Is The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership Worth It? (Try It FREE! )

Is the Wealthy Affiliate free membership worth it and should you try it? It is a great way to see what the tools are that can help you learn affiliate marketing or start a blog.  The starter membership offers a way to meet the community and get glimpse at the course material. Were you ever afraid to try something out because there was no free member option? With the Wealthy Affiliate free membership you get your questions answered.

Lets dig in…


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What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership About

There are 2 different membership levels at WA, the free and premium. This post is only going to go over the free starter membership you get when you sign up.

Does a free membership to one of the best affiliate marketing training courses online sound too good to be true?

Let me break it down for you.

When you first come to the WA website, your greeted with the sign up page as shown below.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

As you can see, I highlighted the area that shows that you can join as a free member.

First 7 days as a free member

Once you sign up for the free starter membership you get access to the same back office dashboard as the premium members (paying) of WA.

This is the best opportunity see what is being offered as well as dive into the first training course and make use of the 2 free websites.

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of what is included with the free membership, I would just like to point out that it is free for life!

Stay a free starter member for life.

Once you sign up you will want to take advantage of as much of the tools as possible within the first 7 days. After that your account will stay active, but you will only have limited use of some of the features.

So now that I let you in on that little tid bit of important information, its time to go over what the starter membership includes.


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What Is Included In The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

So now its time to look at what the starter member benefits include.

  • Getting started training
  • Beginner training course
  • Video walk through training
  • Affiliate Bootcamp training (Phase 1)
  • 2 websites
  • High speed web hosting
  • Access to keyword tool
  • Personal blog
  • WA affiliate program
  • Rapid writer

Can You Make Money With the Starter Membership

This is a common question that pops up all the time is can you make money with the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate

In my opinion it is possible to make money with the free starter membership, but probably not likely.

So now your probably wondering what the value would be in having it right?

The value comes in getting to see what other members are experiencing with their paid membership. This is important because different people learn in different ways.

What is good for one person, may not be ideal for another.

Be Careful Joining Anywhere That Doesn’t Have A Free Trial Membership

You have to protect your hard earned money, so falling for a companies sales pitch will put a dent in your wallet!

A lot of companies promise the world and advertise they have “the best” or “only” system to help you make money as an affiliate.

Would you believe these types of claims?

They are all over the web unfortunately. You may have even fallen victim to them at some point.

That is why the Wealthy Affiliate free membership makes sense.

You won’t even need a credit card to get started!

Who Is The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership For

It is for those that are serious about building a business online using some of the best affiliate marketing tools around.

You get to try them out and see what the opportunity offers.

Keep your credit card in your pocket. No need to pay for anything with the free trial membership.

See you on the inside inside!

I Look Forward To Your Comments Below!

4 thoughts on “Is The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership Worth It? (Try It FREE! )”

  1. Great review! I joined Wealthy Affiliate in March of 2017 only because of the free membership offer. I had never seen an offer like it before. Not only was it free, but it didn’t even require my credit card information to sign up like so many other “free” programs. I simply wanted to try something out to see if I liked it before putting any money down. WA offered that to me.

    And like you explain, you get so much for a completely free membership. You have access to a lot of the training and are able to build two free websites. Plus, you can even try to start making money off your free websites if you want. It’s the best offer you’ll find online.

    I’d recommend WA to anyone. Anyone who tries it out for free will quickly realize that the small fee to go premium is totally worth it.

    Thanks for promoting such a trustworthy opportunity.


    • Hey Weston thanks for commenting!

      I also joined the Wealthy Affiliate free membership a couple years ago and really believe that this program offers the most value when it comes to affiliate marketing training for beginners.

      Everything you need in one place if you become a premium member as well.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Great overview of the Wealthy Affiliate program. You’ve done a fine job describing the great value that the program is and what to expect should someone decide to join.
    Like most others who have become part of the WA clan I joined for free to “try before I buy” and after 2 weeks was sold. The combination of hosting, help, community, and the online teaching by Kyle is such a great place to learn and grow into the affiliate marketing world. I heard one person refer to it as the cheapest university class on affiliate marketing there is. I couldn’t agree more.
    Keep up the great work!
    Mat A.

    • Hi Mat.

      The thing that I like about the Wealthy Affiliate free membership is that once you sign up you get to see what it is all about and test out the features as well as the tools.

      None of these other membership sites offer a free trial. They just lure you in with a low price and then try and upsell you to a more expensive product.


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