How Do You Start In Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner?

How do you start in affiliate marketing if your new and don’t have much experience with internet marketing.

This is a common question from beginners.

I had the same question as a newbie when I got started and through some research and trial and error I learned what was needed.

Let’s me break it down for you in a simple format.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing Online

First lets start with the business model itself and how it works.

Made popular in the 1990’s by Amazon this business model has seen some astronomical growth and for good reason.

It benefits both online businesses as well as affiliates.

Benefits For Businesses

What is the benefit for the online business?

Basically if you have an online business its important to get your products and services seen by as many people possible.

One way to do this is to spend money on advertising.

The problem is that this is costly and many smaller companies can’t afford to spend $1,000’s monthly on advertising.

So they use affiliates as a way to promote their products.

This benefits the company because they don’t spend money until a visitor makes a purchase from following an affiliates link.

Simple concept right?

Benefits For Affiliates

Now the benefits for affiliates are numerous and I will touch on them here.

Low Cost To Get Started

As a beginner to affiliate marketing your probably interested in this business model because of the low cost to get started.

Signing up for any affiliate program to promote is typically free so signing up for 1 or 100 really doesn’t make a difference.

Tools Needed

As an affiliate marketer there are a couple main tools you will need to be successful and that is a website and email list.

Having a website allows you to write content and provide information that people are looking for regarding a specific topic.

Best part about having a website is the ability to promote different affiliate products and services with no cost other than web hosting which is reasonable.

You can build a website quickly using WordPress which is an open source software.

All it takes is a few clicks.

Next its a good idea to also have an email list to build a relationship with visitors to your website.

Through the use of an autoresponder you can send out a series of emails on a regular basis to promote affiliate products.

This is another cost effective tool that should be in your marketing arsenal.

One of my recent posts goes over the affiliate marketing tools that a beginner will need if you want to check it out.

Millions Of Niches To Choose From

Another benefit is the ability to promote any number of products or services.

You will need to choose a niche for your affiliate marketing business.

Surely you have a hobby or an interest in certain topics. These are considered niches that you can build your online business around.

This can also be a sticking point when you start in affiliate marketing.

Many people find that they have many different things that they can build their online business around.

So which one should they choose?

The good news is that you don’t have to limit yourself.

You can pursue many different niches but the important thing is just to get  started with one niche first and learn the ropes.

A good affiliate marketing training program can show you how and I will get to this shortly.

What are some examples of niches you might be asking?

Here are some to consider:

The list goes on and on.

Once you have decided on a niche its time to move on to building your website.


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Build A Website & Add Content

When it comes to building a website for affiliate marketing there is a free software that is widely used called WordPress.

WordPress makes it easy to build a website due to its “one click” installation.

Most web hosts offer this.

So if your technologically challenged or have never set up a website before then you will find the process simple.

But the benefits for beginners don’t end with the just the ease of installation.

You can also get themes for your website to give it a custom look. The cost for these themes is free and there are 1000’s to choose from.

There are also paid themes as well that give you the ability to customize certain aspects.

Adding Content 

This is going to be your bread and butter as an affiliate marketer.

Your going to take the niche that you have chosen and write content around this niche.

This engaging content will slowly make its way into the search engines and be found by people looking for specific answers regarding your niche.

You need to learn how to find the keywords that people are searching for.

Its not as hard as it sounds.

Keywords for content marketing can be found using keyword research tools such as Jaaxy.

Jaaxy allows you to see what people are searching for and how easy it will be to rank that keyword so that it can be found.

I use this tool everyday.

There are other methods as well you can use to find popular keywords but using a keyword tool gives you the ability to pick ones that have less competition.

Keep reading and I will show you where yo can get the same one that I use. Best of all there is a way to get it free which I will introduce you to.


Problems That You Will Face As An Affiliate Marketer Beginner

As you can see the overall process of getting started with affiliate marketing is simple.

Choose a niche, build a website and add content.

But you have to take this seriously if you want to really become a successful affiliate.

The reason for this is that it is going to take a consistent effort and you have to work at this every day as if it was your full time job.

You should striving to add at least 3 articles per week to your website in order for the search engines to start trusting you.

Most that start in affiliate marketing give up early because they don’t see results fast enough.

But with consistent effort and patience it will pay off and eventually your hard work will result in income being earned.

Another problem that is faced by beginners as well as more established affiliate marketers is complacency.

Over time you can sometimes become unmotivated.

That is why it is important to have a support structure in place where you can get help and encouragement from others.

You may need to join a community that can offer this support.

I currently belong to this one that I find helpful.

It is the same one that has helped me to get started with affiliate marketing and turn it into a real passive income.


How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing

This is another common question that comes up from beginners getting started with affiliate marketing.

How much income can I earn?

The answer is that you can earn a little or you can earn a lot of money.

It is all proportionate on the work that you put into it.

Not every affiliate marketer makes a lot of money but there are some that make in access of 1 million per year.

It just goes to show the potential of the business model.

Many online entrepreneurs have discovered that once they learned the business they were able to create the lifestyle they had always wanted.



If your a beginner and you want to start in affiliate marketing so that you can have your own online business then I encourage you to do so.

I took the challenge a few years ago and never looked back.

I now enjoy time freedom and the ability to earn income just by blogging on different niches.

The important thing is to take action.

There are a lot of different affiliate training programs to choose from with some costing $1,000’s of dollars.

You don’t need to spend that kind of money.

The process is simple but you will need some tools and support as a beginner.

So I have set up a free 5 step course that also introduces you to the same community that I am a member of.

You have nothing to lose because it is free and you will get to meet a community of new affiliates as well as experienced.

This will be the start of your online business and I am here to help you.

So take advantage of my offer and sign up for the free 5 step course and community today.

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