefits

In order to sell more products and earn an income its important to get in front of as many people possible that are interested in what your selling.

Marketers spend a ton of time and money trying to generate traffic.

For example I have used Google Adwords to drive traffic to landing pages on my blog.

Once there visitors sign up and get added to my email list.

My email autoresponder software starts sending them the information that they want plus some other offers that I think may be of interest.

So I only had to pay once to get these potential customers.

When your spending your money on such things as Facebook Ads or Google Adwords it can become quite expensive.

A simple low budget advertising campaign can run $200 to $500 per month.

So you want to make sure that you capture leads and get them added to your email autoresponder software.

This helps you get more bang for your advertising dollars.

Don’t Make This Mistake

One mistake that I see a lot of marketers making is not capturing their leads.

They are afraid that the best autoresponder software is too costly.

But that really is not the case if you set it up properly and actually use it.

Even if you have a blog and your writing your own content.

Time is money.

All the visitors that you are getting can be turned into potential customers down the road if you get them on your email list and start marketing to them.

Some of the top autoresponders such as GetResponse and Aweber can be had for as little as $10 per month depending on the plan that you choose.


Should I Use Free Autoresponder Software

Although there are some very reasonably priced email autoresponder services that you can choose from some marketers want to go the free route.

Nothing wrong with that as long as you get what you need.

If your just starting an online business then your not going to have a lot of opt-ins so a basic service such as MailChimps Forever Free Plan may work for you.

They allow you to have up to 2000 subscribers on their free plan.

If you need a simple way to send a newsletter or you run an e-commerce store then MailChimp can work for you.

As for internet marketers this specific autoresponder service would not be a good choice.

Many marketers have had accounts shut down.

Another popular free autoresponder service is MailerLite.

They also have a “Forever Free Plan”.

Their plan offers you 1000 subscribers but unlike MailChimp you get access to all the features of their software.

If your considering starting with a free autoresponder software make sure to look at the different levels as far as pricing and features.

Eventually you will outgrow your free plan and need to upgrade.

This is typically where these free autoresponder services make back their money.

They will be more expensive on the upgrade plans than other autoresponder services that you would have initially started paying for from the start.


Features Of Autoresponder Software To Consider

Ok now lets talk about what features you need to consider when trying to make a choice between the different email services and their autoresponders.

User Interface

GetResponse Autoresponder Interface

When it comes to logging in and setting up an email autoresponder sequence or sending out a newsletter it should be easy to do.

You don’t want to be fumbling around for 20 minutes trying to remember how to do it.

So its important to look at the different email service providers and their interfaces.

  • Is the interface modern and up to date
  • Is the dashboard organized
  • Are statistics easy to find for your optins and mailings
  • Can you arrange and customize your dashboard

List Segmentation & Automation

These are other important aspects to consider when building your email list.

Its possible that you will be marketing different products or services.

For example lets say that you have a blog dedicated to the outdoors and a couple of categories that you talk about are tent camping and recreational vehicles.

Although these 2 categories have to do with the outdoors there will be people on your list that may not want an RV or maybe some RVers that don’t want to camp in a tent.

So it doesn’t make sense to send them all the same emails.

Your autoresponder software should have the ability to segment your visitors to certain lists.

By doing this you will get the benefits of:

  • Higher open rates
  • More engagement from subscribers
  • More sales
  • Less people unsubscribing


To get the most out of your autoresponder software you may need to integrate it with other software.

For affiliate marketers having the ability to integrate with landing page software such as Clickfunnels or LeadPages can increase sales significantly.

If your a statistics geek you may want to make sure that the best autoresponder software for you is one that can be integrated with Google Analytics.

Other integrations can include:

  • Web forms
  • Google and Bing Ads
  • CRM software
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Chat software

Mobile Phone App

Another feature that is nice to have when it comes to email marketing is the ability to monitor your campaigns on the fly is a mobile app.

Autoresponder Software Mobile App

So if your a marketer that is always on the go you may want to make sure that the autoresponder software that your considering has a mobile app.

Things that you can do with a mobile app include:

  • Create and send emails to your lists
  • Track your statistics
  • Add or delete contacts

One scenario where I could see it being useful is if you were doing trade shows and would like to add people to your email list as you met them at the shows.

For the most part though I think the best way to use the mobile app with any email autoresponder service is to monitor your campaigns.

At a quick glance you could see how they were performing.

While this is a great feature to have I wouldn’t say that it was a necessity when it comes to email marketing.


Email Deliverability Rate

Most email autoresponder services claim a 99% deliverability rate.

I don’t necessarily believe this to be true though.

Often times you will find that your emails are landing in your subscribers spam folder.

In which case this is considered “delivered”.

Unfortunately due to bad marketers that have spammed their lists we now have email providers that use very good spam filters.

So no matter how good your email autoresponder software is its almost impossible to get a 99% delivery rate.

So what should you do then?

My suggestion is to go with a reputable autoresponder service.

Which brings me to my next suggestion.


Go With A Reputable Established Company

When choosing the best autoresponder software it is best to choose a company that is dedicated to email marketing and has been around for a while as well.

Often times I have seen marketers using email autoresponders services from companies that aren’t dedicated providers.

Some examples are multi level marketing companies.

Often times they will have an autorsponder service that their consultants can use as well as promote as a way to earn an income.

From what I have seen these are unreliable and don’t offer the best delivery rates.

So stick with companies that are strictly dedicated to providing the best autoresponder services and this is their only business.

Some to consider are:

  • GetResponse
  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • ActiveCampaign

Many of these companies have been around for years and know how to get your emails delivered.



Choosing the best autoresponder software is not an easy task.

The best thing to do is make a list of the actual features you need instead of looking for the most features for the least amount of money.

Then try the different autoresponder services to see which of the interfaces you like.

The most important step is just getting started.

Building an email list will be one of your best marketing methods and once you set up your autoresponder it will do all the hard work for you.

All you will need to do is fine tune it over time.

14 thoughts on “How To Choose The Best Autoresponder Software”

  1. I’m a newbie in online business and I do not know the best way of choosing autoresponder software but reading through this article . I have been educated and informed on everything I need to Know concerning that. You also made mention of an email list. Pls can you just give me a brief on how I can go about that?. I will be looking to your reply.

    • Hey Lok building a list is a relatively simple process.

      Once you decide on a email service to use they will provide code that you can place on your website or landing pages.

      This creates an opt-in box where people sign up to be on your email list.

      The best way to get them to sign up is to have some kind of lead magnet. Give away a free e-book or something else in order to get people to sign up.

      That is the basics of getting an email list started.

  2. Hi Chris,I’m a newbie and still no emailing list. I’m still concentrating on making blog posts which is quite a struggle for me because I still work full time plus with other responsibilities at home and the community.I know the email list is a really good way to increase traffic  and sales. I’m quite scared to start it because I’m not monetizing my site yet and it might cost me a lot.But I will start to look into your suggestions here.Thanks,Marita

    • I understand Marita.

      What I did was to wait until I started to get some visitors to my website and then I signed up with an email service provider (I chose GetResponse).

      I had already done my research ahead of time so I knew the basics about building an email list and how to get started.

      But there is a learning curve and you need to build an email sequence that goes out on a regular basis to keep your list engaged.

      I would implement autoresponder software as soon as you start getting some traffic.

  3. Email marketing is really powerful in generating traffic to ones business (offline or online) and the importance of Auto-responders cannot be over emphasized. As you have said, its very important for one to note down the features needed in an auto responder and making that a bases for ones decision on a particular choice. I love a point you mentioned which is “getting started is the most important step”. I see that is really true not only in Choosing the best Autoresponder but it applies to all facets of life. Thanks so much for this wonderful and inspiring review. 

    • You can get “paralysis of analysis” looking at the all the different email service providers and what they offer.

      Its best to narrow down what will work best for you by making a list.

      The list should include the things that matter the most and if there is the possibility of expanding and staying within your budget.

      Email marketing for beginners is inexpensive and it takes some time to get an auto sequence set up and fine tuned.

      But an autoresponder for email marketing is essential to a successful online business!

  4. You are right, choosing the perfect autoresponder is not easy and I have tried them all. Aweber was my favorite, but the expense was a bit much at the time. Since then I have dabbled with a few and still do.

    I must admit that every marketer should have one as it saves a bunch of time and lets you send to your list with the click of a button.

    I also like Sumo which is a plugin and it seems to be working well on some of my sites. I will let you know when I have found the perfect free one as I am still at the experimental stage.

    Thanks for a most informative article.

    • I agree you want to sign up for the best autoresponder from the start but its hard to know which one and they can get expensive over time.

      But you should be making money with your list and if you plan to be successful it is one of the tools needed.

  5. Hi Chris

    Just a quick note…

    I was looking into autoresponders and came across your website. 

    I am glad I did as you have provided some information on a subject I had not give enough thought to.  I was looking for free or very cheap and after reading your article I am starting to rethink my email requirements, I thank you for that.

    One thing I worry about is once I decide on a autoresponder what happens if I outgrow them and want to move? Can I take my contacts with me or do I lose them? Read the fine print.

    I was promoting a Clickbank offer a while back and did  a little business but I did not use an autoresponder so all the customers just went to the company. I lost out on building my list, that sucked but I was new, now I know better.

    No matter who you talk to building your list is the key to success or failure in capturing long term sales. I very happy I came across your site and will spend some more time here checking out some of your links.


    • Yes it is important to not spend money on advertising until you have your email autoresponder set up and able to catch your leads.

      Otherwise your just throwing your money away.

      If you decide to change autoresponder services and go with a different one you can export your list and import to a different company.

      This is not always an easy task and the procedure will vary from company to company.

      If you want to be successful long term with your online business then building an email list is the one of the steps to getting there.

  6. This is very interesting I have not thought of using an autoresponder. I will have to look those sites up. 

    It seams like a great idea for those that are doing some type of marketing. I use Google Ads, Bing, Pintrest and Amazon ads for my advertising.  

    It only makes sense to capture leads after spending money advertising.

    • Rarely do visitors to a site make a purchase on the first visit. Studies have shown that you need to reach out to them around 7 times before they will feel comfortable making a purchase.

      The only way to do this is with email autoresponder software.

      Once they are on your email list you start the relationship building phase which helps to build trust and eventually increase your sales.

  7. Couldn’t agree more with using a mobile phone app with an email autoresponder service. You can always pull out your smartphone to monitor your email announcements are getting delivered or updating you with opt-ins (outs). Having instant access to real-time reporting right from the palm of your hand will help you become a smarter marketer, and make better decisions about how you promote your business online.

    • I use GetResponse which does has a good mobile app for my Android phone.

      The only thing I usually use it for is checking the stats on a new email that I send out.

      But is nice to know that there are different autoresponder software out there that has this ability.


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