How To Build An Email List For Beginners Guide

If you plan to be successful online with whatever business your in then your going to want to build an email list.

A lot of beginners struggle with what email service provider to go with as well as how to set up their autoresponder to engage the subscribers to their list.

So I put together this quick guide to help you get started.

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Why You Should Build An Email List

When it comes to your online business you want to make sure that your in control of as much as possible.

Let me explain.

I see a lot of emphasis being put on building up social media profiles and using social media as a way to market your business.

There is no doubt that social media is a powerful way to attract like minded people to your product or service but the problem is that you don’t own the content that you put on it.

Yes that is the reality.

I just recently learned the hard way after spending time getting my Facebook page built and attracting visitors.


They Unpublished My Page

What happened one day is when I logged into my Facebook Page I had a notice waiting for me that says:

“Your Page has been unpublished

It looks like recent activity on your Page doesn’t follow the Facebook Pages Terms. If you think your Page was unpublished in error, you can appeal and we’ll take another look.”

I looked over the posts that I had on my page and could not find anything that was violating the terms of their service.

So I appealed.

“You appealed this decision. It was denied Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 6:45 PM”

Now if you have ever read the terms of service for any of these different social media platforms you will see why its so hard to figure out what is acceptable and what is not.

They leave the wording very broad so that it basically covers just about anything leaving you with no options if they decide that they don’t like your content.

So lets get back to why you should be building an email list.

The main reason is because you own it.

If your going to be spending time and money trying to grow your online business then why would you take the chance on a marketing medium that you have no control over?

Exactly you would be crazy to because your business could be gone overnight.

You can still use social media but you can get a lot of your followers to opt in to your list so that you can always communicate with them no matter what happens.


Another Very Important Reason To Build An Email List

Hopefully I have opened your eyes to why having a list is to your benefit due to the fact that you own it but there is also another important reason as well.

Capture The Email Address Of Your Visitors

The reason is that most visitors to your website are not going to buy your product or service on the first visit.

Most beginners have this misconception that all they need to do is send traffic to their offer and the sales will start coming in but that is not the case.

Studies have shown that a visitor to your product or service will need to see it 5 to 7 times before they will feel comfortable buying it.


Here is an example to open your eyes as to how important this is.

Suppose that you are running some kind of paid advertising whether it be Google Ads or Facebook ads and the cost per click is .50 to $1 per click.

These costs can add up to $100’s or $1,000’s per month.

So if the visitors are coming to your website and leaving after the first visit then its like throwing money away.

A lot of money.

In order to get a better return on your money you could have an opt in so that you could get these visitors to subscribe to your email list where you could continue to promote your products to them.

This way your stretching your advertising dollars.

You also have the ability to promote to these same subscribers well into the future.


What Are The Steps To Get Started

Ok so now that you see the importance of building an email list you might be wondering how to get started?

Get Started Building Your Email List

Step 1 – Figure Out What Your Needs Are

Are you just looking to create a list to send a weekly newsletter to or are you an internet marketer that will be sending a high volume of emails promoting different offers?

There is also the cost.

You can start building your email list for free as there are some providers that have a no cost option to get started while others typically start at about $10 to $49 per month.

The cost is determined by how many subscribers you have and what features that will be needed.



Step 2 – Choose An Email Service Provider

Not all email service providers are equal and not all are the best for the different business models.

For example if you are an affiliate marketer many of the email service providers won’t be a good fit because they frown upon having affiliate links in your emails.

This is one of the reasons that I chose to go with GetResponse.

They were a good fit for me because they are affiliate friendly and offer the best pricing and features for what I need.

Maybe you are running an e-commerce business and you need to have some automations set up for abandon carts or contacting buyers to offer them additional discounts if they buy more products within a certain period of time.

There are some email service providers that are good this.

Here is a list of the more popular email service providers that you can choose from:

  • GetResponse ( good for internet marketers )
  • Aweber ( good for internet marketers )
  • ConvertKit (good for bloggers )
  • Constant Contact
  • SendLane ( good for internet marketers )
  • MailChimp
  • MailerLite
  • iContact
  • InfusionSoft
  • ActiveCampaign

If I missed any then let me know and I will add them to the list.


Step 3 – Take The Time To Set Up Your Autoresponder

One thing that I have noticed is a lot of people set up their autoresponder with a “thank you for subscribing to my list” reply message but then I never receive another email from them again?

Or I get an email a month or 2 down the road and I forgot that I had even been on their list.

You have to remember that the reason to build an email list is for the ability to stay in contact and build a relationship with your subscribers.

Its worth the effort to set up a sequence of emails that will warm them up to your products and services.


Set Up 5 to 7 Emails

Remember that your subscribers need to be contacted at least 5 to 7 times before they will feel comfortable with your offer so it would be a good idea to at least start with 5 to 7 emails in your autoresponder.

How to determine the frequency as to how often to send them?

This is debatable depending on who you talk to.

I have seen some marketers say send them everyday while others every other. Some will say that once per week is enough.

I think it really depends on what your promoting or your niche.

For me I found that its better to send emails everyday after they subscribe for the first 7 days and then go to a once a week schedule.

Some people just jump on list after list and forget which ones they have subscribed to.

So if you wait too long or you don’t get in front of them from day one chances are that they will be less response.


What To Use In The Email Sequence

This is an area that stumps a lot of people but it doesn’t have to.

The easiest way to get an email sequence is to join the email list of a competitor to get ideas of how they have theirs set up and what they promote to their list.

You don’t have to copy their emails just use it for ideas on how you can craft emails to send to your list.

When you build an email list nothing is set in stone so everything can be tweaked and changed as time goes on.

I have made some small changes to some of my email sequences that made a big difference in conversions in return earning me more money.


Final Thoughts

If you don’t already have an email list then its time to get started.

The cost is relatively inexpensive for the potential benefits that come with the having a list of 1000’s of potential customers.

I found it to be a great addition to my online business and it is something that I look to grow heading into the future.

Just keep in mind the price range and features that you will need to find the email service to build your list with.

When it was time to build an email list I chose GetResponse because they had all the features that I needed at an unbeatable price plus they integrated with all the major services and softwares.


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14 thoughts on “How To Build An Email List For Beginners Guide”

  1. Hi Chris
    Thanks so much for sharing, although I have been blogging for a while, I never had an email list because I felt(the insecure part of me) that no one would want to sign up to my list.
    Another reason I never built a list was because of the sales email I do get from the lists I subscribed to, I know someone or 2 who I had to unsubscribe because I was getting over 3 emails a day, all selling this or that must have product.I`m sure you know the feeling.
    Maybe all these are excuses that I have to overcome and start building a list “the money is in the list they say” but then again, I`d hate for every email I send to my subscribers to be a sales email, it sounds pushy to me but that`s what most online marketers do.
    Thanks for explaining things so well, you`ve given me the motivation I needed to start building a list, really appreciate.

    • I am glad that you plan to build an email list because for the cost its really inexpensive and it is something that your able to control along with your website.

      The best thing to do as a beginner is just getting started and fine tune things as time goes on.

      Nobody starts out with the perfect sequence its something that takes time and testing to get right.

      Consider it a investment in your business.

  2. Thank you for the information on building an email list. Yes it is true me being a beginner affiliate marketer I need to learn how to create an email list so I can keep up with my potential customers. 

    I believe a list is an asset and one of the few ways that you have control over your online business. 

    I will be starting my list this week thanks to your post. 

    Thank you again I appreciate it.

    • Its true Quinn having a website and email list are 2 assets that you actually can control.

      Some marketers do all their business by email because it allows you to build a relationship which in turn results in more sales and income.

      Checkout GetResponse if you haven’t already.

      This is the service that I use and I have been happy with them so far.

  3. This is something I am working on currently. Building my list. I am over the fence about MailChimp or just using ConvertKit. Thank you so much for the detailed article and for giving me some clarity as to what I should do to start running my email campaigns. Thanks again and much success! 

    • No problem Andrea.

      I looked at both of those email service providers as well before I signed up with GetRepsonse.

      MailChimp wasn’t affiliate friendly and ConvertKit was too expensive for me.

      Whichever you choose I am sure will work for you.

      The important thing is to start building your list now as a means to monetize for future income.

  4. This is going to help me so much since I’m just starting my website. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Sometimes I feel like it would get overwhelming sending out emails plus writing a blog post. Do you know the basic length that the email should be? I don’t want to start out too short but also too much information. All the blogs I’m subscribed to have both strategies but I don’t know what is the best when you first start off.

    • Unlike a blog post that gets better ranking in a search engine when it is longer an email has no such issue so the length of your emails is really up to you how long they are.

      I tend to keep mine around 200 to 300 words in length but it depends on the topic.

      Once you set up your autoresponder you can slowly build an email sequence over time that sends out the information you want your list to receive.

      To get some ideas of how to build your email list just subscribe to others that are in your niche and see how they format theirs and the topics that they talk about.

      This would help you to get started. From there you can add your personal touch!

  5. Thanks for the great article , it’s very informative been looking a lot how to build email list and you helped me very much , will follow your step and let you know how it works for me and how that impact my website.and you listed the service provider saved me a lot of time looking for where to start .Great stuff


    • No problem Aly its never too late or too early to start building a list.

      Its part of the foundation to your business.

  6. I need to start collecting email addresses to follow on enquiries. 

    With an opt in sign up form is that just a box that you can get to flash up on the screen after a visitor has been on your site for 10 seconds or more? 

    I’m thinking of putting in it please sign up for my newsletter, would that be sufficient?

    How does getresponse compare to  aweber? I’ve bern looking at aweber after trying MailChimp.

    I’ve not heard of get response before. 

    • You should start collecting emails as soon as you start getting traffic to your website.

      MailChimp is not affiliate friendly as many affiliates have found out by getting their accounts shutdown.

      If your into affiliate marketing then Aweber or GetResponse will be good options as these 2 email services cater to marketers.

      They offer the code that you can insert into your website for the sign up forms to collect your visitors email addresses.

  7. From what I’ve heard on the grapevine, email marketing can be extremely lucrative for both online and offline business owners. As a blogger myslef, email marketing is something I really want to dive into. But with so many courses out there (especially expensive ones), it’s difficult to choose a cost-effective one that will show me the ropes in-depth.

    However, I’m thankful for your email list building guide for beginners because at least it means I can get started off on the right foot and without having to invest a chunk of change upfront.

    But as for social media, I think it sucks that platforms like Facebook have ALL the power over our pages because from your experience, these platforms can easily destroy your chances of success without giving you a real reason why.

    In my opinion, it seems having YOUR OWN platform is the best way to build any business. So growing an email list using a website, opt-in form, and an autoresponder certainly ticks that box.

    I appreciate the steps you’ve shared and especially recommending GetResponse because I have heard from numerous affiliate marketers that certain autoresponder services won’t allow links. So it’s awesome to know that there’s one out there that’s more relaxed when it comes to affiliate links in emails.

    Thanks for putting me on the right track, Chris!

    Neil 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback Neil.

      I have basically abandoned social media and started to put more effort into email marketing and growing my list.

      So far I have been happy with my progress and the GetResponse email service.


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