What Is Four Percent Challenge & Is It Legit?

You may have stumbled across this opportunity and asked yourself what is Four Percent Challenge? There are many others asking the same question so I thought I would dive into this and do a review on the cost, products, and pros and cons.

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The Four Percent Challenge Review

Okay now you might be wondering where the name came from and what exactly do they mean by four percent? How does challenge come into play with this opportunity?

Well for starters Vick Strizheaus is the guy behind this program and he gave it its name based on the fact that there are only a small amount of people that actually are successful and make all the money in the world.

This is true the majority of the money is made by a very small percentage of people. Now whether that is 4% or 5% I have no idea I just know it’s very low.

So what Vick did was put together this program where he will guide you and teach you how to become one of those successful four percent online marketers.

The Four Percent Success Pill

This is the analogy that is used to get you excited about the system.

To me it seems a little bit cheesy when you call it a “success pill”. It’s like they’re trying to say all you need to do is swallow this and you will be successful.

But what it boils down to is it puts his philosophy and teachings together in a group of lessons that you can follow along with to reach your goals.

For example here are the different sections:

    • Mic (  Motivation/ inspiration/ creativity )
    • D&G (  Direction and goals )
    • ASME ( Automatic success mechanism enhancer )
    • MGA (  Marketing genius activator )
  • SSMAB ( Strategically specific massive action booster )

Many times there are marketers that are good at providing you with theory and motivation but they never tie it together with actual teaching of how it all works.

This is the reason that Vick put together this challenge as such.

Not only do you get the motivational philosophy but the goal is to also provide you with the step by step process of putting the pieces together to make money online.

Now all the sessions are done in video so you don’t have to worry about reading through pages and pages of information.

The Challenge

Now there are a total of 3 challenges that include

    • Level 1 is the $10,000 challenge
    • Level 2 is the $100,000 challenge
  • Level 3 is the $1,000,000 challenge

By going through the different sessions at each level Vick claims that you will be able to reach your first $10,000, $100,000 or $1,000,000.

Those are some pretty bold claims.

How Much Does Four Percent Challenge Cost

The sign up process is fairly easy and will only cost you $1 to get started with the 7 day trial.

Once your 7 day trial is up the monthly cost will go to $49. So far so good right it’s fairly reasonable?

Now the thing is you won’t be able to really start generating any income using the teachings because you will need other tools to make it happen.

A lot of the people that are marketing this challenge aren’t being upfront about the additional cost involved.

With most online businesses it’s usually a good idea to have a website as well as some additional tools such as auto-responders and lead capture pages.

So as you progress through the challenge it is suggested that you purchase these tools for your business.

Now depending on which type of online business you have you may not need some of these specific tools.

For example if you are just a blogger promoting some affiliate products then you may not need landing pages or sales funnels.

But if you’re more of an online marketer using paid advertising such as solo ads or PPC then having ClickFunnels and a good autoresponder is necessary.

So it is possible to have an additional $100 to $150 per month of expenses for needed tools on top of the monthly cost of $49 being a Four Percent Challenge member.

Advertising Costs

Next you will have to take into consideration the form of advertising that you’re going to use in order to drive traffic into your sales funnel to promote whatever it is you’re selling.

For example if you were to be promoting the  4% challenge itself then you would probably need to run some PPC or solo ads in order to get traffic into your sales funnel.

Choosing one of these advertising methods is going to add an additional $300 to $400 per month in cost minimum.

On the bright side this is part of the training that is included within this challenge.

Even though this is in the training it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be profitable especially in the beginning.

How Do You Make Money

So far you know that Vick wants to motivate you as well as teach you and the cost will be roughly $49 to $250 per month to get going but what exactly are you selling?

Basically the challenge is for any person that currently has products or services that they are selling.

Because the material that is being taught can be used for any industry.

So if you’re currently promoting a different program then you could join the challenge to help you reach your goals with that specific program.

Now if you don’t have any products or services to sell and your a newbie then you can start promoting the Four Percent Challenge products.

This can get a little tricky though.

Most people that have been trying to learn how to make money online have run into scam after scam.

So they are very hesitant to join any new programs knowing that there is a possibility of getting scammed again.

You just can’t start promoting a product or service and hope that you can convince others to buy it.

Especially if you haven’t made any money with it yet.

They usually want to see some type of value in what they’re purchasing so if you can show them without trying to be deceptive then you stand a better chance of promoting Four Percent and making money with it.

Additional Information

Overall the opportunity that Vick Strizheus put together appears to be legitimate and looking at the products being marketed they appear to be structured in a different way than other high ticket programs such as MOBE, Super Affiliate Network or Six Figure Mentors.

There are some things that have made me not particularly want to join this specific opportunity and I will go over them here.

Before I get involved with any money making opportunity that I come across I go and I do my research to see what people are saying about that particular program.

When I started researching Vick Strizheus I came across some information about his past dealings with other programs that he created.

The video below is just one that I came across explaining about a particular incident in which Vick was arrested for some type of insurance scam in the past. 

You can watch the video below:

So after watching the video and going over the information it appears that it is correct and that Vick was scamming people.

There is a news clip about it.

At this point I wasn’t planning on signing up but I said I would do just a little bit more research and I came upon another video of a marketer claiming that he did not receive what he was supposed to after paying $15,000 for another program that Vick had started.

See Video below:

So it appears that he has been involved in different money making opportunities and none of them seem to have that great of a reputation.

Just another marketing guru I guess!

Final Thoughts

Four Percent Challenge on the surface appears to be a legit program and it is possible to make money from it as well but here is the thing.

Your going to have to spend money to make money.

Your not going to join for $50 and start making money like many of the marketers are claiming. The tools and advertising alone will run $100’s per month. These costs need to be taken into account before signing up.

Due to Vick’s checkered past I wouldn’t invest in any expensive products just for the fact that you might not receive them.

There are other less expensive ways to learn affiliate marketing without the big ticket cost.

As for me I guess I will stick with what I know works. I learned about making money with affiliate marketing without spending $1,000’s and I got all the tools that I needed in one place.

Plus they offer a free trial so you don’t even need a credit card to get started.

That is why I consider it my #1 pick.

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4 thoughts on “What Is Four Percent Challenge & Is It Legit?”

  1. Hey Chris, great post. You know, I was investigating the Four Percent Challenge and I didn’t really feel like the people behind it were being completely upfront about certain things like additional costs etc.
    I always felt like something was missing but its good to know that I was not wrong in dragging my feet with them; your post just further confirms that my suspicions about them were dead on.
    So thanks for putting this information out there because it’ll come in handy in saving someone else.

    • No problem RJ I am glad that you found the post useful. Vick doesn’t have that great of a track record from what I can see so what are the odds that this program will be any different than the past ones that are no longer around?

      It is not worth risking $1000’s of dollars when there are more legitimate programs out there that teach you how to make money online.

  2. It has been a good experience to visit your web site your resource section and also testimonials have actually provided me a greater understanding into affiliate advertising and marketing, and this experience has been incredibly compensating for me. Your presentation is really straight and also to the point no fluff as well as you inform it has it is.I simply wished to thanks for the experience of visiting your site and again well done and good luck I think I will be staying away from the Four Percent Challenge.

    • No problem glad that you were able to gain some valuable knowledge while visiting.

      From what I hear the creator Vick is a good marketer and that you can learn some things from him just don’t buy any of his products because they are over hyped and you may not receive some of what your paying for.

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