What Is The FusionCash Potential To Make Money?

You may have come across the FusionCash survey site and been wondering what the potential is to make money with this opportunity? Why do some people call it scam while others love it?

Well the good news is that its free to sign up and there are different ways to earn some cash.

So I set out to do a detailed review and find out whether its really worth it and how much can you earn.

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FusionCash Review

There are a lot of these different survey sites online and the list keeps growing. Some just offering surveys while others such as Fusion Cash offering surveys plus some different methods to earn a buck.

Similar sites include SwagBucks and InboxDollars.

After trying many of these different sites I can assure you that your not going to be making serious money doing these types of tasks.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t work.

You just have to keep in perspective what you are joining them for and you won’t be disappointed.


Ways To Make Money With FusionCash

Once you sign up you get access to the dashboard where you can find ways to make money with this opportunity.

At the very top of the website is the area with links to the different sections which I will go over here.

FusionCash Dashboard


When you join a survey site they will have you fill out your personal information in order to be match with the most relevant surveys.

So before doing any Fusion Cash surveys you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Birthdate
  • Racial Background
  • Gender

A lot of people don’t like giving out this type information so they may put in a bunch bogus info. Unfortunately this has the possibility of limiting what you will receive for surveys.

They also ask that you do a profile survey based on what kind of car you drive, things about work, medical, shopping and a few others to get a better list of surveys to send you shown below on the left.

FusionCash Surveys List

You can see on the right side a list of surveys. It shows time it takes to complete each one and what you can make as well as the category.

What I have found when doing surveys is that the time they estimate to complete them is not really accurate and it usually takes longer.

So trying to get an accurate idea of what you can make per hour will be difficult just by looking at the survey offers.



The videos section is where you will earn 1 cent per video watched and they are 1 minute in length. So the most that you could make here is .60 cents per hour.

When I tried to watch some of the videos they didn’t seem to be working correctly and I didn’t feel like wasting too much time here trying to figure out the problem.

Watching videos is probably not the best use of your time on this site because of the low pay.


Paid To Click

When you go into the paid to click section of FusionCash there will be pages on the left side in different categories that you need to click on.

Then some sponsored ads below that you will need to click as well.

Once you have completed these your done for the day on this section because the system won’t allow you to go any further.  I was here for about 20 minutes and earned a total of .16 cents.



Get paid to complete tasks is another way to make money with Fusion cash.

They are partners with Crowdflower where you will have to set up an account. Performing different types of micro tasks.

The image below will show some of what were available when I checked.

FusionCash Tasks Using Crowdflower

I didn’t sign up for the Crowdflower account because I have no interest in completing tasks. There is plenty of feedback around the web of  people that are working or have worked with this company if your interested.

Basically you will find people that have had good luck and others that haven’t.



Download apps onto your cell phone or tablet to get paid with whatever they are offering. You will have to enter your cell phone number.



Choose games to play and get cashback. You will need to actually make purchases here in order to save money playing games.


Refer Friends 

This is probably one of the best ways to make money with FusionCash.

When you refer people and they sign you can earn up to $5 as shown below.

  • When someone you refer sets up an account & confirms there email you get $1
  • Get $2 when they complete a paid to sign up offer
  • Earn $5 every time they cash out for life

So just working the referral angle and completing some surveys seems to be the best way to make money with this site.


Is FusionCash A Scam

One thing that you see a lot around the web is people calling them a scam, when in reality they are not a scam at all.

The company has been around since 2005 and there are plenty of people that have made money with the site. If there was any type of scam here they would have been shut down a long time ago.

I also checked the BBB to see what came up and they have an “A” rating.


FusionCash Complaints

So now that I debunked the myth that the company is a scam, lets take a look at some of the complaints that I found to see if they are legitimate gripes.

Very hard to complete a survey which make it hard to reach $30 for cash out.

This company scams people. They owed me $48 and refused to pay me because I updated my profile which many companies allow you to do with no problem, so they wanted proof of who I was even after my home address, cell phone number and email were all verified

To be honest I really didn’t find a lot of complaints about the company and seeing that they have been in business since 2005 you would think there would be many.

The first complaint about being hard to reach the $30 payout is typical of what you hear with most of these types of sites.

The most profitable way to make money here is by doing surveys and referring others.

If your spending a lot of time watching videos and doing tasks for pennies then it will take you forever to make any money and reach the $30 payout.


Trial Offers & What You Need To Know

Many of these types of sites will pay you for signing up for trial offers and what they pay will depend on the offer. SOme trial offers may pay very well so it can be tempting.

When you sign up for one of these its important to read what your signing up for.

The trial offer might be for a limited amount of days at which point the company will start billing at the regular price.

If you don’t want the hassle of canceling these then its probably better that you don’t sign up for them in the first place but if you have a need for the product or service it can be a way to make or save some money.


Does FusionCash Work

There is no doubt that it works because I just used it to make .16 cents in 20 minutes clicking on some videos and advertisements.

Plus I know others that have used it to make money.

Personally I don’t have the patience to work these sites and I will tell you about a better opportunity at the end of this review so just keep reading.


How Much Money Can You Make

Its important to keep expectations realistic when working these sites for money.

They are not going to be a replacement for a job or a way to get rich, but if your looking to make some pocket change then they are good for that.

You can use FusionCash to make enough money to:

  • Put gas in your car
  • Pay your cable bill
  • Cover your cell phone bill
  • Get money to go out to dinner
  • Spending money for college kids

How much you make per day with this site will depend on what they have for surveys, because this is one of the better ways to make money here.

From what I have seen and with my own experience using survey sites the average per day is going to be around $5 to $10 working multiple sites.

Hopefully your getting the idea of what to expect with these examples.


How Do They Pay

One of the main reasons that FusionCash is so popular is probably due to the fact that your able to receive payment by PayPal or direct deposit into your bank account.

So there is no need need to wait for a check unless you want to.

Another great feature is that there is no transaction fee for getting your money like there is with other companies.



I checked out the FusionCash forum and it appears to really active with thousands of posts. Not all of the posts have to do with the site though.

It looks like a lot of people use it for a social gathering.

Either way it can be a good resource with questions you might need answered or finding out how others are doing with the site.


Final Thoughts

FusionCash is legitimate and they give you the opportunity to make some money with no cost to get started. Its perfect for college kids or others that have some free time on their hands and have access to the internet.

Make sure you understand the rules and how the site works and you shouldn’t have any problems getting paid. Also keep in mind its not a way to get rich or support a family, it should only be used for “pocket money”.

That is why I had to move on from doing surveys to something that would generate a real online income.

I couldn’t see spending all that time online for pennies when I could be making a full time income. Affiliate marketing was just what I needed and with the right training I was able to build a website that makes money.

I owe it all to the training that I received when I joined here. So if your looking to get out of the rat race and build an online business that will give you a full time income then check these guys out they are my #1 pick.


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2 thoughts on “What Is The FusionCash Potential To Make Money?”

  1. This is a very helpful review if they actually paid! I have been trying to contact them for two months. I got one response and nothing has been resolved. I have almost $100 to cash out and no one responds. If you know of a number to call, please pass it on. Thanks!

    • Sorry to hear that Mel.

      I am not sure why you aren’t able to get paid by FusionCash but I would keep on trying to get an answer. You may also want to let them know that if they do not get it resolved quickly that you will file a complaint with the BBB.

      I am sure that they won’t want a blemish on their record and they may become more responsive.


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