Four Corners Alliance Group Review

Join a MLM company for only $18. You might be saying to yourself this is too good to be true! Maybe my Four Corners Alliance Group review will help you get the needed information about this opportunity.

What the products are and how much money can be made with the compensation plan.

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What Is The Four Corners Alliance Group

Started back in 2013 the company was founded by David Harrison. It is based out of Las Vegas Neveda. The goal was to bring an opportunity to the masses that was affordable and would teach wealth building.

The company sells its services by way of multi-level marketing.

David had a background in MLM as an Herbalife distributor. So he probably used his past experiences to shape FCAG and make it into what he thought a multi-level company should be.

Later he asked Jim Yarbrough to join the team and use his financial knowledge to develop books for the company.


These are the products that are being marketed by Four Corners Alliance Group. It is nice that they give you a clear picture of what is included with the opportunity.

With a lot of MLM’s you never really know until sign up and pay first.

There are 3 products total that include e-books on many different financial topics, a financial newsletter and a retail stores.

Product 1 – Books on Financial Education

There are 6 levels of financial education set up as e-books. I will break it down:

  • Level 1 – Financial Literacy
    • Understanding Precious Metal Investments
    • The Essentials
    • How To Start Your Own MLM Business
  • Level 2
    • Binary Options & Strategies Simplifed
    • Bitcoin & Crypto: A Guide For The Rest Of Us
  • Level 3
    • Credit Card Debt
    • Exchange Traded Funds: The Inside Story
    • Economics – The Truth Behind The Spin
  • Level 4
    • Multiple Streams Of Income
    • Hedge Funds – Why Investors Love Them & Why You Should To
    • The Insiders Guide To Swing Trading
    • Debt Crisis
    • How To Get Out Of Debt & Avoid Getting Ripped Off
    • Binary Options: 5 Valuable Lessons Learned In The Trenches
  • Level 5
    • Residential Real Estate – The Essential Guide To Investing
    • Commercial Real Estate – The Essential Guide To Investing
    • Forex Trading Series – How To Trade Forex With The Big Guys
    • Forex Trading Series – Forex Trading Simplified
    • Forex Trading Series – How To Trade Forex Like A Seasoned Pro
    • Knowledge Is Power – The Dow Theory Revealed
    • Just The Facts About American Depository Receipts
    • Secrets To Getting Traction With Momentum Trading
  • Level 6
    • Investment Principles
    • Time Value Of Money
    • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
    • ETF Trading Series Part 1 – Knowledge Is Power
    • ETF Trading Series Part 2 – The Hidden Keys To Success
    • ETF Trading Series Part 3 – Know What The Experts Know
    • Options Trading – A Birdseye View
    • Options Trading – The Ins & Outs Of Options Trading
    • Options Trading – The Options Trading Deep Dive
    • Forex Trading Series – Thriving In The Forex Marketplace
    • Forex Trading Series – Advanced Forex Techniques
    • Forex Trading Series – The Ultimate Forex Trading Resource
    • and more

Product 2 – Newsletter

Is a newsletter that gives tips and advice for all the information that your learning with subjects in product 1, the financial education series of books.

The cost of the newsletter is an additional $29.95 per month.

A newsletter subscription also includes live monthly webinars, where you can ask the specialists financial questions.

Product 3 – Retail Store

You get your own retail store to sell the books and the newsletter. You will earn 33% on any retail sales.

Compensation Plan

The Four Corners Alliance Group compensation plan uses a 4 x 6 forced matrix. Affiliates earn instant commissions on any products that are purchased. In order to receive a commission on a product, you as an affiliate must already own that product.

Lets go over the 5 ways to earn:

1 – Instant Commissions

See below for example of commission chart:

Four Corners Alliance Group Compensation

2 – Matching Bonuses

Is when the person you sponsor receives a commission from someone they sponsored and you get one too! Here is an example of how it works.

If the person that you sponsored earns $5000 from their downline, you will earn $5000 instantly.

3 – Monthly Newsletter Commission

With the newsletter there is the opportunity to earn 7 levels deep. It is a 4 x 7 matrix and your allowed to earn as long as you have a current subscription.

4 – 100% Match On Newsletter

When someone you sponsored earns a commission from someone they sponsored the matching bonus kicks in and you get paid as well.

5 – Retail Store

Once a member one of the perks is your own retail store that has all the financial books and the newsletter subscription that can be sold.

Make retail from non-members by promoting your store.

Final Thoughts

A good compensation plan and real products. This makes Four Corners Alliance Global a legit company.

As for the quality of the products, that would have to be decided by the member. Is it worth the value or could you find this information online for free?

Looking at the people that have been jumping at this opportunity, they don’t seem like the types to take advantage of the actual products. I as well don’t think this is a bad opportunity, but the products really aren’t something I’m interested in.

What do you think?


Sometimes recruiting can be a drag, not only getting people to join, but to stay active in any multi-level marketing company. Maybe the opportunity is good, but the products aren’t something you would be interested in promoting.

One alternative is to do your own thing and market your own products.

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