Hawaii Coffee Company Affiliate Program

The Hawaii Coffee Company affiliate program offers an affiliate the opportunity to start selling coffee online. Their coffee affiliate program has a great commission and their products are priced reasonably. This is a great combination for any coffee affiliate to be able to make money selling coffee, one of the worlds favorite beverages.

Company Name: Hawaii Coffee Company

Website: www.hawaiicoffeecompany.com

Cost To Join: Free

Commission: 20%

Cookie: 90 day


Who Is The Hawaii Coffee Company

The company originally was started in 1864 in the state of Ohio and went by the name Lion. Wanting to closer to the source of their coffee beans they relocated the company in 1979 to Hawaii.

If you think about it, this was a pretty significant. They definitely had a vision to grow the company.

In 1968 they created another line of coffee that was called Royal Kona. The company began buying up the beans that came from the area called Kona and selling Kona coffee worldwide.

Then in the year 2000 the Hawaii Coffee Company was founded by combining the two lines together.

They are a bigger coffee company than say Three Avocados Coffee, and offer quite a few more products. As a coffee affiliate though, you could market any number of companies products on your website.


One of the advantages of selling coffee as an affiliate of Hawaii Coffee Company, is that they carry some of the most expensive coffee around.

It is taken from the Kona area of the island and because of the climate, the coffee that is grown is considered some of the best in the world.

As a Hawaii Coffee Company affiliate, being able to sell some of the best coffee available can be a lucrative business.

There 3 lines of coffee consist of:

  • Lion Coffee– the coffee comes in 7 ounce to 24 ounce size bags with price ranges from $7.19 to $22.99
  • Royal Kona – the coffee comes in 7 ounce to 2 pound sizes with price ranges from $7.99 to $80.00
  • Royal Hawaiian- the coffee comes in 7 ounce size bags and price ranges from $7.99 to $16.25

The Royal Hawaiian line is produced just for Alan Wong and his restaurants. Alan Wong is a famous renowned chef that needed a quality brand he could serve to his customers.

The Hawaii Coffee Company has a total of 47 products. Some consisting of tea and gifts.

How To Make Money With Hawaii Coffee Affiliate Program

Selling coffee online is competitive, so if your going to get started as a coffee affiliate then setting up a blog would be a great way of promoting the products.

Many people set up review sites that talk about the different products, their features and pricing. As a coffee affiliate, your not locked into just promoting one company.

So if you did set up a review site, then you could compare different companies products as well.

Earning Per Click

You can see that the average order size is about $66.00 leaving the coffee affiliate about a $13.15 commission.

Make Money With Hawaii Coffee Affiliate Program

These stats were taken from Sharesale, the affiliate network that takes care of the Hawaii Coffee Company affiliate program.

How To Get Started Selling Coffee As An Affiliate

If you would like to get started making money as a coffee affiliate and need help, then I recommend this affiliate training.  You can get started for free along with 2 websites.

The Hawaii Coffee Company affiliate program offers a good selection of products that are reasonably priced. So the next step would be build your website and start marketing the products.

Keep in mind this is not a get rich quick opportunity. With some dedication and the right training, you should be able to build a successful coffee business with the Hawaii Coffee Company affiliate program.

You don’t have to limit yourself either to just one coffee company. Affiliate marketing allows you to sell multiple brands and merchants.

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