Gano Excel Reviews – Should You Join?

Gano Excel is a MLM company that sells coffee and tea through independent business owners (consultants).  They also have some wellness products to round out their offerings. If you have a love for these beverages then maybe you were considering joining? If  you need the low down on this opportunity then my review should give you everything that you should know before becoming a distributor with this company.

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What Is Gano Excel

The company sells their coffee and tea with the health related benefits twist of using Asian ingredients. Instead of going through the normal retail avenue of getting its products into the hands of the consumer, they use distributors called Independent Business Owners.

Gano Excel

This business model is MLM and has the benefit of keeping the costs down for the company as far as advertising goes, while providing an opportunity for people to sell coffee and earn an income.

They aren’t the only coffee MLM out there as there are others such as Javita, Organo Gold and Healthy Habits Global that offer similar opportunity. They are one of the oldest ones though.

How much money can you make selling coffee with this opportunity?

Hang in there and I will get to that a little further down.


Gano Excel products are promoted with having a main ingredient of Ganoderma Lucidum. This is an herb containing antioxidants and other nutrients.

Gano Excel Products

The products are broken down into 2 categories as follows:

  • GanoCafe – this is the line of coffee and tea and consists of the following products, Tongkat Ali; Mocha; 3 in 1; Hazelnut; Schokolade; Classic; Creal  and Rooibos Tea
  • GanoDaily – this is the wellness category and consists of soap; toothpaste; Cordyceps; Garcinia; Sakanno; Excellium and Ganoderma

If your looking for pricing for the products all you need to do is search Ebay or Amazon and you will find a bunch of sellers competing against each other.

Business Opportunity

If your looking to get started as an entrepreneur then you might be considering the opportunity to sell these products and become a Gano Excel distributor also known as Independent Business Owner.

Selling coffee and tea with Gano is not just exclusive to the US. They are located in 70 different countries, so there is the possibility of becoming a business owner in your location.

How To Get Started

Your going to need products to get into the hands of potential customers, so when you join you get to choose a Gano Excel Starter Kit.  There are 5 different options to choose from and they range in price.

Gano Excel Starter Kit

In order to stay qualified as a distributor, you will need to maintain 60 personal volume of product as well as 180 group volume monthly.

Compensation Plan

The Gano Excel compensation plan is straight forward for retail sales and the distributors will be earning 15% to 25% profit on sales.

This is considered low in the retail world and considering other MLM companies have retail profits of 50% or more for their products.

So your time will be best spent trying to build a team and recruit people into the opportunity selling Gano Excel. Looking at the chart below, it shows that you can go five levels deep.

Gano Excel Compensation Chart

There are also fast start bonuses on generation 1 when you sponsor someone into the program. The bonuses range from $25 to $150 depending on which ESP your recruit chooses.

Overide bonuses can be achieved as well from $5 to $40 on the generations 2 through 5.

Should You Join Gano Excel?

If your looking to get involved with an established company that has systems in place and a product that is in demand around the world, it may seem like the perfect venture.

If you want to jump in and make money selling coffee and tea because they are your favorite drinks, then it is time clear your head and think of this is a business opportunity and not a hobby.

Can you get a team going to earn the residual income needed to have enough freedom to do what you want? Only you can know if you got it in ya!

Pros and Cons

So lets go over some of the important aspects of this opportunity to see what the good and bad are. No company is perfect, but sometimes there are certain criteria that may swing your decision about joining.

Pros – the good stuff

  • No yearly renewal fees
  • No monthly fees
  • Good selection of products

Cons – the not so good stuff

  • Must meet a monthly volume to stay qualified
  • Retail profit is low
  • Need to have very large team to make a serious income

Final Thoughts

I’m not much of a tea drinker, but I do love my coffee ( 2 to 3 cups per day) so I am always on the lookout for an opportunity to profit from it.

Would I join Gano Excel to sell coffee?

For me there is too much work for too little return when it comes to being a distributor for Gano. There are better opportunities to make money and I can still enjoy my favorite beverage as well!

With that being said the Gano Excel opportunity is legitimate and will probably work if your looking to make a little money or side income. Just don’t quit your job hoping to replace your income. Hopefully my review gave you some things to think about.

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